Gun Control doesn't stop mass murders

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The biggest mass murders are usually in places with strict gun control.
The biggest mass murders have been in places with strict gun control, far stricter than in the U.S. and would never work here. And in fact, virtually all of the mass shootings in the U.S. were either done by government forces, or in gun-free zones because shooters are smart enough to pick places where people can't shoot back.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2018-03-28 
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Watch the word-smithing. If the Press/Left is saying "Mass Shooting" instead of "Massacre" or "Mass Murder" it's because they're trying to dodge events, under the fraud that someone would rather be blown up, beheaded, or burned to death, rather than being shot to death. And the latter is somehow worse. It isn't.

Global Massacres[edit source]

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Global Massacres • [46 items]
VictimsTitleCausePoliticsGun ControlDate
55,000,000Global Massacres/Great Leap ForwardGovt⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone1958
5,000,000Global Massacres/HolodomorGovt⬅️ Left🚫 Strict Gun Control1932
2,000,000Global Massacres/Campaign to Suppresss CounterrevolutionariesGovt⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone1950
1,500,000Global Massacres/Cultural RevolutionGovt⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone1966
1,657Global Massacres/Bombay bombings (1993)☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control1993
1,141Global Massacres/Beslan School Shooting☪️ Islamic TerrorismFreedom Fighters🚫 Strict Gun Control2004
924Global Massacres/Mumbai Train Bombings☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2006
871Global Massacres/Moscow TheaterChechen RebelsRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2002
732Global Massacres/Budyonnovsk hospital crisis☪️ Islamic TerrorismFreedom Fighters🚫 Strict Gun Control1995
544Global Massacres/Nice truck attack☪️ Islamic TerrorismFrench ignored warnings🚫 Strict Gun Control2016
543Global Massacres/November Paris Attacks☪️ Islamic TerrorismFrench ignored warnings🚫 Strict Gun Control2015
475Global Massacres/Mumbai attacks (2008)☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2008
406Global Massacres/Norway Attacks (2011)Green Nationalism (GRT)⬅️ Left🚫 Strict Gun Control2011
400Global Massacres/Mandwi massacreAnti-Bengali MassacreInsurgency🚫 Strict Gun Control1980
352Global Massacres/Mumbai car bombings (2003)☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2003
350Global Massacres/Rafiganj train wreckMaoist TerroristsRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2002
343Global Massacres/Daegu subway fireRevengeAttempted Suicide🚫 Gun Free Zone2003
325Global Massacres/Paris massacre of 1961Govt/PoliceAuthoritarianism🚫 Strict Gun Control1961
296Global Massacres/Jaipur Bombings (2008)☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2008
272Global Massacres/Delhi bombings (2005)☪️ Islamic Terrorism❓Unknown🚫 Strict Gun Control2005
239Global Massacres/Malaysia Flight 370🤪 Mental HealthSuicide🚫 Strict Gun Control2014
229Global Massacres/Tian MingjianRevengeForced Abortion🚫 Gun Free Zone1994
224Global Massacres/Metrojet Flight 9268Terrorism❓Unknown🚫 Strict Gun Control2015
178Global Massacres/Kunming attack☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Gun Free Zone2014
170Global Massacres/UTA Flight 772☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control1989
159Global Massacres/Yangquan Bombing🤪 Mental HealthSuicide🚫 Gun Free Zone1981
150Global Massacres/Germanwings Flight 9525🤪 Mental HealthSuicide🚫 Strict Gun Control2015
146Global Massacres/Shijiazhuang bombingsRevengeWomen🚫 Gun Free Zone2001
132Global Massacres/China Flight 5735Suicide❓Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2021
101Global Massacres/Chengdu Bus Fire❓Unknown❓Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2009
92Global Massacres/Uiryeong massacreGovt (Policeman)❓Unknown🚫 Strict Gun Control1982
91Global Massacres/Christchurch ShootingGreen Nationalism (GRT)⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone
Stopped by Good guy with a gun
91Global Massacres/Kerch Polytechnic🤪 Mental HealthRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2018
81Global Massacres/Xiamen Bus FireSuicide❓Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2009
70Global Massacres/Grozny Clashes (2014)☪️ Islamic TerrorismFreedom Fighters🚫 Strict Gun Control2014
68Global Massacres/Berlin Truck Attack☪️ Islamic TerrorismISIS🚫 Strict Gun Control2016
59Global Massacres/Mushui Vehicle AttackRevengePrior Convictions🚫 Gun Free Zone2018
46Global Massacres/Munich Shooting🤪 Mental HealthRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2016
37Global Massacres/Lanjisu Internet CafeRevengePrior Convictions🚫 Gun Free Zone2002
27Global Massacres/Charlie Hebdo☪️ Islamic TerrorismComics mocking Mohamed🚫 Strict Gun Control2015
26Global Massacres/Toronto van attack🤪 Mental HealthIncel / Revenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2018
25Global Massacres/Winnenden (School)🤪 Mental HealthAnger issues🚫 Strict Gun Control2009
20Global Massacres/Munich Olympics☪️ Islamic TerrorismJewish State🚫 Strict Gun Control1972
18Global Massacres/Erfurt (School)Revenge (Expulsion)❓Unknown🚫 Strict Gun Control2002
10Global Massacres/Shanghai ShootingRevengeFinancial Dispute🚫 Gun Free Zone2013
1Global Massacres/Abe AssassinationAssassinationTerrorism🚫 Gun Free Zone2022

Worst massacres in the U.S.[edit source]

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U.S. Massacres • [36 items]
VictimsTitleCausePoliticsGun ControlDate
8,996U.S. Massacres/Twin Towers☪️ Islamic Terrorism⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2001
1,100U.S. Massacres/Tulsa Race RiotsGovernment/Racism⬅️ Left (KKK)1921
929U.S. Massacres/Jonestown🤪 Cult⬅️ Left🚫 Strict Gun Control1978
848U.S. Massacres/Oklahoma City BombingRevenge➡️ Right🚫 Gun Free Zone1995
472U.S. Massacres/Las Vegas🤪 Mental Health
❓☪️ Islamic Terrorism
⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2017
438U.S. Massacres/Wall Street BombingAnti-capitalists⬅️ Left1920
376U.S. Massacres/Wounded KneeGovt (7th Cavalry)⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone1890
297U.S. Massacres/Chicago (avg month)Democrat.png Democrat Policies⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2021
267U.S. Massacres/Boston Marathon☪️ Islamic Terrorism⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2013
147U.S. Massacres/Mountain Meadows MassacreUtah Territorial Militia↔️ Both1857
103U.S. Massacres/Bath School disasterRevenge❓ Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone1927
102U.S. Massacres/Pulse Nightclub☪️ Islamic Terrorism⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2016
102U.S. Massacres/Waco SiegeGovt (ATF/FBI)➡️ Right🚫 Gun Free Zone1993
82U.S. Massacres/Aurora Theater🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2012
46U.S. Massacres/El PasoGreen Nationalism (GRT)⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2019
40U.S. Massacres/Robb Elementary🤪 Mental Illness⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2022
39U.S. Massacres/Heavens Gate🤪 Cult❓ Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone1997
30U.S. Massacres/Sandy Hook❓Unknown⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2012
23U.S. Massacres/Club QUnknownUnknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2022
21U.S. Massacres/Gilroy Garlic Festival❓Unknown❓ Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone
🕊️ Gun Control State
19U.S. Massacres/Gabby Giffords (Tucson)🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2011
18U.S. Massacres/Binghamton🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone
🕊️ Gun Control State
17U.S. Massacres/Geneva County🤪 Mental Health❓Unknown2009
13U.S. Massacres/BuffaloGreen Nationalism/GRT⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone
🕊️ Gun Control State
13U.S. Massacres/Collier TownshipRevenge / Incel❓Unknown2009
10U.S. Massacres/Charleston ChurchRevenge/Racism❓Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2015
7U.S. Massacres/Congressional Baseball🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2011
5U.S. Massacres/Ruby RidgeGovt (ATF/FBI)⬅️ Left1992
5U.S. Massacres/UVA ShootingRevenge/BullyingRevenge/Bullying🚫 Gun Free Zone2022
4U.S. Massacres/Idaho Mass MurderUnknownUnknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2022
1FRC Shooting🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2012
U.S. Massacres/Carthage Nursing HomeRevenge❓ Unknown2009
U.S. Massacres/Hialeah shooting🤪 Crazy / Rage⬅️ Left? (Miami Cuban)2013
U.S. Massacres/Seal BeachDivorce/Depression❓Unkown🕊️ Strict Gun Control State2011
U.S. Massacres/UCSB - Isla Vista🤪 Mental Health (Incel)⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone
🕊️ Gun Control State
U.S. Massacres/iHOP🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left2011

2014 FBI study on mass shooters[edit source]

           Main article: 2014 FBI study on mass shooters

The FBI Study on Mass Shooters showed:

  • Count: 160 events in 13 years, under 1 a month (11.4/year)
  • Gender: 6 were Women (≈4%) (Unrepresented)
  • Race: Blacks are over-represented, Latinos under, Asians/Whites as expected. (small sample makes these unreliable).
  • Team: all but 2 were sole shooters (99%)
  • Duration: 70% ended in under 5 minutes / 35% in under 2 minutes.
  • End: 67% ended before police arrived, 40% ended in suicide, only 5 of the mass shooters still remain at large (3%) the others were captured, killed, or suicided
  • Victims: average (mean) 3 dead + 3 wounded | (median) 2 dead + 2 wounded
Odds of Kids getting shot in a mass shooting: 7 times more likely to be hit by lightning, 10 times as likely to die of the Flu, 430 times more likely to die in drunk driving. If activists cared about children's lives, they'd focus on highest risk items first, and mass shootings/guns wouldn't make the list. Thus "for the children" is a fraud.


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Guns are a tool. Gun prohibition is like the prohibition on drugs, alcohol or crime.

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