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Not earth shattering events, but current events big enough for me to comment on.
Commentary on current events, or historical events, or just the little events that I attend.
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Roe v. Wade
Roe v. Wade fits my personal beliefs (1st Trimester legal, 3rd illegal, 2nd states rights). But it was a lousy and Unconstitutional ruling that invented law from the bench, imagining powers in the 14th (100 years after the fact) that the authors and ratifiers disagreed with. It violated the 10th and 11th. It polarizing us. And it stopped abortions legal growth.
2018 Election
The Blue Wave falls far short. Election results are coming in, and what did we learn? (Knowing that you probably shouldn't over-read too much into any one election). Well that the Democrats, Media and #Resist movement, didn't get what they wanted and promised. Trump held up far, far better than Obama or Clinton did in their first mid-terms.
2018.06.07 Suicide trends
WaPo ran an article showing Suicide Numbers trending up: they glossed over many important causes and missed how minute the increase is, and demonstrated mostly clickbait/FakeNews.
2019.01.22 NY Reproductive Health Act
I'm pro-choice (read Abortion for more background), but whether you're pro-choice or pro-life, you should be offended by the dishonestly named NY "Reproductive Health Act" that the Democrats and Cuomo just passed, and all of its provision. They claim this is about protecting Roe v Wade -- they are liars: it has virtually nothing to do with that.
Automation will destroy us
Old truckers never die, they just re-tire. Anyways, the point is those screaming automation will destroy us all, are missing that they've been saying the same thing since Ug first tied a spear tip to a spear, and Zug predicted that would end all animal life. This is nothing new.
Black Conspiracy Theology
I'm not black, but my Step-Dad is and I lived and worked in black communities. I saw the disenfranchisement, distrust, and their gossip circles and echo chambers. (Rumors and conspiracies over facts). And the DNC either starts, fosters or panders to many of these wacky views of America or the world, feeding the hate/unrest for votes.
Does America abuse illegal immigrants? (Kids in cages, etc). Obviously, not enough, or there would be far fewer illegal immigrants. They're far more looped into the risks than the average Joe. The facts are this is rare, temporary, and has been done forever (Obama, Clinton administrations), it is part of being a refugee anywhere in the world.
Campaign Limits
Speed Limit blank sign.svg
Why shouldn't we create Campaign Contribution Limits? Because it won't work, and will make things worse.
Charlottesville Race Riot
There's always two sides to History, that of the informed and the other side. Hate is taught, and the left is being taught hate through the media disinformation. Charlottesville had a few lies (1) it was about race (for most peopel) (b) Trump is a racist and praised the Neo-Nazi's (he actively denounced them in his first Press Conference).
Do you love the Constitution and Rule of Law, or do you prefer a corrupt political tyranny (where the President has the powers to write/nullify law)? Pick one. If you support DACA then you aren't compassionate, you just picked the latter. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an illegal program by President Obama to circumvent immigration laws.
Earth Day
Earth Day.png
Earth Day was a fake Holiday invented to support the far left, Marxist, anti-Humanity (Population Bomb Phobia) movement. The early message wasn't resonated so they moved to more green and less soylent green. The founders were kooks and criminals, the cause would hurt humanity, but if you sell anything with peace and love, the rubes and sheep will follow.
Election 2022
2022 год, новогодняя эмблема, Москва, Царицыно (02.01.2022).jpg
All elections are local, but polls were off, Red and Purple states got redder, Blue states got dumber. Blue states aren't dumber just because they voted Democrat, but they are for who and why they voted the way they did. Thus instead of healing divisions and moving forward, they showed partisanism above integrity.
Hamilton vs Hamilton
Mike Pence went to see the rap-musical about Alexander Hamilton. And was rewarded by the classless audience with boos, and by the less classy cast, with a call-out and civil lecture about how inclusive they all are, and welcome him to be (with bitten tongue snark implying that he/Trump are bigots).
How do you start a race war?
If you want to start a race war, see everything through a racial lens, and pretend all justice is racial injustice. Convince the gullible or haters that thugs who resist arrest aren't killed for being thugs resisting arrest, but for being black.
San Jose Tea Party Rally (2010)
April 2010, I walked from work to a Tea Party Rally in San Jose. It was tame, civil, and the crazies were sock puppet Democrats pretending to be Tea Partiers, so the media interviewed them, and cut out the signs that said, "he's not with us". The Tea Party was not what the media pretended, and that helped remind me how dishonest/Anti-American the media has become.
A player on survivor outed another as trans, the SJW's had a meltdown. When fascism comes to America it will look like anti-fascism. Just like this. He was dick. Lots of people are dicks (or do dicky things). I'm over it. I'm more outraged at the outrage.... and hypocrisy.
The Wall
The Mexico-American border is the most heavily crossed border in the world (both legally and illegally). It has a long history of the Dems promising to secure it (back to FDR), then undermining it instead. The goal isn't to stop legal immigration, but to control illegal immigration, smuggling, drug/human traffickig, aka things the Dems want.
Was Charlottesville a False Flag effort?
While a little conspiratorial that the whole Charlottesville thing was all a false flag effort by the far left, there's no doubt that the FBI and DNC leftists were involved in inflaming and blaming. (And that's what most mean when they say it). So I don't buy that it was all false flag, there's no doubt there were some agitators and entrapment agents in the crowd.
White House Correspondents Dinner
American Progressives ruin everything. The White House Correspondents Dinner started as a self-contragulatory celebration of the White House media's accomplishments and misses over the prior year. With the media and comedians being willing to barb both sides and self-deprecate. Then the media/commedians couldn't control their bias and ruined it.
Yanny and Laurel
Yanny and Laurel became a "thing".... a flash in the pan trope/meme where everyone debated for a nanosecond about whether a guy that said "Laurel" was really saying "Yanny" based on an audible illusion. It basically had to do with which frequency your ears were better at hearing (and the speaker/source) on whether you picked up the higher or lower frequencies and which you hear.


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