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A High Schooler that parlayed being near a school shooting into 15+ minutes of fame, by being anti-2A loud enough.
A sock puppets for the alt-left in the #MarchForOurLives. A High School kid that parlayed being near a school shooting, and profound ignorance on guns and gun control, into the short term love and adoration of the far left media. Tomorrow he'll be forgotten like like other Hollywood C-list celebrities. But so long and thanks for all the clickbait.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2018-03-06 

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  • Hogg and the YouTube Shooter - If a crusader is too selective on the fights they fight they look hypocritical. Hogg having a huge problem with a virtually non-existent problem of school shootings (infrequent, low death count relative to other high school risks), while loudly ignoring mass shooting that don't fit the disingenuous narrative (like at YouTube (by Nasim Aghdam).
  • Hoggs 7 assassination attempts - In his quest for attention, and after his 5 minutes of fame was running out, he grasped at the claim that he's the victim of 7 different assassination attempts. No seriously, that doesn't reek of desperation. Of course the FakeNews interviewer doesn't ask him for any details, but color me skeptical.
  • Hoggs armed guards - There's some real irony that a kid demanding gun control for the rest of us, shows up everywhere with Armed Security. When he's old enough to get irony, he'll laugh at himself. Assuming he's in on the joke.
  • National March on NRA - Astroturfers used Parkland to get Marxism. They proposed "Assault Weapons" that should be banned that came from the game "Call of Duty", and includes $10,000+ curios, relics, antiques, bolt action guns and so on. And their face (David Hogg), showed up to a gun control rally, with Armed Security, just to demonstrate the full force of their hypocrisy.

David Hogg • [2 items]

  • David Hogg MP5 - Hogg says that he knows guns because he illegally shot his FBI Daddy's fully automatic MP5 before middle school. Of course, that doesn't mean you actually know guns or gun laws or human nature -- it contradicts past tellings of the story. And it demonstrated the hypocrisy of "Assault Weapons for me, but none for thee" mentality of gun controllers.
  • Good Pillow - In response to Mike Lindell’s popular MyPillow (and support of Trump), on Feb 4th, David Hogg announced that he's going to "prove that progressives can make a better pillow, run a better business and help make the world a better place while doing it". I lasted almost a week before it stopped getting updates, and appears to have gone away.

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Boss Hogg (Dukes of Hazard)

Greta and Hogg: American Gothic

Greta or Hogg: child radicals.

David Hogg, "You don't stop a wildfire with more fires, the same way you don't stop gun violence with more guns!"... That's exactly how you stop wildfires (Facepalm)... and mass murderers.
David Hogg silent on the liberal YouTube shooter... wonder why?

During the protest the little wannabe fascist actually did a fascist/communist salute. The clenched fist of totalitarianism. This of course went over about as well as you'd expect with lots of mocking meme for little-Hitler.

And there I was... at YouTube headquarters.

If this man-child came to your door and demanded your guns, what would you do?


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