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One of the dumbest things in America (symbolism over substance) is the "Gun Buyback".
One of the dumbest things in America (symbolism over substance) is the "Gun Buyback". This is where cities spend taxpayer money buying things for more than they are worth (or people wouldn't sell them). It doesn't reduce guns, it increases the value of stealing/making them.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2020-12-10 

So let's do the math on gun buy-backs.|

  • Wilkinsburg, PA did a gun buy-back, and only got 40 guns at about $50 each, and was disappointed because they usually get 120. [1]
  • Houston, Texas did one, and a local guy 3D printed 62 guns @ $3.00 a piece... since they paid $50/gun, he netted about $3K doing it. Of course officials said they'd exclude those kind of guns in the future... which means he can make more selling them on the black market. Or just make Zip guns for about $20/each in parts (but net 3x as much $150 each). [2]
  • Austin, Texas the Chief of Police wisely advised against implementing a gun buy-back, based on the prior failures that didn't reduce crimes, most guns weren't on the street (but poor quality guns pulled out of closets), and last time, Gun-Buyers setup booths and offered more than the cities $100-200 for guns. [3]

On the street, a stolen gun goes for about $50 (according to ABC and some others). That means gun buybacks have been unsuccessful at driving up the costs. And no criminal is going to sell his tool of the trade, if he wants to continue his life of crime. So the only guns you can get, where harmless ones that weren't in the hands of criminals.

So the gun grabbers waste taxpayers money to get "guns off the streets"... Except they weren't on the streets, they were safely tucked away somewhere. People were disposing of unwanted guns, which means they likely didn't have any ammo, and were harmless.

Or what usually happens, is that people: (a) Steal guns (or get them with other things they sold) to sell them to cops for $50 and a dose of irony. (b) People are getting rid of their worst guns to trade up. (There are many guns that aren't worth $50... and often at the higher priced buy-backs, there are stories of people making hardware guns for $20, and selling them back for $100-150 a pop).

And how does this help?

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Pretend you have the math skills of a 4th grader (exceeding the average gun grabber):

  1. We make ≈25,000 new guns per day (≈9-12M guns per year) in the U.S., not counting ones smuggled from other countries, or made illicitly.
  2. There are about 5,000 cities in the U.S. (4,727) with populations greater than 5,000 people.
  3. If every one of them netted the average 100-150 guns per gun buy-back, in simultaneous buy-backs, all on the same day, they would still be 5,000 guns short of that day's production. And these events are like quarterly or semi-annually.

To call gun buy-backs useless is an insult to uselessness.

  1. They reward theft.
  2. They encourage gaming the system.
  3. They waste time.
  4. They waste money.
  5. They teach stupidity (that the problem is the guns, and not the criminals).
  6. And they do absolutely nothing to reduce the supply, or deter crime, or get guns "off the streets".

If you had one of these every day of the year, in every major city (and you could keep the rate that high), it would still mean the total number of guns in the U.S. would increase by about 2M/year.


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Guns are a tool. Gun prohibition is like the prohibition on drugs, alcohol or crime.

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