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Being Pat Moynihan's page gave Lawrence the reflex to bend over for any Democrat that came on his show.
He started his careers as a Pat Moynihan's page. A classic DC joke was, "Why don't congressmen use bookmarks? Because they like their pages bent-over"... and that explains Lawrence O'Donnel's reflex for bending over for any Democrat who came on his show. Being a socialist made him a nasty human to anyone else.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-01-11 

Fact[edit | edit source]

  • Lawrence started his careers as a Pat Moynihan's page.
    • A classic DC joke was, "Why don't congressmen use bookmarks? Because they like their pages bent-over!" and that explains Lawrence O'Donnel's reflex for bending over at the site of any Democrat who came on his show, and being a nasty human towards those he doesn't agree with (politically or otherwise).
  • Lawrence is an admitted, "European Socialist" and "I lie to the extreme left," (his words), so he deserves credit for being open about his anti-liberty and anti-American bias.
  • He's actually got a quick wit (and quicker temper), but he only uses his powers for evil.
  • He wrote/co-wrote/helped produce dozens of episodes for Aaron Sorkin's show, The West Wing, which won an Emmy award.
  • He has a history of being a contentious host... for conservatives.
  • He saves his best idiocy for his views on Gun Control, like not knowing that pistols and rifles have the same rate of fire, or claiming that because an AR-15's bullets are faster, that you can't kill them with a pistol's slower bullets? WTF?

Examples of bias[edit | edit source]

  • While having a Black Conservative (Michael Steele) on, he accused him of "dancing as fast as he can" and "his real master... [is] the Republican National Committee". Yeah, implying a black man is a slave is not exactly the cultural sensitivity the left demands of everyone else.
  • He broke a promise on-Air with Congressman Ron Paul about not asking Ron about other political candidates
  • He accused Republican primary candidate Herman Cain of not participating the Civil Rights Movement and charged him with dodging the draft during the Vietnam War
  • In his zeal to attack Mitt Romney for running against Obama, he insulted all LDS/Mormons stating, "Romney comes from a religion that was founded by a criminal who was anti-American, pro-slavery, and a rapist." To make sure that wasn't an accident, he repeated a variant later with, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) was an "invented religion," which was "created by a guy in upstate New York in 1830 when he got caught having sex with the maid and explained to his wife that God told him to do it." Even some of his audience complained, and he apologized, but few think he was sincere.
  • In 2017 an 8 minute clip was leaked that showed what a charming guy he is off camera, with O'Donnell cursing and swearing between segments of a live broadcast. The leaker was fired, and O'Donnel again insincerely apologized on Twitter.
  • Even the Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf said the questions posed by O'Donnell were "offensive" and declared, "In this interview, O'Donnell goes to absurd lengths to use patriotism and jingoism as cudgels to attack his conservative guest, almost as if he is doing a Stephen Colbert style parody of the tactics he imagines a right-wing blowhard might employ. Does he realize he's becoming what he claims to abhor?"

Gun Control[edit | edit source]


Lawrence O'Donnel (D) socialist polemic for NBC, MSNBC - while he's an ignorant socialist, nasty towards conservatives, his real enemy is guns and common sense. He's been caught saying such gems as:

  • While criticizing AR-15's, he claimed "the rate of fire on a handgun is less than 15 rounds per minute". They have the same rate of fire, or sometimes faster than rifles: about 3-5 rounds per second, is easily achievable in a pistol.
  • In criticizing teachers being able to defend themselves or students he quipped, "A pistol's 1100 fps is not quick enough to kill someone with an AR-15, because rifle bullets are 3x faster." The facts are some pistols fire the same or much higher powered (or higher velocity) bullets than the AR-15, that teachers with handguns have already stopped shooters, as have many police with pistols, and historically, civilians have better scores than cops on this. (Mass shootings stopped by civilians are quicker, fewer death tolls, less accidental casualties, and so on).

Imagine you’re a teacher, and some kid is shooting people. Do you want to have a tool (gun) to defend yourself and your students or to wait for the cops to arrive, and get out from behind the cars and come in... 8-20 minutes later. He seems to think you would rather die, than use a pistol to defend yourself, just because the cops hid outside and waited for the bloodshed to be over before entering.


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Guns are a tool. Gun prohibition is like the prohibition on drugs, alcohol or crime.

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