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Joe Biden is a gun and gun control gaffe machine, knowing the wrong and dumbest thing to say in any situation.
Joe Biden is a gun control liar/gaffe machine. "150M dead" to gun violence? (1/2 the population?), botching the Shinzo Abe assassination messaging, claiming you should fire shotguns through doors/in the air/or are more effective than AR-15s, repeatedly saying the 2A didn't allow cannons or semi-autos, ARs can blow our lungs or take off limbs, etc.
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  • “150 million people have been killed since 2007,” Biden declared... or about half the U.S. population? [1]
    • His campaign claimed that it was a 150 thousand (not million), which is also wrong. And the exaggeration misses the point. According to the CDC about 80% of those were gang violence, and since gangs smuggle drugs, they can easily smuggle guns -- thus gun control can't impact those rates in any material way. Filter out those, and we're suddenly talking about 2,100 of the 2.5 millions deaths per year in the U.S.
  • (Vice President Joe Biden made this statement in an interview with Field & Stream's Anthony Licata, "Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door". [2]
    • Someone's been watching too many cowboy westerns: it isn't going through a modern solid door, and you'd be breaking multiple laws by doing it, not to mention the stupidity of not knowing who is on the other side.
  • After being told how stupid shooting through a door was, he later repeated it as a double barrel .12 gauge, and just fire two shots in the air. Somehow, making it even dumber. Only a few problems with this:
    • If you shoot the 2 shots with a double barrel, you are out of ammo and you can’t shoot the intruders. You died from stupid.
    • Shooting randomly into the air is unsafe, and may get you arrested and jailed (illegal in most cities).
    • If there are 3 or more intruders (and you only have a double-barrell), you may not have enough rounds even if you haven’t fired indiscriminately into the air.
    • A 12 gauge may be too powerful for the average person/Woman, an AR-15 or some other gun much is easier (safer) to control. What know-nothing Joe was recommending against.
  • When Shinzo Abe was assassinated by a homemade gun in Japan (a highly rare occurance). It took 6 hours for Biden Admin to say anything (Trump and all other world leaders had responded). Then Joes Whitehouse botched his statement by adding in comments about global gun violence problem, which made others scratch their heads. [3]
  • After every mass shooting, our Dimwit in Chief got up there and championed laws that were already in place, or couldn't have mattered agaisnt the mass shooting we just had. When Republicans were stupid and compromised with Democrats and gave them a gun control law, Joe Biden basically said it won't do anything good anyways. And we need an Assault Weapon ban, because all the studies after the first assault weapon ban (that was due to be ruled unconstitutional), did nothing to curb gun violence of mass shootings. But championing gun control and bans turned Obama and Biden into the best gun salesmen ever. [4]


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