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A list of Documentaries.
This is a collection of Documentary Reviews that I've done over the years. I rather enjoy learning and so Documentaries are love/hate. I love watching them... unless they are omitting key pieces of data, or being biased -- then I hate them.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni

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13 Hours: The secret soldiers in Benghazi
A documentary by Michael Bay? What is this world coming to?

2000 Mules
Documentary on the criminal voter fraud and ballot stuffing during the 2020 Presidential Election.

2016 Obama's America
Hated by reviewers, loved by viewers. A better movie than Fahrenheit 9/11, but that's a pretty low bar.

America: Imagine the World Without her (2014)
Dinesh D'Souza tries to cover too much, and it's more about American History than alternate reality. But needed film.

An Inconvenient Truth (2006)
An alternate reality propaganda film by Al Gore with a fictionalized pseudo-science on how bad Climate/CO2 is.

The Creepy Line
This is a documentary on how Facebook and Google turns your data into their profit, and manipulate you in the process.

Death of a Nation (2018)
A documentary that details things that infuriate the truths the left doesn't want to here.

Deepwater Horizon (2016)
I liked it as entertainment, but not as history of a real event. Too Hollywood'ed and made-up heroes and villains.

Dirty Money
Netflix produced a 20/20 style documentary series called Dirty Money, that spins left.

Fahrenheit 911 (2004)
Michael Moore hit piece with a few true events, taken out of context and editing that would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

Fat Head (2009)
Tom Naughton redid Morgan Spurlock's Super Size me: only this one was better, and showed the opposite.

Fauci (2021)
A fictionalized hagiography of Saint Fauci, with all the flaws whitewashed and any accomplishments exaggerated.

Film Critics
To the left, everything is viewed through a political lens. Their bias emanates like 1,000 suns.

Hillary's America (2016)
The subhead "the Secret History of the Democratic Party" is the more apt description of the film.

Jobs (2013)
Hollywood has this attitude that fiction is more interesting than real life.

Planet of the Humans (2019)
Jeff Gibbs and Michael Moore do a free on YouTube documentary to debunk a lot of the Green Energy myths.

Roosevelt's: An Intimate History
Ken Burns disappoints with a progressive puff-piece, written, directed and shown by the left, for the far left.

Seattle is Dying
Video journalist (Eric Johnson) exposed Seattle's homelessness problem. So the left attacked him and not the problem.

Steve Jobs (2015)
A fictionalized drama-mentory retelling of Steve Jobs life, by an ultra-Liberal director (Aaron Sorkin). Reviewers preferred it more than audiences +13% (86/73).

Super Size Me (2004)
Morgan Spurlock created a documentary that said nothing is your fault: you're fat because of McDonnalds.

The Climate Hustle (2016)
CFACT's Marc Morano did his late retort to An Inconvenient Truth, in a replay of what they showed at the Paris Climate Summit.

The Final Year (2017)
American hagiography made to payoff Obama for being a black liberal, fails to address any of the corruption/abuse in Russiagate hoax.

The Un American
Kevin Leffler did a documentary on Michael Moore, originally, "Shooting Michael Moore".

Truth (2015)
Hollywood tries to spin sympathy for Dan Rather and Marla Maples's fraud against George Bush.

Unplanned (2019)
Unplanned was attacked by the left for telling a true story, well. You must see this to be informed.

Volkswagen emissions scandal
The first episode was how they stumbled on the truth after 7 years, but not why VW did it.

Waiting for Superman (2011)
I want documentaries to have pacing, support, and point/counter-point (not a Moore/Gore propaganda film).

White Helmets (2016)
If you want a depressing documentary on the heroes of the Syrian War (the aide workers), then this is for you.


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List of things I’ve watched, read, seen, cooked, ate, heard about, and so on.

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