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These are issues that people fight over... current events or consistent divisions.
Issues that people fight over. Some are transitory, like banning plastic straws (no one will care in a few years). Others are forever, like Homelessness (it can't be fixed and still have freedom or respect for human life).
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There is inequality and injustice in the world and our nation. But America is in the top handful of countries in the world as far as tolerance and diversity. But the progressive left is addicted to "progress" (change), not balance, or knowing when to stop/slow/moderate. So they exaggerate the wrongs, and exaggerate the delusion that if we give up enough liberty, Democrats will fix it.
The mainstream media mislead the gullible on what the Alt-Right is, or where it came from. Some think it's a group/caucus (the Nazi/Racist wing of the Republican party). In truth, it started as anti-establishment republicans, meant many different things, but has devolved into a fringe leftist controlled group.
America made Saddam
During the mid 2000's it was popular among the dim of wit, and big of mouth, to claim that Saddam was created by America. That kind of rhetoric tends to come from the uninformed, the trolls, or both. Saddam was never "our boy" like some claim.
Banning something is the tool of a weak (and authoritarian) mind. It's also the go-to-solution for every problem for the DNC. Ignoring that Prohibition only works when the VAST majority of people already want to ban something. Otherwise it shows that someone is unable to convince people on the merits, so needs to resort to force/bullying.
Bike Lanes increase pollution
Bicycle lane sign.svg
I rode to work for years. Still, whenever I see a bike lane, I remember the following: bike lanes increase traffic, pollution, fatalities, and costs to society. Which is why Californian's love them: they are anti-progress, anti-tolerance, and hurt more people than they help. What's not to like?
Birthright Citizenship
The 14th amendment did not give people birthright citizenship, progressives imagined it it to undermine America. The author (Jacob Howard) wrote, "[The 14th amendment] will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States."
Boycotts are often a tool of hate: a way to attack private business for something that someone else said, in a way to pressure them to stop. Most of all, they're not very effective (usually).
Christian Nation
Canyon of the Little Christians.jpg
America is undoubtedly a Christian Nation: founded on Judeo-Christian values and ethics. The left ignores truths like our founding fathers were all religious men who tolerated prayer in schools and government proceedings, allowed state religions and used biblical values and terminology to create this nation.
Corporate Feudalism
Most agree that Corporations controlling legislators (Corporatism) is a bad idea. Yet, if you ask the progressives if Corporations should censor, "hate speech" (circumventing the 1A, 2A, 4A, 9th, 10th, etc), they will say, "sure". Yet, ask them if conservatives should be able to do that to progressives, and they scream "No!". There's no ethics like "no ethics".
James Damore
This is the story of Media Lies, Google Hypocrisy, and what happens when someone (James Damore) decides to tell the truth in Progressive America. James committed the thought crime of saying, on an internal forum that inviting people to challenge views, that the forum and Google had become an “ideological echo chamber"... and proving it. Fired for butchering sacred cows.
Election 2022
2022 год, новогодняя эмблема, Москва, Царицыно (02.01.2022).jpg
All elections are local, but polls were off, Red and Purple states got redder, Blue states got dumber. Blue states aren't dumber just because they voted Democrat, but they are for who and why they voted the way they did. Thus instead of healing divisions and moving forward, they showed partisanism above integrity.
This article is about the Environment and Environmental issues.... and since I'm a but of a skeptic and counter-culture person, many (most) of the articles are going to have a spin about things that people think they are doing that's good, but isn't, or things that pretend to help but actually harm the environment, or the frauds that foist this bullshit on their base.
Fascism the left believes that while the National Socialists Workers Party contained Socialism in the name, thought and deed, they all came from Socialism, Stalin thought they were socialists, that doesn't mean they were real socialists. (The no true Scotsman fallacy). And if they weren't Socialists, then they must be "right wing".
Federal Budget
The first rule of politics: Democrats lie. They have to lie, because if they told the truth, they'd never get elected. This chart by the National Democratic Socialist American Workers' Party is a great example of how they lie. They cut out parts of the truth and the budget that is inconvenient for their cause -- like all the social programs, and then only look at the rest.
Food Stamps
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program logo.svg
In economics, you compare the costs to the benefits. Government food stamps made recipients fatter and sicker than those not on it. Government got into the redistribution business ( poverty industrial complex), that means they're responsible for how a system they created doesn't work, or the consequences of it.
Gay Therapy
Turn It Off Conversion Therapy Light Switch.png
I'm not a fan of the idea of "Gay Therapy". But I'm less a fan of woke bullying or denial of truth. The facts are that for many sexuality is somewhat malleable. (Aka Prison-gay, college Bi, etc). When there's no other option for companionship, some will switch teams. If people can't program themselves, then the entire field of Psychology is a charade.
Generation TidePod
This generation is going to be known as Generation TidePod, mostly because condom snorters is too vulgar. But you are what you do. Not everyone in this generation eats TidePods, but the most vocal asshats seem to. If you shoot arrows, you should probably be prepared to catch a few. My generation gave them the Internet, and this generation is trying to ruin it with government controls.
Google Gaffe
What happens when someone (James Damore) decides to tell the truth in Progressive America? "Burn the witch!" After all, he said the same thing that science, common sense, and Google's own lawyers say in court" Google says speak your mind, then fires you if you don't say what they want (e.g. tell them uncomfortable truths).
Green Energy
Logo Renewable Energy by Melanie Maecker-Tursun V3 bgGreen.svg
Green Energy: doesn't exist, isn't cheaper, and can't provide all our power needs. Solar and Wind is unreliable, space inefficient and is expensive if you remember to add in the costs of over-capacity, backup plants, and storage. Cheap and reliable forms of Green Energy are: Nuclear, Hydroelectric and Geothermal: the left opposes adoption of these greener energy solutions.
Green New Deal
The Green New Deal was a program championed by AOC, endorsed by the left, confirms everything conservatives have been warning about the 🍉 Watermelon Environmental Movement: their goal is not to save the planet, but use that to enact communism/socialism in the U.S. $93 Trillion boondoggle intended to collapse the economy, and make everyone a dependent.
Gun Control
There's two things I've never met. An informed gun-controller. Anyone for gun-control that could learn the facts on guns and gun control, and remain a gun-controller.
High Speed Rail
High-Speed Rail can be a great thing. Just not if it's done by politicians, especially Progressive ones. Then it'll become a boondoggle.
History of Immigration
The immigration fight is bitter because in 1986 Dems traded amnesty for a border fence/security, then broke their promise, then sabotaged efforts to have real immigration reform or border security ever since. They get votes by obstructing immigration reform and keeping illegals second class citizens, then use their suffering as an excuse why we need to vote for them to fix it.
No house icon.jpg
Pick one: (a) tolerance (liberty) or (b) cleanliness/civility/order. Do you have compassion for free-range substance abusers, mental disorders, and layabouts destroying the cities? Or compassion for the hard working folks trying to make a better world for themselves and their children?
Some have called me a xenophobic racist. I love immigrants, am one (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation immigrant), my friends, coworkers, students, teachers and partners have been as well. But all immigrants are not equal, and a nation without borders is no longer a functioning nation. Those that want to eliminate the border, also want to eliminate America.
Incivility in Politics
The point of this isn't to blame one side or the other in incivility in Politics, both sides have plenty to be ashamed of. But I hate hypocrisy and lies, or bad rationalizations. Punching your sibling and then crying, "they started it" when they hit back, is a bit chickenshit to me, and should be called out. Either side can take the high road, and "lead by example".
Isn't fascism a right wing ideology?
In Europe and America, left and right are reversed. Conservatism in Europe means going back to Monarchies (Authoriatian), in Ameirca it means going back to less governemnt (Libertarian). By European standards, Fascism, Socialism and Communism are right wing. By American standards, they are left wing. These terms don't translate as well as some people think.
Gay Pride Flag.svg
This is a list of various articles on LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer). They also added IA (Intersex and Asexual) and a few other letters (NBPF) to the acronym salad for necrophilia, bestiality, pedophelia/pederasts and "Fred" as s/he needs zir own category. Virtue signaling is memorizing woke-pi to the 27th place.
Letter to Teacher
The Whitehouse responded to a teacher about her questions on Parkland shooting. She tries to correct him, but her lack of research and erroneous corrections showed who the miseducated are. When you can't debate the merits, facts, you can at least try to correct spelling/punctuation. Any gotcha, no matter how abusrdly wrong, still plays well with the DNC base.
Lie of Averages
This is a math trick often used by politicians (esp. left) to delude their followers, into thinking something is the opposite of what it is. For example: "California taxes are lower than other places", or "administration costs on Medicare is lower than private healthcare"... in percent. In absolute dollars (per case)? They'd much greater.
Malevolent liberty or benevolent tyranny
Trolley Problem.svg
Malevolent liberty is better than benevolent tyranny? A lot of this boils down to the Trolley Problem: is it more ethical to kill one to save many, or to let many die to avoid murder? The root of the problem is whether you value others' free will more than your ego and desire to control the outcome.
Media Bias
There are people who are either too biased (or aren't paying attention) to realize how biased the media is. We're not going to convince each other of anything: me with proof, and them by denying it. So this article isn't for "them". It's just a place for me to collect example's of media bias, for those rational enough to consider them.
Military Suicides
Have you ever heard about how bad military suicides are (or seen it played as a cliché in the movies)? While it's a serious problem, and we should care for all people under mental distress, I had looked up the context. 99.97% are not suicidal, lower than many other professions. Yet you hear about the other .03% so much, that you think it's practically epidemic.
Murder Rates
Understanding murder rates in the U.S. (or world), isn't that hard. But if the facts aren't on your side, then that side is vested in obfuscating the facts. So the side trying to make it more confusing, and can't answer questions, is probably doing that for a reason.
Nuclear Option
The "Nuclear Option" (aka Filibuster Rules) was tradition since 1806. The Senate said there was no time limit on debate, so that a Senator could stand on principles (or duty) to prevent bad law from getting enacted, by debating it to death (called the filibuster). This guaranteed that new laws would have to have super-majority support. Democrats broke the tradition, and shot themselves in the foot.
Numbers Covered by Obamacare
Those claiming 20 million more people are insured because of Obamacare (ACA) either don’t know what they’re talking about, or are bald-faced liars. We're around 29 million people short of the campaign promise for universal coverage. And it's well below the 20 million new people covered that the fools and frauds like to claim. The facts: about 2.8M were covered because of Obamacare, and another 4-6M because of medicaid expansion, at a cost of about $20K per new person covered.
Obamacare is a Republican Idea
There’s an oft repeated lie, that the Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare) was modeled after a Republican plan. People that say this are either liars, DNC mouthpieces, or people completely unaware of the actual facts and are just repeating what they’ve been told by DNC mouthpieces. This debunks that tripe.
Obstruction of Justice
What does Obstruction of Justice look like?
Online Dating
Wikimedia Deutschland icon participate.svg
I'm no Mack daddy or Player, but the loss of my wife of 29 years meant that I either re-learn modern dating, or learn to be alone. And since I'm an information geek so I study for exams; read, listen, talk, and analyze. What do I need to know in this modern world -- Online Dating gives me an opportunity to meet people that I wouldn't.
Open Floorplans
Open Floorplans: a really bad idea brought into popularity by idiots and bean counters. (Adobe went to Open Floorplans while I was there, to the grousing of most but a few corporate sycophants). Then COVID hit, vindicating all of us who pointed out that they are disease passing, producitivity killing, open septic tanks. COVID converted me from anbout to leave, to happy remote worker.
Party of fear
Party of fear.jpg
The left projects their flaws on others: so being the party of fear (or envy), they claim the Republicans are. But if you trusted your neighbors (and didn't fear their actions), you wouldn't be the party that tries to ban, outlaw, punish or regulate (they are afraid of non-compliance).
What angle you look at an issue, can alter what you see. Various meme's demonstrate it, circle or square. Many will take away the message that either is correct, from their view. Both aren't correct, they are incomplete -- the truth is bigger than either of their views. There needs to be room for more than one perspective, but there's often a more right and more wrong.
Political party is genetic?
Font Awesome 5 regular clone.svg
There's a famous twin study (looking at how much twins vary versus random people), to help answer nature versus nurture questions. One intriguing result was the political affiliation, or at least left/right alignment, showed that nature was far significant than people thought. They concluded that over half of the political difference (like authoritarian leanings) was genetic.
Basics of Propaganda: understanding differences between white, black and grey propaganda.'"`UNIQ--ref-0000070B-QINU`"'
I use the meaning: (1) white = your sides story (your spin) (2) grey = telling your sides story with lies of omissions (to make your side look better) (3) black = are you adding in direct and known falsehoods and misrepresentation to sell your sides agenda (actively misrepresenting things).
Public Education
Teaching climate change icon.png
Links to Articles about Public Education. Golden rule: he who gives the gold has the rule. Before Public Education, Parents controlled the purse, and demanded quality for their dollar. When Politicians control the purse (through taxes), now they control it. How has that worked out for costs versus quality of education?
Q: Shouldn't we trust the Intelligence Agencies?
NO! Being rationally skeptical is called critical thinking. So as Reagan said, "trust but verify". If the evidence supports the case, and they're being open? Sure. If they're not being open, and the story doesn't add up, then "of course not". The CIA's (and FBI's) job is to often to lie. You don't think they'll lie to you for an agenda?
The left claims that some conspiracy troll (Q-Anon) drives the right, who follow blindly like Democrats. Most of the right hasn't heard of it, or only from leftist sources. Some of the followers are just trolling the left/media by pretending to believe in them -- throwing more and more absurd ones. Occasionally, a watered down variant will be believed by a politician, and the left will lose it's mind.
Radical Islamic Terrorism
Radical Islamic Terrorism is a phrase that many on the left can't seem to speak. Obama couldn't even use it, when someone would shoot up a gay bar or shooting up a community center while yelling Allahu Akbar, or telling the cops they were doing this of Islam. The dimwitted myopia of over-sensitivity doesn't help, it polarizes.
Recycling is not the panacea that some think it is, it is about teaching the gullible to follow without question, while increasing pollution, waste, taxes, and government control over our lives. That's not conspiracy, these are just facts. But still the gullible trained proles follow out of ignorance or virtue signaling as a demonstration of symbolism over substance -- they put their agenda above science.
Red or Blue Murder
Anyone who has glanced at whether Republicans/Democrats are softer on crime, or have the worst murder rates knows it's blue. Since Democrats can't win discussing facts, they lie; create a fake study, quote the study, and know that their base won't bother to look at the underlying facts. Go team blue! Rah, rah, more murder! Woo hoo! The rest of us? We can read.
Noun robbery 4270.svg
Reparations is moronic and racist, and impossible to implement fairly. We have too much mixing to be able to separate those blacks who traded or had slaves, from whites who found against it, and immigrants who had nothing to do with either. It is not judging a man on the content of his character, but punishing/rewarding based on the color of his skin -- and that's vile.
Sanctions "hurt" growth in an economy by punishing the underclass (it basically taxes another country). In Socialist countries, the elites/upper/political class is not hurt at all. There's a fantasy that they might make things so bad, that there would be revolution or pressure, but it's never changed a committed policy in recorded history.
Democrats in the House invented charges around Ukraine, to impeach Trump. They claimed asking Ukraine to help the FBI out with an investigation is Quid Pro Quo (it isn't), that's a crime (it isn't), and Trump not helping the Democrats sham is obstruction/abuse of power, it isn't (Co-equal branches), and those aren't high crimes. The fraud failed in the Senate.
Scampeachment 2.0
Democrats tried impeachement scam all over again. This time it was about J6. Appearantly asking for people to peacefully protest election anomolies, or telling them to go home when it turns violent, is a high crime. Thus every Democrat needs to be exited from government for worse.
Scooter sharing
Scooter sharing became popular (Lime/Bird electric scooters), in San Jose). They're basically both the same $1.00+0.15/minute to ride. It is definitely handy for trips too short to want to call a cab, but you want to get there quicker than walking. While I've never really used Razers or other inline non-electric scooters, it was completely natural and easy.
Signs of a Cult
Logo du groupe The Cult.jpg
You can't judge all individuals by the group behavior, you can judge the group by the group averages. If there are traits in common to the group, that's hinting that it is a group dynamic. They might be filtering, intentionally or unintentionally. But either way, if you ride with outlaw bikers, don't be shocked if you end up in a bar fight.
Richard Stallman
Richard Stallman in Moscow, 2019 058.jpg
On 2019.09.17 Stallman (bigmouth) said that the most likely scenario that hurt his friend (Marvin Minsky) was Minsky was having consensual sex with a 17 year old in a country where that was legal. For that he was fired (forced to resign from MIT and FSF). Cancel-Culture going way overboard, again.
Statuary Rape
There is no "hate speech" exclusion for the first amendment (1A). Destroying public property (vandalism) because it "offends you", is no exception. And if you start destroying others tributes, then why should any be allowed? Before you grease any slippery slope, you might be wise to ask, "what's at the bottom?"
The Black Community
There is no one "Black Community", so generalizations are just that: statistically observations that can apply to sets, but should not be applied to individuals, or all subsets. American Blacks have been taught to think they're an oppressed minority in the Country that gives them more civil rights than whites or Asians, and more protections than any in the world.
The Great Depression
The Great Depression (mises publication) cover.jpg
The Great Depression wasn't all that great. The left thinks the Great Depression was caused by capitalism/Wall Street and Hoover fiddled while Rome burned. The facts show the Democrats had magnified the depression for political gain, and FDR and the New Deal made things worse. It was the war that saved us, not FDR
Transgender Love & Support.jpg
What is Trans? Which trans? Transvestite, Transexual/Transgender, Transphobia, Transmission? They are used interchangably, in the T in LGBT, but they're not the same thing, and in fact, are quite different from the LGB. There should be a scism between the groups, and there is... but it's likely to get worse over time.
Trans-tolerance, Charlotte and Lady's Restrooms
I support trans-folks being able to use whatever bathroom they want. Right up until they try to bully others and pass laws forcing others to adapt to their delusion. That's where they jump the shark and go from defending the little guy, into being the bullies.
Transgender NatGeo
I have Trans friends, and I have no problems with Trans adults. I have a problem with over-encouraging it in every kid that's exporing it for attention. Gender Dysphoria a serious psychological disorder that we shouldn't encourage any more than we should encourage other body image disorders like Anorexia, Bulimia.
This is a faux scandal invented by the leftists and their media to distract from the fact that they aren't legislating, and to look for another excuse to impeach, after their 2 years of repeating the debunked Russian Collusion narratives fell apart.
Vaccines and Anti-Vaxxers
Both sides can be preachy and wrong. While I'm no anti-Vaxxer (I've gotten all mine, I don't think vaccines are the cause of autism, and I would get them for my imaginary kids), I find the anti-Vax crowd has points that the anti-anti-vax crowd is either unwilling or incapable of understanding (their arguments are more focused around the cult of authority).
I've got nothing against vegetarians. My wife is vegetarian, and I was one for a few years, then pescatarian. And we regularly have some vegetarian food at home. The main reason that I'm not is convenience. But if there's a good vegetarian Restaurant (or people making good vegetarian food), I will gladly eat without meat.
Against war, don't drop bombs.svg
America is always wrong in War, unless Democrats started it and mismanaged it. If there's a way to twist or distort the History against America (imagined Imperialism), chances are there'll be a ton of anti-American (Soviet) and Democrat supporters. Russia called them "useful idiots", but I'm unconvinced of their usefulness.


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