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2023 Heart Attack
Bar and Monkey
The Southern Strategy
Aaron Sorkin
Sean Penn
Fossil Future
Glenn Greenwald
Fossil Future
The Morning Show
Lies the Government told you
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
What is a Woman?
Quote of the Day
❝ We came out of the White House not only dead-broke, but in debt. We had no money when we got there and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea's education. It was not easy. ❞
~ Hillary Clinton
their net worth was ≈$13M at the time 
Joke of the Day
❝ People for Ethical Treatment of Software (PETS) announced today that more software companies have been added to the group's "watch list" of companies that regularly practice software testing... "It's no joke... Innocent programs, from the day they are compiled, are cooped up in tiny rooms and "crashed" for hours on end"... ❞
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2023 Heart Attack
Red heart with heartbeat logo.svg
Feb 18th Melissa had a heart attack, and had to have CPR for over an hour. Then somewhere in there had a stroke. Now the recovery begins. I journal because it helps me cope and accept. I try to layer it so that high levels are readable, and lower levels let me capture details and organize my thoughts.
Bar and Monkey
Guy goes into a bar, and brings his monkey... he has a beer, and the monkey jumps up on the bar and eats all the peanuts. Bartender: Get out of here with that damn monkey.
The Southern Strategy
Southern strategy.png
Democrats and Media claim that after Republicans passed the 1964 Civil Rights, all the racists Democrats switched sides, thus absolving the DNC's KKK, segregation, minority oppression, and the RNC became the racists and started winning the South. The facts show that's a complete delusion.
Aaron Sorkin
They say "you are what you do", you're the sum of your work, and your work is a reflection of your soul. While some of Sorkin's stuff is mildly entertaining, I'd be embarrassed if I was him. Of course he probably isn't, which tells me what I need to know.
Sean Penn
Pretty good actor, pretty dumb activists: consistently wrong on every cause.

Masks for stopping COVID defies science.

Fossil Future
"Fossil Future" focuses on the role of fossil fuels in shaping the future and the ethics around advocating for them.

Glenn Greenwald
Journalist, author and lawyer that cofounded The Intercept, then was driven out for putting liberalism over progressivism.

The Intercept
The Intercept was a left leaning brainchild of Glenn Greenwald, then he left and they went further left.

Twitter Blocked
I got twitter slapped (again) for the high crime of saying we should leave trans and non-trans people alone.

Trans Whistleblower
Whistleblower shares her truth, "I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle." ~ By Jamie Reed

Trans Regrets and Rowling
Trans activist self-owns complaining about her Harry Potter Tattoos.

EV Fires
There's a lot of hype about EV fires. New tech deserves scrutiny. But so far (2021), they are safer than ICE (61x) or Hybrids (139x).

The Morning Show
So I got Apple TV+ for free and I decided to watch this. Season 1 was better than I expected, Season 2 sucked.

Conspiracy Theories
The left and right both have some conspiracy theories, and there are some conspiracy facts.

Damar Hamlin injury was racist
2022 According to SciAm an athletes heart attack was the product of the NFL’s routine violence towards black men.

Libertarian Joke
Libertarian humor: Die Statist!

McCarthy Speaker Fight
The speaker fight over Kevin McCarthy is an unforced error by everyone involved.

Kevin McCarthy
A list of articles on Trump, his accomplishments, scandals (real and imagined).

Twitter Files
Twitter Files is a series of releases on what Twitter did to unfairly suppress conservatives on their platform.

Apple's Greatest Misses
I'm not an Apple basher, or Apple fanboy. While Apple did a lot of good innovation, these are the other side of the story.

iTunes started out as a mediocre Music app, and got worse year after year until the shit show of Music. 💩🎶

Some things I've experienced or observed while working at/for/with Apple.

Defensive Gun Use
(DGU) is many times guns are used for good (to stop a crime, or for "defense") as opposed to doing harm.

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