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Gun Control is about people control.
There's two things I've never met. An informed gun-controller. Anyone for gun-control that could learn the facts on guns and gun control, and remain a gun-controller.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-04-04 
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The 2A was about the militia, applied to muskets, and not allowing "reasonable" gun controls is the cause of our higher murder/crime rates, especially assault rifles, and it's all the NRA and gun-fanatics fault. You can't trust your neighbors with guns or tools of the military. Fear the tool, fear those who want guns, vilify those who defend the constitution and want to protect people from tyranny. The militia was all men, they had fully automatic weapons in the 1700's, and it was never about muskets, we have over 55,000 gun control laws that annoy legal owners and do little to stop crime (lots to increase it), our murder/crime rates are better than most of the world, assault rifle is an invented term by people that don't understand guns, and the problem is there's no way to reason with someone who has a phobia of clowns, or that fear their neighbors having the liberty to own a gun. Both are irrational.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • In an epic twitter exchange one person posted: "As a German I don't understand what guns have to do with freedom"...
    • And the reply by someone else was, "As a Jew, I do." [1]

Gun FAQ[edit source]

           Main article: Gun FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about Guns, or the Gun Control debate. People that don't know these answers off the top of their heads aren't qualified to have an educated opinion, and we shouldn't run society by the tyranny of the ignorant..

Gun Controllers[edit | edit source]

I've looked for 50 years, and I can honestly say on the topic of guns, human nature or gun control, I've never met an intelligent gun controller. They might be intelligent on other topics, but on this topic, these are the loudest voices, and the personification of the Dunning-Kruger effect (aka the beginner-expert syndrome). Gun Controllers • [37 items]

  • @Jennifer4130 - Internet/Twitter Celebrity is duped into thinking that making a gun non-functional will make it fully automatic.
  • Arthur Acevedo - Arthur Acevedo (Chicago Tribune, UIC Law) claimed the first round in a cops gun should be a blank.
  • Alec Baldwin - A divisive (racism, sexist) actor/activist that killed a director through irresponsible gross negligence.
  • Jennifer Barringer - (forensic expert) with absurd gun claims. Loved by CBS and CNN.
  • Bernie on Gun Control - Grandpa Marx has a 4 point plan that would achieve nothing, and came from far left everytownUSA.
  • Biden on Guns - Joe Biden is a gun and gun control gaffe machine, knowing the wrong and dumbest thing to say in any situation.
  • Michael Bloomberg - Gun-moron and hypocrite always has 5 armed bodyguards around him, but lectures us that they're bad, then molests his staff.
  • Booker on Guns - Cory isn't just ignorant about everything else, he's profoundly ignorant on Guns and Gun Laws.
  • Chris Matthews on Guns - (D) polemic for NBC, MSNBC - there are 3 faces of Chris on Guns: Ignorant, Liar, or both.
  • David Cicilline - Rhode Island (D), "Spare Me the Bullshit About Constitutional Rights".
  • Patricia Eddington - (D) NY Assemblywoman, "some of these bullets have an incendiary device on the tip of it… which is a heat seeking device"
  • Everytown for Gun Safety - A Michael Bloomberg financed propaganda outfit dedicated to undermining and eradicating the 2A (and NRA).
  • Feinstein on Guns - She shows no gun competence, says stupid things on guns, yet wants to take them away from everyone else.
  • Gabby Giffords - Democrat for Tuscon that took a bullet from a left wing gunman, and then was used as a face for gun control.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand - (D) NY Senator - e.g. corrupt, idiot or a liar (or the trifecta of all three).
  • David Hogg - A High Schooler that parlayed being near a school shooting into 15+ minutes of fame, by being anti-2A loud enough.
  • Jesse Jackson - (D) race baiting media whore, never missed an opportunity to jump in front of the camera and say something stupid.
  • John Kerry on Guns - Said you wouldn't shoot deer with an AR-16. Besides getting the number wrong (AR-15), it is a popular hunting rifle.
  • Gersh Kuntzman - Fired an AR-15 and had a literary meltdown about how scary it was, claimed PTSD. While 9 yo girls can fire one.
  • Laurie Smith - The corrupt bitch resigns the day before a conviction, and after decades of corruption and abuse.
  • Sheila Jackson Lee - Lee lies about AR-15, it's size, firepower, and so on.
  • Kevin De Leon - (D) California Senator - makes many stupid gun statements in one, "30 caliber clip", ghost gun, etc.
  • Terry McAuliffe - We need to save, "93 million Americans a day to gun violence" ~ Terry McAuliff
  • Carolyn McCarthy - (D) NY Representative - has no clue what a “barrel shroud” is, although she wants to outlaw it in her own legislation.
  • Lawrence O'Donnel - He lacks basic understand of guns... and common sense. (a) While criticizing AR-15's, he claimed "the rate of fire on a handgun is less than 15 rounds per minute". They have the same rate of fire, or sometimes faster than rifles: about 3-5 rounds per second. (b) In criticizing teachers being able to defend themselves or students he quipped, "A pistol's 1100 fps is not quick enough to kill someone with an AR-15, because rifle bullets are 3x faster." The facts are some pistols fire the same or much higher powered (or higher velocity) bullets than the AR-15, that teachers with handguns have already stopped shooters, as have many police with pistols, and historically, civilians have better scores than cops on this. (Mass shootings stopped by civilians are quicker, fewer death tolls, less accidental casualties, and so on).
  • Obama on Gun Control - The great dividers accomplishment includes taking a dead issue (gun control), and re-igniting it and re-polarizing us.
  • Pelosi on Gun Control - "We avow the First Amendment", background check are popular with hunters and gun owners, and other stupidity.
  • Stephanie Ruhle - NBC/MSNBC "correspondent" did a head-banging-the-desk special report on guns.
  • Joe Salazar - (D) Colorado State Representative that basically said it's better for women to get raped, than shoot their attackers.
  • Bonnie Schaefer - (D) DNC Platform Committee member, she accidentally told the truth and said that no one should ever own a gun.
  • Sandy Sheedy - (D) “There’s been lots of people that have been shot by an unloaded gun, and whether it’s loaded or not, it still presents a threat.”
  • Louise Slaughter - The appropriately named 13-term NY congresswoman blamed the 2A for violent crimes she supported.
  • Eric Swalwell - Obnoxious anti-2A politician, that was sleeping with a Chinese Spy, and is on the wrong side of every issue.
  • Katy Tur - (D) NBC/MSNBC correspondent/anchor, Dated Keith Olbermann, no clue on Republican positions or guns.
  • Shannon Watts - Shanon founded "Moms Demand Action" to spread lies about guns and shooting to further her anti-2A agenda.
  • Whoopi Goldberg - Caryn Elaine Johnson is a high school drop out actor with many accolades, and an overly high opinion of her opinions.
  • Leland Yee - (D) California State Senator anti-Gun advocate caught weapons trafficking, perfectly representing California hypocrisy.

Orgs, Laws and Failures[edit | edit source]

These are the best and brightest of the anti-2A gun controllers (organizations). Gun Control • [23 items]

  • Anti-Gun ATF - The Politicized ATF is becoming the Secret Police of the anti-Gun left.
  • Anti-Gun FBI - FBI was secretly bullying people to give up their gun rights.
  • Australian Fires - 87% of the fires in Oz are manmade (not Climate Change). And it increased after gun confiscation as mass murder.
  • Battle of Athens - One anti-2A argument goes, "the military has nukes...", but civilians can and should be able to fight back. And have in the past.
  • Biden's Memorial Day 2022 - Biden spoke on memorial day about the great sacrifice of our passed veterans, just kidding. He did a dumb gun rant instead.
  • British Media and 5 inch guns - The Daily Star was an outraged because they thought £183m spent on 5" naval gun mean length, not diameter or projectile.
  • CBS on Guns - CBS running a story that mentions "an Assault Revolver", with high capacity magazines. So dumb it burns.
  • CNN on Gun Control - 38 years of gun illiteracy and gun policy/historical incompetence defines CNN.
  • Cliven Bundy - The Cliven Bundy claim is correct. The Meme oversimplifies it, and it's much messier and less clear.
  • DNC on Gun Control - The majority of Dems either say stupid things about Guns/Gun Control or they don't resist when they should.
  • Diana DeGette - (D) Colorado Congresswoman claimed reducing magazines would help us to run out of bullets, as if that's where bullets come from.
  • Everytown for Gun Safety - A Michael Bloomberg financed propaganda outfit dedicated to undermining and eradicating the 2A (and NRA).
  • Emma Gonzalez - One of the sock-puppets for the DNC that came out loud and stupid about Gun Control after the Parkland shooting.
  • Gun Buybacks - One of the dumbest things in America (symbolism over substance) is the "Gun Buyback".
  • Gun Control and Genocide - Gun-control doesn't ALWAYS lead to Genocide, but it sure precedes and facilitates it.
  • Gun Control doesn't stop mass murders - The biggest mass murders are usually in places with strict gun control.
  • Gun show loophole - The Gun show loophole is either a myth, or an attack on private property (to outlaw all private sales or transfers of guns).
  • Media Matters on Guns - MM thinks that AR-15 stands for "Assault Rifle 15th Revision". It means Armalite Rifle, the company that designed it.
  • NBC on Guns - NBC doesn't understand the differences between an AR-15, and a pump action shotgun.
  • National March on NRA - Astroturfers start these Marches on various things for their causes.
  • Newsweek on Gun Control - Newsweek (or Newsweak), Asher Stockler quotes a University of Michigan study on gun-death rates and misrepresents the facts.
  • School Shootings - The left pretends that gun control would fix school shootings. That's either ignorance of dishonesty.
  • WaPo on Guns - WaPo regularly lies about guns, shooters, gun control and NRA. Very infrequently, they get something right.


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