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A list of Food / Restaurant reviews.
This is a collection of Food or Restaurant Reviews that I've done over the years. I'm not what I'd call a "Foodie", in that while I've eaten at many delicious Michelin Starred places, those are rarer experiences and should be. Day-to-day, I prefer more casual eateries, and I appreciate good but approachable food. Though food as art is a sometimes pleasure.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni

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Din Tai Fung
This place is fun and famous. There's often long lines. I've had a lot of dim sum over the years, and this place was definitely more upscale than most (in price and quality). Their little soupy pork wontons are great. I would definitely eat here again. But the lines limit the times that I'd go, and make the experience less enjoyable.
Famous Dave's
It's not the best BBQ you'll ever have, but it's pretty good, and the best of the chain BBQ (in Cal) that I've had. So I'd give it a solid rating, try it if you aren't religious about BBQ, it's not bad. I've gone back a few times since then. But I have local BBQ or smokehouses that are better.
Fogo de Chão
Fun, tasty, expensive. Like Benihanas: the food is pretty good, but you go for the show. In this case, the show isn't flying knives or food, just people coming around to your table with meats on a stick, and one of the nicest salad and sides bars you've ever seen. Simple, not sauced, but everything was tasty and pretty well prepared: with choices ranging from steak to chicken and then back to steak.
Hamburger Reviews
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I like a good burger, heck I like an OK burger. To me, it's a great meal by itself, a little protein, some carbs, all in a filling and convenient to eat package. What's not to like? But how do they compare? Here's how I rate the various burger joints out there.
InNOut 2021 logo.svg
This is a California institution, famous for being fresh, clean, cheap, and tasty. Their burgers are very good, but pretty plain and classic fast-food. Not much variety, even with the secret menu. It has such a cult-like following, that I feel it is over-rated. But when one is close, I did find myself going there, and if I don't have a Whataburger close, I miss it.
Kellog's Special K Crustless Quiche
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Costco had these for a while, but they've since disappeared. (I think they were discontinued, because I liked them). But they were a low calorie/carb (170 cals) way to have a tasty little egg breakfast now and again.
Mexican Reviews
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Mexican food is my wife's favorite, so we eat quite a bit. This discusses different types or places that are Mexican food. Having lived in both Texas and California, and going to Mexico quite a bit, we do know the difference. Though the quality and style varies a lot in all three places.
Raising Canes
This is a popular chicken finger place, that is pretty good. Not outstanding, just good. But the lines are often extraordinary in Houston, and elsewhere I've seen them. Kind of like Chik-fil-a.
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This is a Texas institution (pronounced Waterburger), famous for being fresh, clean, cheap, and tasty. They taste like the In-N-Out of Texas (and the south), just a little bigger and a broader menu. It has such a cult-like following, and long lines. While the basic burger is like In-N-Out, they have chicken, fish, breakfast, spicy sauce (optional), and more variety.


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