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Mass MurderSemantics
The basics everyone needs to know. Those that don't know this stuff, don't have an informed opinion.
The basics everyone needs to know. The largest mass murders haven't been in the U.S. or haven't been teens or school shootings. Sensationalizing shootings and gun free zones get more deaths. Those that don't know this stuff, don't have an informed opinion.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-06-10 

As the image summarizes, in America you have a 99.4% chance of dying of something other than murder (this drops much further if you're not democrat/black/latino and in a gang). Then if you are murdered, your odds of being murdered in a mass shooting is 0.2% (99.8% it's some other way). Children have a much higher chance of dying on the walk or drive to school than in a school shooting. The Democrats and their media have convinced the gullible to fear the wrong things.

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The left believes that the U.S. has the biggest problem with mass murder, that gun control helps in general, and would help with mass murder. That school shootings are prevalent. That the NRA and Conservatives are the problem by resisting their gun control laws. And that if they were free to take away just a little more liberty, they could make the world a better place. The facts are that the U.S. is low in mass murders compared to many places. Gun control is a distraction and can't work in the U.S., and our problems are more with soft-on-crime, soft-on-mental illness, sensationalizing mass shootings and keeping schools and malls soft targets: all policies of the left. The government has massacred more Americans than mass shooters have. And subverting the Constitution (2A) without an amendment would cost far more lives than it would save.
🗒️ Note:
One of the ways people manipulate others is with semantics. They categorize and compartmentalize Mass Murder, Mass Shootings, Spree Killing, and a "Massacre" differently. Then they can pretend that this was the biggest X, by not looking at Y and Z. But murdered is dead, and in risks, death counts, solutions, the differences between being killed by a spree killer, and a massacre, is a distinction without a difference. So I just sloppily group them as "Massacres", because they didn't want to be dead.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • This is a list of the major Mass Murders and with enough supplemental data to help show why gun control doesn't really matter.
    • Of course no data is required to convince people of what they want to believe, and all the data won't convince people who don't. This is for the rest.
  • Nationally? No significant difference in places with or without gun control. Globally? Whether there were gun laws or not, people got guns, or worse; trucks, bombs, fire, etc. And still killed lots of people. Often the alternatives to guns were more effective. In the rest, it was about response times; and places without guns took longer to get a response.
  • Laws don't change people. If someone is going to break the law (murder people, usually in gun free zones), a gun regulation isn't going to slow them down. These laws are passed by legislators and rubes that speed, drive drunk, get caught cheating on their taxes, or don't remember the abject failure of alcohol prohibition or the war on drugs. Bad laws (ones that a large section of the public doesn't agree with), just teaches contempt fo the law, creates black markets, and punishes the otherwise law abiding.

Answers[edit | edit source]

  • Mass Murder/Semantics - Quick, would you rather be burned alive or shot in the head by a sniper? Semantic tricks by the left, like tracking "mass shootings" over "mass murders" or government "massacres", are done to dupe the gullible into believing that guns are more prevalent or the worst option. We'd rather nobody died. But winning isn't replacing shootings with bombings or truck attacks.
  • Mass Murder/Sensationalizing - We've known for 40 years, the more you sensationalize mass murder, the more deaths (copy cats) you get. Democrats/left aren't stupid/ignorant, and thus know this as they've been told by experts, and they and their media do it anyways, because little coffins make great soapboxes from which to further their agenda (fundraising, getting votes, and stealing liberty).
  • Mass Murder/Gun-Free Zones - Gun-Free Zones cost lives; stats prove it. Death rates are correlated to response times and Good guys with guns are closer and stop or distract the shooters faster. Manifestos document these areas are targeted. But if Democrats hardened these targets, they couldn't campaign on gun bans, so they push these policies knowing they cause tiny coffins.

[edit | edit source]

Global Massacres[edit source]

           Main article: Global Massacres
Global Massacres • [46 items]
VictimsTitleCausePoliticsGun ControlDate
55,000,000Global Massacres/Great Leap ForwardGovt⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone1958
5,000,000Global Massacres/HolodomorGovt⬅️ Left🚫 Strict Gun Control1932
2,000,000Global Massacres/Campaign to Suppresss CounterrevolutionariesGovt⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone1950
1,500,000Global Massacres/Cultural RevolutionGovt⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone1966
1,657Global Massacres/Bombay bombings (1993)☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control1993
1,141Global Massacres/Beslan School Shooting☪️ Islamic TerrorismFreedom Fighters🚫 Strict Gun Control2004
924Global Massacres/Mumbai Train Bombings☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2006
871Global Massacres/Moscow TheaterChechen RebelsRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2002
732Global Massacres/Budyonnovsk hospital crisis☪️ Islamic TerrorismFreedom Fighters🚫 Strict Gun Control1995
544Global Massacres/Nice truck attack☪️ Islamic TerrorismFrench ignored warnings🚫 Strict Gun Control2016
543Global Massacres/November Paris Attacks☪️ Islamic TerrorismFrench ignored warnings🚫 Strict Gun Control2015
475Global Massacres/Mumbai attacks (2008)☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2008
406Global Massacres/Norway Attacks (2011)Green Nationalism (GRT)⬅️ Left🚫 Strict Gun Control2011
400Global Massacres/Mandwi massacreAnti-Bengali MassacreInsurgency🚫 Strict Gun Control1980
352Global Massacres/Mumbai car bombings (2003)☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2003
350Global Massacres/Rafiganj train wreckMaoist TerroristsRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2002
343Global Massacres/Daegu subway fireRevengeAttempted Suicide🚫 Gun Free Zone2003
325Global Massacres/Paris massacre of 1961Govt/PoliceAuthoritarianism🚫 Strict Gun Control1961
296Global Massacres/Jaipur Bombings (2008)☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2008
272Global Massacres/Delhi bombings (2005)☪️ Islamic Terrorism❓Unknown🚫 Strict Gun Control2005
239Global Massacres/Malaysia Flight 370🤪 Mental HealthSuicide🚫 Strict Gun Control2014
229Global Massacres/Tian MingjianRevengeForced Abortion🚫 Gun Free Zone1994
224Global Massacres/Metrojet Flight 9268Terrorism❓Unknown🚫 Strict Gun Control2015
178Global Massacres/Kunming attack☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Gun Free Zone2014
170Global Massacres/UTA Flight 772☪️ Islamic TerrorismRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control1989
159Global Massacres/Yangquan Bombing🤪 Mental HealthSuicide🚫 Gun Free Zone1981
150Global Massacres/Germanwings Flight 9525🤪 Mental HealthSuicide🚫 Strict Gun Control2015
146Global Massacres/Shijiazhuang bombingsRevengeWomen🚫 Gun Free Zone2001
132Global Massacres/China Flight 5735Suicide❓Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2021
101Global Massacres/Chengdu Bus Fire❓Unknown❓Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2009
92Global Massacres/Uiryeong massacreGovt (Policeman)❓Unknown🚫 Strict Gun Control1982
91Global Massacres/Christchurch ShootingGreen Nationalism (GRT)⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone
Stopped by Good guy with a gun
91Global Massacres/Kerch Polytechnic🤪 Mental HealthRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2018
81Global Massacres/Xiamen Bus FireSuicide❓Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2009
70Global Massacres/Grozny Clashes (2014)☪️ Islamic TerrorismFreedom Fighters🚫 Strict Gun Control2014
68Global Massacres/Berlin Truck Attack☪️ Islamic TerrorismISIS🚫 Strict Gun Control2016
59Global Massacres/Mushui Vehicle AttackRevengePrior Convictions🚫 Gun Free Zone2018
46Global Massacres/Munich Shooting🤪 Mental HealthRevenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2016
37Global Massacres/Lanjisu Internet CafeRevengePrior Convictions🚫 Gun Free Zone2002
27Global Massacres/Charlie Hebdo☪️ Islamic TerrorismComics mocking Mohamed🚫 Strict Gun Control2015
26Global Massacres/Toronto van attack🤪 Mental HealthIncel / Revenge🚫 Strict Gun Control2018
25Global Massacres/Winnenden (School)🤪 Mental HealthAnger issues🚫 Strict Gun Control2009
20Global Massacres/Munich Olympics☪️ Islamic TerrorismJewish State🚫 Strict Gun Control1972
18Global Massacres/Erfurt (School)Revenge (Expulsion)❓Unknown🚫 Strict Gun Control2002
10Global Massacres/Shanghai ShootingRevengeFinancial Dispute🚫 Gun Free Zone2013
1Global Massacres/Abe AssassinationAssassinationTerrorism🚫 Gun Free Zone2022

U.S. Massacres[edit source]

           Main article: U.S. Massacres
U.S. Massacres • [36 items]
VictimsTitleCausePoliticsGun ControlDate
8,996U.S. Massacres/Twin Towers☪️ Islamic Terrorism⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2001
1,100U.S. Massacres/Tulsa Race RiotsGovernment/Racism⬅️ Left (KKK)1921
929U.S. Massacres/Jonestown🤪 Cult⬅️ Left🚫 Strict Gun Control1978
848U.S. Massacres/Oklahoma City BombingRevenge➡️ Right🚫 Gun Free Zone1995
472U.S. Massacres/Las Vegas🤪 Mental Health
❓☪️ Islamic Terrorism
⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2017
438U.S. Massacres/Wall Street BombingAnti-capitalists⬅️ Left1920
376U.S. Massacres/Wounded KneeGovt (7th Cavalry)⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone1890
297U.S. Massacres/Chicago (avg month)Democrat.png Democrat Policies⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2021
267U.S. Massacres/Boston Marathon☪️ Islamic Terrorism⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2013
147U.S. Massacres/Mountain Meadows MassacreUtah Territorial Militia↔️ Both1857
103U.S. Massacres/Bath School disasterRevenge❓ Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone1927
102U.S. Massacres/Pulse Nightclub☪️ Islamic Terrorism⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2016
102U.S. Massacres/Waco SiegeGovt (ATF/FBI)➡️ Right🚫 Gun Free Zone1993
82U.S. Massacres/Aurora Theater🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2012
46U.S. Massacres/El PasoGreen Nationalism (GRT)⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2019
40U.S. Massacres/Robb Elementary🤪 Mental Illness⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2022
39U.S. Massacres/Heavens Gate🤪 Cult❓ Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone1997
30U.S. Massacres/Sandy Hook❓Unknown⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2012
23U.S. Massacres/Club QUnknownUnknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2022
21U.S. Massacres/Gilroy Garlic Festival❓Unknown❓ Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone
🕊️ Gun Control State
19U.S. Massacres/Gabby Giffords (Tucson)🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2011
18U.S. Massacres/Binghamton🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone
🕊️ Gun Control State
17U.S. Massacres/Geneva County🤪 Mental Health❓Unknown2009
13U.S. Massacres/BuffaloGreen Nationalism/GRT⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone
🕊️ Gun Control State
13U.S. Massacres/Collier TownshipRevenge / Incel❓Unknown2009
10U.S. Massacres/Charleston ChurchRevenge/Racism❓Unknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2015
7U.S. Massacres/Congressional Baseball🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2011
5U.S. Massacres/Ruby RidgeGovt (ATF/FBI)⬅️ Left1992
5U.S. Massacres/UVA ShootingRevenge/BullyingRevenge/Bullying🚫 Gun Free Zone2022
4U.S. Massacres/Idaho Mass MurderUnknownUnknown🚫 Gun Free Zone2022
1FRC Shooting🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone2012
U.S. Massacres/Carthage Nursing HomeRevenge❓ Unknown2009
U.S. Massacres/Hialeah shooting🤪 Crazy / Rage⬅️ Left? (Miami Cuban)2013
U.S. Massacres/Seal BeachDivorce/Depression❓Unkown🕊️ Strict Gun Control State2011
U.S. Massacres/UCSB - Isla Vista🤪 Mental Health (Incel)⬅️ Left🚫 Gun Free Zone
🕊️ Gun Control State
U.S. Massacres/iHOP🤪 Mental Health⬅️ Left2011

Conclusions[edit | edit source]


Democrats love to stand on graves of the dead and spread lies like, "this kind of mass killing doesn't happen in other countries”. Only it does... often worse. The U.S. is one of the least murderous in the America's, and there were worse mass murders in Europe and Asia. Before Obama stirred up unrest, the rate was much lower. It turns out that while fostering change and racial friction might be a good political move, it seems to shake the crazies out of the trees. (Similar upticks happened during Clinton, Johnson, and Biden). Crazies aren't stupid, they know what, when, and how, will get them the most attention.

In the U.S., observable patterns:

  • Warning Signs: the majority (≈80%) had multiple warnings/arrests/hints/concerned folks, including letters or prior attempts. Very rarely is it the guy next door that snaps.
  • Suicide by fame: About half shoot themselves. This is suicide by glory; attention seeking. Media/Democrats sensationalization these events for their political agenda gets copy cats. They know that. They do it anyways. This is an easy fix, that the media/left won't do, because they value the money/attention/agenda more than the lives of innocents. They do not have the moral high ground. [1]
  • Not just young white males: Most are males, but the "young white loner” may be more the exception than the norm. Only a few are under 25, over 40 is more common. And immigrants and other rates are probably over represented. (Way more when you throw in gangland mass shootings).
  • Left Leaning: I don't believe the politics is the motive in most cases. But the left tries to spin it early and hard as they're all right wing gun toting white supremacists (sometimes later they offer back page corrections, after their rubes buy in and repeat the lie). The facts disagree. Most have left leanings and buy into the ideology of, "I'm a vitim" and "you made me do this". Fewer are clearly conservative. Most of the manifestos are far left ones: Ted Kaczynski, James J. Lee (Green Activist), Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech shooter). Dylan Roof may be an exception.
  • Gun Control Laws had no effect:
    • Gun Free Zones were popular places to go (>50%) who knew mass murders wouldn’t respect signs telling them not to bring guns where they wanted to kill people? And might actually target places where they could do more damage and get more attention? Many were legally acquired pistols in strict gun-control states.
    • Assault Weapons were the exception, not the norm. Only a small percentage used "Assault Weapons"... and every one had pistol or shotgun as backup, or illegal explosives, armor, fires, etc., which do more damage in close quarters anyways. Outlawing assault weapons would do nothing but harass legal sport shooters, and get people to use alternatives that are as good or better in close quarters.


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  • Mass Murder by Country - List of mass murders by country to give an idea that different countries have different problems: but gun control does not cure problems.

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