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Damar Hamlin injury was racist
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❝ (Not so) Useful Facts: Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump. Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour. A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. ❞
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EV Fires
There's a lot of hype about EV fires. New tech deserves scrutiny. But so far (2021), they are safer than ICE (61x) or Hybrids (139x). I have more concerns with pouch/prism than cylindrical batteries (because of cascading). But overall fires are rarer... but much harder to stop once started
The Morning Show
It's a fictionalized story of Matt Lauer / Mitch Kessler (played by Steve Carell) getting caught in a MeToo scandal. It was a fairly mature take on a complex subject, and they didn't play Matt, er Steve Carell, as the caricature character they might have, and it brought up some reasonable discussions and was somewhat entertaining. Season 1 was worth watching, then Season 2 jumped the shark.
Conspiracy Theories
The left and right both have some conspiracy theories. Interestingly, the ones the left projects on the right, often came from the left and have a bigger belief or following amongst the left than the right. And conspiracy theories often get a bad rap; many are just conspiracy facts.
Damar Hamlin injury was racist
2022 You can't make it up. It's not satire. According to Scientific American an athletes heart attack was the product of the NFL’s routine violence towards black men. Part of a coordinated smear campaign on Football (running simultaneously in many leftist rags at the same time) about how we should ban the sport as too violent.
Libertarian Joke
Libertarian humor: Die Statist!

McCarthy Speaker Fight
The speaker fight over Kevin McCarthy is an unforced error by everyone involved.

Kevin McCarthy
A list of articles on Trump, his accomplishments, scandals (real and imagined).

Twitter Files
Twitter Files is a series of releases on what Twitter did to unfairly suppress conservatives on their platform.

Apple's Greatest Misses
I'm not an Apple basher, or Apple fanboy. While Apple did a lot of good innovation, these are the other side of the story.

iTunes started out as a mediocre Music app, and got worse year after year until the shit show of Music. 💩🎶

Some things I've experienced or observed while working at/for/with Apple.

Defensive Gun Use
(DGU) is many times guns are used for good (to stop a crime, or for "defense") as opposed to doing harm.

Kagan consensus builder?
Unhappy pouter and betrayer of the court, sad that bullying didn't work and she has no powers of influence.

Andrew Tate
Ex Kickboxer and Social Influencer gets cancelled by many social media platforms for the high crime of wrong-think.

Articles about a the state of "Education" or statist indoctrination (usually in America).

What makes a Tyrant? (1) Belief in righteousness (2) Populism/Selling the rubes that they're the cure.

Shadow Banning
Shadow Banning in Social Media is the cowardly act of undermining people behind their backs.

Banned tweets
After Elon bought Twitter, Sara Gonzales decided to run a stream of previously bannable tweets.

Twitter-ban for mocking Maxine (2018)
Maxine lied and insulted someone, when they insulted her back (with bad wig), they blocked the rebutter for 7 days.

Twitter blocks Senate Majority Leader
Twitter locked/suspended the Senate Majority leader (Mitch McConnell's) account for hate speech.

Twitter bans Erick Erickson for Elizabeth Warren Joke
Erick Erickson banned for "hateful conduct", for mocking Elizabeth Warren's Fake Indianhood.

Twitter Suspends James O’Keefe
Twitter blocked Project Veritas's Jame O'Keefe, for reporting the truth Bernie Sanders campaign staffers.

Twitter Bias
Twitter Bias.

Carpe Donktum
A twitter troll (Carpe Donktum) summed up the leftist outrage mob by imagining responses to Trump tweeting the picture of a horse.

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