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Guide to Widowing
Hunter Biden/Laptop
Never works
Tucker-Putin Interview
Taylor Swift
Music Genres
Get on your knees
E. Jean Carroll Rape
Guide to Widowing
Get on your knees
Fossil Future
The Morning Show
Lies the Government told you
Quote of the Day
❝ It ain’t so much the things that people don’t know that makes trouble in this world, as it is the things that people know that ain’t so. ❞
~ Mark Twain
1947 Janesville Daily Gazette 
Joke of the Day
❝ Guy goes into a bar, and brings his monkey... he has a beer, and the monkey jumps up on the bar and eats all the peanuts. Bartender: Get out of here with that damn monkey. ❞
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Guide to Widowing
After 32 years with the "love of my life", I got to join the worst club ever: the Widow's Club. My life experiences and situation let me cope with it better than most, magnified by me diving into the pain/grief, and learning everything I could on the topic. After participating in dozens of forums, helping others, participating in some podcasts, I decided to summarize what I could in this book.
Hunter Biden had a laptop with all sort of obvious crimes on it. The media suppressed it, and lied about it, "Russian Disinformation". When Hunter testified about he, he was caught in many more lies about it. If a normy had done that, they'd be in prison and ruined for perjury, but Democrats defend their own - ethics be damned.
Never works
If Democrats ideas are so good, why do they never work? Ever. I mean they can do a little good in the short term, then they entropy and the long term costs and unintended consequences come due -- and they are disasters. Why aren't Democrat run states (where Republicans get no say) utopias, instead of dystopias? California, New York, D.C. they are shit shows.
Tucker-Putin Interview
The leftist media was outraged that Tucker Carlson Interviewed Vladamir Putin, during the Russo-Ukranian war. But in the real world, this is called Journalism. Then they were hypocritically outraged because Tucker was far more aggressive than they were on Zelensky. The outrage is just that they don't control the narrative.
Taylor Swift
I'm not a Swifty, but I really don't care (love/hate her).

Music Genres
The left's version of American Music is that blacks gave it to white America. That would imply blacks are racists.

Get on your knees
Jacqueline Novak's off-Broadway, one-woman show about giving head (blowjobs) was made into a Netflix special.

E. Jean Carroll Rape
An Elle advice columnist wrote a book claiming President Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman's lingerie dressing room.

When you can't win the battle of ideas, you need to silence the opposition.

Fake Rape
A leftist trope is that no Democrat female would lie about rape, but Republican ones can be ignored. Facts say otherwise.

Rape Culture
The left invented fictions like 1 in 5 women are raped in college, so they can play White Knights.

Sexual Assault by Alabama Cop
A teenage girl in Opelika, Alabama claimed a police impersonator pulled her over and groped her. Fake.

Cyber Stalking Mom
Mom created 369 Instagram accounts to harass her ex-business partner and competitors.

UVA Rape on Campus
💩 Rolling Stone published "A Rape on Campus" that was later completely debunked, and they lost a lawsuit over.

Duke Lacrosse
💩Three men at Duke were falsely accused of rape, while the media led Lynch-mob called for their heads. All false.

Global Cooling Scare
The dishonest, partisan and uninformed downplay the Global Cooling craze of the 1970's, because it makes them look bad.

Debunking Myths about Welfare Queens
PBS created a crappy story about Welfare Queens that tries to debunk the myths with dirty tricks.

Ring in 2024
2023 was the best of times, and the worst of times. (The latter stands out more). Let 2024 be a fresh start.

Grace of God
This guy would get up every morning, and fart hellaciously and loudly/proudly to the annoyance of his wife...

May roadtrip
A quick day trip to San Antonio, turns into a few life lessons about Tesla, and what can go wrong?

02/18 my wife had a 2023_Heart_Attack, and passed away on 03/22/23; the hardest day of my life. Except for the ones after it.

2023 Heart Attack
Feb 18th Melissa had a heart attack, stroke, and had to have CPR for over an hour.

Bar and Monkey
Guy goes into a bar, and brings his monkey...

The Southern Strategy
The Southern Strategy was to attract all disenfranchised conservative voters, not racists.

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