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Power relations between individuals or groups, such as the distribution of resources or status.
The ability to persuade or force others in getting what you want. "How to make friends and influence people"... or at least terrorize your enemies/opponents into giving you what you want.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni

These are a bunch of articles I've written on politics. Of course, they're all one person's opinions (or at least other people's opinions that I agree with). But the reason I have these opinions is based on observations, facts, and realities about human nature, and the history/consequences for doing the opposite. This area is also sort of a catch-all on things that have political ramifications, but might not fit neatly into other categories.

Groucho Marx got it right, that institutional or party politics is finding problems everywhere and applying the wrong solutions. Remember, if Politicians fixed problems, then they couldn't campaign on fixing them -- so those that choose politics as a vocation have a negative incentive to fix the underlying issue, and positive incentives to sabotage efforts to fix the real issues.

  • Abortion - The left can't win abortion discussions on the facts, ethics, or how viable a baby should be before we protect it, so they have to gaslight the issue and pretend it is about a Woman's rights to protect against rapists (extremely rare), incest (more rare), or health concerns (more rare still). All those are <5% of abortions, we're talking about the rest.
  • Alt-Reality - There are really two different realities in America -- what you are being told, and what is real/true. Some people have a tough time differentiating the two, especially those that do well in School/Universities and get grades based on following and letting others think for them. But a few took the red pill and escape with skepticism and critical thinking skills, and they see what is.
  • Alt-right - The mainstream media mislead the gullible on what the Alt-Right is, or where it came from. Some think it's a group/caucus (the Nazi/Racist wing of the Republican party). In truth, it started as anti-establishment republicans, meant many different things, but has devolved into a fringe leftist controlled group.
  • American Exceptionalism - American Exceptionalism is about the first modern Democracy, the first Constitution and Bill of Rights, recognizing that Humans have rights and grant governments temporary power and not the other way around, the least imperialistic, the most charitable, we fought wars to free others, creating more of the world's innovations, first to go to the moon, and so on. That's not jingoism, that's history.
  • American or Un-American rights - In America, a right the persons and recognized by Government. In other places they think it is the same as "privilege". This is a pretty fine distinction for the uninformed (Un-American), but not for those that know what a right is (American). Many think they're free, when really they are slaves that are being granted liberties, as long as the masters decide to allow it.
  • Anti-Fact - While the right is far from immune from bias, the left puts agenda first. That puts agenda above science, reason, tolerance, and facts.
  • Antifa - Antifascism (aka fascism) incites or commits violence, with the lefts support. They hate Trump because he's a fascist (he isn't), but they love Antifa which are Anti-Capitalists who dress in black, use fascist tactics/violence, disruption, vandalism, and beat up anyone they don't agree with.... just like fascists.
  • Bob Dornan and Loretta Sanchez - The anecdote about Bob Dornan and Loretta “Dirty" Sanchez. Illegal aliens vote, and pretty much every other country in the world has better VoterID than the U.S. You can’t have a valid democracy, and have it subverted by non-citizens voting. And I watched at least one election swung by election fraud, in my district in 1996.
  • Broken Promises - They say, "never assume malice for something more easily explained by incompetence". But they also say, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!" What we know is that on the big issues, the left is almost never right. And for some reason, that creates trust issues for the self aware, and it doesn't for the biased and polemic.
  • Capitol Hill Violence - After 12 years of Occupy Wall Street, BLM and Antifa riots and hundreds of assaults (and a few murders) on Trump supporters... who knew that a few Republicans acting like Democrats (or Democrats dressed up like Republicans) would suddenly flip the left and their media from being riot apologists and defund the police fanatics into, "shoot them in the face" and complete totalitarian authority fans? Since the intelligent response for the violence apologist left would be to either (a) say nothing (b) apoligize and say "I see now that I was wrong", they instead turned this into a partisan opportunity to divide us more -- and blame the other side, for what they started, agitated, and are trying to further with their histrionics (whether they are bright enough to recognize it or not).
  • Hillary Clinton - A brief summary of Hillary's scandals. This isn't meant as a balanced piece to show what good she's accomplished as a politicians or person (that would be a much shorter list), the intent is just to show the pattern of scandals that her detractors recognized and that her proponents ignored or diluted, but defined her, them and her supporters
  • Conspiracy Theories - The left and right both have some conspiracy theories. Interestingly, the ones the left projects on the right, often came from the left and have a bigger belief or following amongst the left than the right. And conspiracy theories often get a bad rap; many are just conspiracy facts.
  • DACA - Do you love the Constitution and Rule of Law, or do you prefer a corrupt political tyranny (where the President has the powers to write/nullify law)? Pick one. If you support DACA then you aren't compassionate, you just picked the latter. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an illegal program by President Obama to circumvent immigration laws.
  • DNC Crusades - Democrats causes are always crusades for Justice. So what do they fight for/against? Here's some examples. I'm not talking the average Democrat voters, I'm talking about their leadership votes for or against.
  • Democratic Tolerance - The left is to tolerance what what Ché Guevara was to gay rights, what Pol Pot was for higher education, what Stalin was for political diversity, and what Mao was for religious freedom. I could go on naming lefties and ways that they are not tolerant, but some will claim the norm are the outliers, and vice versa. But here's a list proving the point.
  • Double Standards - For decades, I've observed that if the left didn't have double standards then they wouldn't have any standards at all. While that's not completely fair, it's the 90% of vocal ones that give the rest a bad name. Ths article contains some examples of hypocrisy
  • Dumb Democrats and Evil Republicans - Republicans and Democrat generally want to help others. Democrats think anyone who doesn't like their ideas on how to do so must be evil. Republicans know better. So when Democrats call Republicans evil (or greedy, racist, etc), they know that Democrats are just stupid. Thus Republicans know Democrats are dumb, because Democrats think Republicans are evil.
  • Election 2016: shame and regrets - Tomorrow (11/09/2016) will be the day after a work party that turned into a drunken orgy. You try to shower and wash clean the fuzzy memories of what just happened, and have the fortitude and denial required to make eye contact with your coworkers the next day... but you all share each other's guilt and shame.
  • Election 2022 - All elections are local, but polls were off, Red and Purple states got redder, Blue states got dumber. Blue states aren't dumber just because they voted Democrat, but they are for who and why they voted the way they did. Thus instead of healing divisions and moving forward, they showed partisanism above integrity.
  • Elections - This is a collection of articles about voting/elections that I've done over the years.
  • Electoral College and the National Popular Vote - When democrats lose they often try to change the rules (eliminate the electoral college). But without the electoral collect, we wouldn't be a country, we'd be two separate ones because the rest of the nation isn't going to let NY and California decide for the rest of the nation. Democrats love diversity, unless it's diversity of opinion.
  • Elizabeth Warrens MeToo - Elizabeth Warren has a bit of an exaggeration problem, as exemplified by her MeToo story. In 1997 she talked fondly of him and joked about his polio ridden chasing her at "His" memorial. In 2017 it was a traumatic story that she "never told anyone".
  • End Women's suffrage - One thought experiment I used to provoke thought was about what happened when we gave the disenfranchized the vote, and how the country went downhill (in at least a few ways). I took some heat for this, but it's still valid to think about cause and effect. Women should always have had the vote, even if they didn't use it well. But they haven't used it well.
  • Ends and means - Many people believe that the ends can justify the means. That if you are doing a really good thing, or stopping a really bad thing, you can use any means to achieve or stop those ends; since the ends are so severe. Sounds reasonable, but they are wrong.
  • Envy up - There's many that are victims to what I call the “Envy Up” phenomenon. You can either envy people that are richer and have more things, or envy people that have less "things" but a richer life or life experiences (envy down: in economic status).
  • Fake Conspiracies - any conspiracies are fake (or parts are fake), then some use those fakes to shut down discussion on real conspiracies. Or both sides will point fingers at the other and claim they believe more absurd things. But here's a list of top/popular Conspiracies. See if you can find any patterns.
  • Fascism - Fascism the left believes that while the National Socialists Workers Party contained Socialism in the name, thought and deed, they all came from Socialism, Stalin thought they were socialists, that doesn't mean they were real socialists. (The no true Scotsman fallacy). And if they weren't Socialists, then they must be "right wing".
  • Foreign Policy - An article on Iranian conflict: The Iranian people are not our enemy. Mixed good and bad analysis. (1) The Iranian people are not our enemy = good (2) The idea we should try to influence their economy = bad (mind your own business) (3) We have excessive demands = dumb... and so on.
  • Gender Wage Gap - This one is many myths (lies) in one: (a) Women get $.77-.82 cents on the dollar compared to what men make (this injustice is called the "Gender wage/pay gap" or GWG) (b) We need big government (politicians) and new laws/regulations/taxes to fix it (c) Democrat politicians motives are all sincere, anyone that opposes is a sexist/misogynistic/bigot. All false, and debunked here.
  • Hamilton vs Hamilton - Mike Pence went to see the rap-musical about Alexander Hamilton. And was rewarded by the classless audience with boos, and by the less classy cast, with a call-out and civil lecture about how inclusive they all are, and welcome him to be (with bitten tongue snark implying that he/Trump are bigots).
  • Hoax - A hoax is something that was never real. This is especially true if a skeptical human, critical thinker, or professional (Politicians/Journalist) should have known that it was never real and the perpetuated the myth anyways. Here are some examples.
  • Ideology - There are many "ideologies" or belief systems. Here are a few.
  • Individual or Group rights - When you bring up something like guns, smoking, drug laws, etc., some people keep bringing up the fallacy, "what about societies rights?" or "don't the rights of the many outweigh the rights of the individual/few?" The answer is no -- NEVER! Society and groups do not have rights only individuals do. That's fundamental to understanding American history, law, or people.
  • Is Socialism left-wing or right-wing? - Some claim, "Socialism/Communism is a left wing ideology", not in the U.S., but in Europe, kinda. There are many ways to measure left/right, so first you have to define which you're using. Then you need to decide if you're talking theoretical Socialism, or Socialism in practice? In theory, it's egalitarian: in practice it must be authoritarian.
  • Isn't fascism a right wing ideology? - In Europe and America, left and right are reversed. Conservatism in Europe means going back to Monarchies (Authoriatian), in Ameirca it means going back to less governemnt (Libertarian). By European standards, Fascism, Socialism and Communism are right wing. By American standards, they are left wing. These terms don't translate as well as some people think.
  • Jim Jones - The first trans-racial Marxist, given the MLK award, called the most influential Democrat on the West Coast, and was supported by Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, George Moscone, Harvey Milk, John Burton, Diane Feinstein, and was appointed to head Housing and Human Services in San Francisco., The Democrats highly honored bundler of votes/funds and respected cult leader... until crimes started coming out and he fled to Jonestown, Guyana. In failing health, with the authorities closing in, he convinced/forced his followers to drink cyanide laced kool-aid (Flavo-Aid), which is where comments about "don't drink the Kool aid" come from. While outside the U.S. all the participlants were from U.S.
  • Liberalism - "Liberalism" in America is like someone marrying for the 6th time, the triumph of hope over experience.
  • Libertarian - Libertarian/Classical Liberalism (Randian/Randianism after Ayn Rand), is just the belief that liberty should be the core principle of someone's philosophy, seeking to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association and individual judgment (and responsibility/accountability).
  • MeToo - MeToo/Gropegate is the lefts standard tool of accusing the political opposition of something so heinous they have to resign or are driven out (are cancelled). Dems had been hypocritically effective attacking Clarence Thomas while defending Kennedy/Clinton... but they made such a stink about it with Trump, that it backfired and started eating Democrats, Media and Hollywood alive.
  • Medicare - Articles about Medicare.
  • Muslim Ban - After a series of Terrorist attacks, Trump put a pause on immigration from terrorist countries until we could get better vetting. This was based on recommendations made during the Obama administration. And it wasn't an attack on the religion, it was an attack on the countries that wouldn't help us vet who was coming in. But FakeNews outlets spun it.
  • Net Neutrality - We had no net neutrality for the first 60+ years of networking, the Obama admin invented a few "regulations" in 2015 to protect us from liberty (imaginary demons under the bed and non-problems that weren't happening), and the left/media acts like repeal of that (liberty) will be going back to the slavery of 2015.
  • No-Bell - Sarah was in the fertilized egg business. She had several hundred young pullets and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs. She kept records and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a lot of time, so she bought some tiny bells and attached them to her roosters...
  • Obstruction of Justice - What does Obstruction of Justice look like?
  • George Orwell - George Orwell, brilliant socialist author of books such as 1984 and Animal Farm, that warned of the decline of civilization through Socialism, Collectivism, and Group-Think. And explained all their fallacies through allegories that the left doesn't think is a warning, but as an instruction manual.
  • Peace in the New Year - While, "no war at all" is a near impossible, we could certainly strive to make the world (or at least our part of it) a better / more harmonious place. And contrary to what many will tell you, this isn't even that hard of a goal., Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. ~ C. S. Lewis
  • Polemics - Voters get the democracy they deserve or demand through votes. I suspect there are fewer caustic Republicans/Conservatives than Democrat/Progressives because "the left" is younger, brasher, and better at rationalizing bad behavior (or avoiding mirrors). Decrying the other side's abrasives while ignoring your own, cedes the moral high ground.
  • Political Spectrum - Left or right wing mean different and often opposing things in the U.S. versus the rest of the world, or depending on who you are talking to. So I want to know, on which spectrum are they talking about, or at least what do they mean by that. Especially when the terms can change to mean, "anything I don't like".
  • Political Spectrum/Authoritarian-Liberal-Anarchist - Traditionally the left uses "authoritarian" to means right-wing. In the U.S. (and globally) left-wing authoritarianism is far more common than right. You can't push Social Justice, have high taxes and regulation, or redistribute wealth/power, if people can just opt out.
  • Political Spectrum/Collectivist-Conformist-Individualist - Historically leftism was individualism (in theory). In practice and recently, leftism became about collectivism, or the opposite of individualism/liberalism. They did this by inventing the idea that the world was unjust, and the only way to get justice was through government (collective) redistributing power and money. Thus individual liberties were dependent on the Govt.
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