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Snowflakes, Woke, Karens, Baizou, all the same thing: those perpetually offended tools addicted to outrage culture.
This is anti-PC, anti-Woke, and anti-Karen articles... what is and isn't an ism (Racism, Sexism, Gender'ism, and so on). And how the left uses intersectional bullshit, vandalism, or general douchebaggery, to suppress free speech in America. The clueful know that oppressing people's freedom of expression makes them resentful and causes more societal friction than it helps, but no one has accused the far-left snowflakes of being overly clueful.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
  • Aaron Calvin - Carson King jokes he needs money for "Busch Light" and starts getting donations. He donates the money raised ($2M) to charity. SJW/Cancel Culture reporter (Aaron Calvin) attacks him for racist tweets in his teens, and gets exposed for his own racist tweets, gets fired, and then proceeds to whine about being held to the same standards.
  • Comicon bans Kevin Sorbo - East Coast Comicon banned “Hercules” and "Andromeda" star Kevin Sorbo because he is friendly with Fox News host Sean Hannity. The douchebag that did it (Chris Gailbraith) proudly virtue signaled on FB that tolerance for conservatives is where he draws the line.
  • Confederate Statues Vandalized (2019) - More than a dozen Confederate statues vandalized around the country in the first 6 months of 2019. If it's not yours, don't vandalize it. Destroying history that you don't like is something that ISIS, Stalin, the Taliban and far-left snowflakes do: they're all haters. The media is mostly silent about left wing terrorism/vandalism.
  • Emmanuel Acho - Now I'm sure Emmanuel is a nice guy. He seems it. Soft spoken, educated, polite... his charity work is something he should be proud of. But he is woefully misinformed and preaching a message of hate wrapped in a candy coating. Though I'm sure he sincerely doesn't see it that way, bigots always think someone else is the problem.
  • God Bless America - The usual suspects are outraged at the song, "God Bless America", not because of what it said, but because one of the most famous performers (Kate Smith) was a racist. Why? Because in the 1930's she wrote a song with the son of a runaway slave (Paul Robeson), that mocked white supremacists, at a time when that was risking career and life. But is used the term "Darkies".
  • IHop Mothers Day - iHop tweeted the following message, which the snowflakes took offense over, "If you have pancakes in your tum tum, does that make you a pancake mum mum? Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the moms out there!" -- it had a picture of a sonogram with a stack of pancakes in utero. This created replies that, "the uterus is NOT in fact connected to the GI tract". No kidding? Who knew. (Geeze)
  • Jesus Fucking Christ - Identity politics/dividing us for votes is not new. The left decided long ago that if the establishment believes X, it must be wrong (unless they're the establishment). Thus the norms are worthy of contempt and mocking, while proclaiming their sides superior tolerance, political correctness and respect. Aka the Hunky Jesus Contest.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder Award - ❄️ The Association of Library Services to Children (ALSC), renamed the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal to the Children's Literature Legacy Award over complaints that a 19th century born writer didn't use 21st century racial sensitivities in her writing.
  • MeToo - MeToo/Gropegate is the lefts standard tool of accusing the political opposition of something so heinous they have to resign or are driven out (are cancelled). Dems had been hypocritically effective attacking Clarence Thomas while defending Kennedy/Clinton... but they made such a stink about it with Trump, that it backfired and started eating Democrats, Media and Hollywood alive.
  • NRA Magazine Cover Triggers Dems (2019) - ❄️ American Rifleman (NRA Magazine) article photo because it used a photo of Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats (including Gabby Giffords) titled: "Target Practice - Congressional Democrats target gun owners for persecution with extreme firearm transfer bans.” Dems melted down claiming this was a call for violence against these poor innocent fascists.
  • Oberlin v Gibson Bakery - Oberlin college made libelous racist claims against a Bakery for arresting violent shoplifters. They lost a lawsuit, and appeal.
  • Prospector Pete - The headline is the story: Cal State campus ditching 'Prospector Pete' mascot after complaints that Gold Rush hurt indigenous people. Fucking whiners. They want to replace it with either: Stingrays, Sharks, Pelicans, Giraffes, Kraken (a mythical sea monster) or Go Beach (essentially a vote for no mascot).
  • Redacted High School - In San Francisco's George Washington High School, the board voted to remove the mural of their namesake (and 13 others), painted in 1936 by artist Victor Arnautoff (Trotskyite), because it was visually offensive. The 80-year-old mural has survived great earthquakes, riots, vagrants, and all the other natural disasters, but it can't stand up to the California Taliban.
  • Sailor Kissing statue vandalized - One of the most famous photos of WWII is of sailor (Glenn Edward McDuffie) kissing a nurse in Time Square on VJ Day (the end of WWII). Glenn died, so the next day some snowflake tagged a stature memorializing the event with #metoo.
  • The Colonials - George Washington University snowflakes voted to change their athletics nickname, 'the Colonials', as that was too offensive to indigenous people. Of all the slights on Native Americans, I somehow doubt this makes the top 100. A poll showed 2% of them cared. Democracy is only as good as the wisdom of the voting pool, and that one obviously needed more chlorine.
  • Ugly Duckling Racism - ❄️ UK grocery chain Waitrose apologized because they had three chocolate ducklings in a package labeled "Fluffy," "Crispy" and "Ugly" (likely after "The Ugly Duckling." from Hans Christian Andersen fairytale)... since the darkest one with flecks all over it was the one that was called "Ugly", the snowflakes were outraged at the obvious racist conspiracy.
  • University Strips Name of Lillian Gish from Campus Theater - “First Lady of American Cinema” (Lillian Gish) has had her name removed from a Ohio's Bowling Green University Theater, because over 100 years ago, she appeared in the 1915 Democrat Racist film "The Birth of a Nation". I'm not a fan of that particular piece of Democrat propaganda, but it was one film in her youth, from a 75 year career that covered well over 100 films.
  • Bubba Wallace - Bubba is the Colin Kaepernick of NASCAR, turning things racial that weren't, and alienating people that otherwise might be friends and co-workers, if he wasn't such a whiney douche.


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