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The corrupt bitch resigns the day before a conviction, and after decades of corruption and abuse.
The corrupt bitch resigns the day before a conviction, and after decades of corruption and abuse. Pretty much the entire gun community in San Jose new of it. It was joked about in gun stores and shooting ranges, if you need a CCW, just donate enough to Laurie's fund... and you'll get a permit. Guilty on 6 counts.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-11-01 
  • This bitch has been known as corrupt for a long time. For decades denizens of the People's Republic of San Jose, knew that a well-placed campaign donation or the right connections would get you a CCW... but no amount of proper justification would if you didn't pay that graft.
  • Why? If the ruling was negative while she was in office, the odds of it impacting her pension are higher. So she resigned at the last possible second so that she can continue to mooch of the state and city for decades to come, despite her corruption and abuse of power that would disqualify her in any place with integrity and justice. California lacks those, so the taxpayers will probably have to pay her millions of dollars pension rewards, in perpetuity. Thanks for screwing over our citizens and concept for the Constitution, here's your check.
  • Guilty! Former Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith was found guilty on six civil counts of corruption and willful misconduct, in the Santa Clara County Superior Court. She would have been fired, but already resigned, and can't run again for public office. [1]
I think everyone who was injured/killed/suffered because of a rejected CCW by her office, should be able to suit her civilly for the pain and suffering, in a class action suit that ruins her, as she ruined others lives.
That's the nicer of the two options. The other way to set an example is to go after her for treason and civil rights violations under the 2A, and federal imprisonment, or capital punishment. Sometimes your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others. I think her corruption makes Madoff look mild.


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