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Memes are like Food and Dark Humor: not everyone gets it.
Memes aren't fair, they are cheap shots at the other side. They are also a litmus test: laugh, cry, get angry... what people post, and how they react, says a lot.
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Life is short, why not have a little fun with it?

Why the left can't meme[edit source]

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Humor requires something to be unexpectedly true (ironic). Malice also become less funny. So repeating mistruths with anger has a smaller audience (it amuses the misinformed partisans). While pithy and ironic but truthful observations, with jaded mocking, has far wider appeal.

  • Democrat Racism - Racist Democrats, their actions, or their supporters. This isn't used for moral equivalence and doesn't excuse Republican/Conservative Racists, but it is a reminder to hypocrites that are always pointing fingers, that they don't have to go so far from home to fix problems. The old mote in thy brothers eye, while ignoring the log in thy own.
  • Animals - Actors axiom: never work with Animals or Kids... because both are wiser than actors. Of course that's just because they're all narcissists, concerned about being upstaged. But Animals (and actors) still make good fodder for memes.
  • AppleCDs - Apple's Developer CD ROM's had Movie Title derived names: nerd humor leans towards puns, Dad jokes and literalisms.
  • Arrogance - You're so vain, you probably think these memes are about you. Igno-Arrogance or Dunning-Kruger are here too.
  • Branco - I love by A.F. Branco's stuff, and use it a lot. Comics are good at boiling a point down to its essence, and Branco is a brilliant comic.
  • Cinema - Movies in general, and movies in specific. These are memes mocking them.
      Posters, Movies, Star Trek, Star Wars
  • Econ - This mocks those ignoring the consequences of feel-good policies. Economics is about anticipating the unexpected consequences, which puts it at odds with progressivism (which advocates for policies without regards to the consequences).
      Economics, Keynes, Krugman
  • Education - Education is often what you get, when you didn't get what you wanted.There are two kinds of education, (a) formal (b) practical. Many people with too much of (a) don't understand how much smarter people with a lot of (b) can have. Or as Mark Twain put it, ❝ I have never let my schooling interfere with my education ❞
  • Feedback - Express your reactions to a pretty wide swath of issues, parties and agendas.
      Dislike, Dumb, Like, Logic, Misc, No, Troll
  • Food - What we eat or drink, how we eat, or who we eat, this mocks them all.
      Diet, Drink, Vegetarians
  • Government - I'm from the government, and I'm here to help... (help myself to your rights, liberty or property). Of course not all government is bad... but absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it's hard to put checks on government that will be effective over time. Especially in places where there are authoritarians (progressives) that want to empower it absolutely.
  • Grief - Not a huge fan of grief, but I am of Memes, even inspirational or depressing ones. So here are some I got/saw while grieving my late wife. There is no timetable, there is no order, there is no right/wrong way to greive. Stop trying to fix it, just be there. You can't fix an amputation, you just support them while they adapt.
  • Gun Memes - Guns are funny. Gun Controllers and the things they say and do is funnier. These are their memes.
      Assault Weapons, Bans, Gun Control, Gun Controllers, Muskets
  • Hacks - These are a few of the various things I hacked up (customized) over the years. Personalization that goes back to Laverne and Shirley and putting a Cursive L on everything, not to mention monograms, signing art, and so on.
  • Humor - These made me gasp, laugh, snort, chuckle or at least smile.
      Dark, Funny, Geek, Sarcasm, Satire, Signs, Tattoo, Truth
  • Immigration - Memes about Immigration, illegal immigration, and the left's hypocrisy around immigration.
  • Inspiration - These are the good and happy memes meant to inspire.
  • Isms - Making fun of those taking intersectional victimhood to the absurd.
      Gay, Racism, SJW, Sexism, Trans
  • Issues - These are current issues and events that can/should be mocked... and were.
      Charlottesville, Clocks, March for our lives, MeToo, Pussy Protest, Shutdown, Statuary Rape, Straws, Tea Party, The Wall, Vote, Student Loans
  • Laws - Memes about the law, what does the law, licensing or regulation really mean?
  • MansWorld - It's a man's world.
  • Media - Cry bullies both cry and bully. They run media, entertainment and social media.
      CNN, Fake, Propaganda, USA Today
  • Military - Memes about the Military.
  • Mine - Memes, Art, drawings, doodles, or just things that I created, or are about me.
  • Music - I enjoy 60's, 70's and 80's music... and memes that references pop culture icons or their music.
  • Organizations - Organizations behaving badly.
      BLM, Disney, Facebook, United, WaPo, Tesla, Twitter
  • People - People behaving badly (or normally... for them).
      Elon Musk, AOC, Acosta, Alec Baldwin, Baghdadi, Bernie, Beto, Biden, Clintons, Columbus, Comey, Epstein, Fauci, Greta, Harris, Hitler, Hogg, Hunter, John Kerry, Jussie, Kavanaugh, Krugman, Kyle Rittenhouse, Lincoln, Maddow, Maxine, Newsom, Nixon, Obama, Orwell, Paul Pelosi, Pelosi, RBG, Soleimani, Takei, Trudeau, Trump, Warren
  • Places - Places that are mockworthy. Or that do mockworthy things.
      California Memes, Canada, Charlottesville, Hollywood, Russia, Ukraine
  • Politics - This covers a pretty wide swath of issues, parties and agendas.
      Antifa, DNC, Fascism, LCM, Libertarian, RNC, Socialism
  • Pranks - I love a good prank. Never fire the first shot, but laugh at those getting the last one.
  • Racy - Memes that are R or X rated.
      Brain Bleach, Dirty Wisdom, Parts, Poorly Named, Sex
  • Religion - The best burgers come from sacred cows. Any tool can be used for hate, but MY purpose is just laughing at ourselves.
      Christian, Islam, Jews, Other
  • Science² - She blinded me with science... memes.
      COVID, Climate (Memes), Science, Vax
  • Seasonal - To everything (turn, turn, turn). There is a season (turn, turn, turn)...
      Elf on a shelf, Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
  • Sports - Mocking Sports and Sports teams. Not all athletes are stupid. But stupid athletes are more vocal.
  • Woke - Memes about being Woke, Slacktivism, and the abject hypocrisy and lack of introspection required by Wokeness.
  • Obama Portraits - Obama even embarassed himself and the office with his choice of artist and failed portrait. The art crowd with prim and preen and talk about how bold it is. But it's not traditional and gosh, and was later repaced because it stood out like a sort thumb next to all the other Presidential Portraits. And it was mockworthy.
  • Trade - (1) Protectionism is bad (2) Predatory free trade is bad (3) Finding the balance (Fair Trade) is good. While free'er trade is better, some countries will destroy and industry or sector. Private business can't compete with government subsidies. While it's good for consumers, it's bad for your workers. So there has to be a blanace.


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