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Buffalo shooter is being portrayed as a far-right terrorist, he's a left leaning socialists that dislikes conservatism.
Buffalo shooter is being portrayed as a far-right terrorist, he's a left leaning socialists that dislikes conservatism.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-05-14 

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Because the media wanted to bury it, I wanted to read the manifesto of Payton (Buffalo Murderer) Gendron... I've learned not to trust what the media tells me. And they were saying that he was a White Supremacist, Right Wing, killer, that did it because of Trump or Tucker Carlson (seriously). And they were de-platforming anyone that shared the manifesto's, to make sure nobody read the source. So I got a copy of each, and their manifesto's are all left wing drivel.

🗒️ Note:
If the Manifesto's supported the idea that the shooters were right wing, the left/media would not let the opportunity go to waste, and would publish it. That they censored it, proves the opposite.

Great Replacement Theory (GRT) ℹ️ - Brenton Tarrant (Christchurch), Payton_Grendon (Buffalo) and Patrick Crusius (El Paso) were all followers of a gay French Marxist activist named Renaud Camus and his Great Replacement Theory. Anders Breivik's (Norway Attacks) and manifesto is same ideology as Renaud Camus, and is often referenced as inspirational by the others.

The idea that globalist multiculturalism is allowing native displacement (via immigration and overpopulation) by less desirable elements/cultures (e.g. the French people and culture are being replaced by anti-West North African Muslims). Furthermore that such replacement and overpopulation will ruin the native cultures, quality of life, and the planet.

This is just a combination of Left-Wing Paul_R._Ehrlich's Population Bomb, left-wing environmentalist defeatism (Gaylord Nelson's Earth Day), mixed with Margaret Sanger's left-wing racist Negro Project later renamed Planned Parenthood. A pinch of anti-globalist leftism, a dollop of leftist environmental defeatism, and a dash of "do something" progressive ehuthenasia/post-birth abortion becomes Greta Thunberg with a gun and a cause.

The left tries to spin this progressive enviornmental nationalism as "right wing", by pretending left wingers can't be nationalists, but Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez, Castro, Saddam Hussein, Korea's Kim's, and all the others seem to disagree.

The adherents claim they don't hate Muslims, Immigrants, Blacks, etc., they just need to convince them to stay away and allow the cultures to remain distinct. The realities that immigration is happening, causing friction, and is both bragged and lied about by the left/media/globalists, seems to empower the rage/backlash against the immigrants. And the more the left tries to censor (supress the manifesto's), the more appealing those manifestos seem to those who find them.

Victims: 13 (10 / 3)
Tools: Assault Weapon
Payton Grendon (18) - Great Replacement Manifesto and his quotes throughout let you know that he's authoritarian left, disliked the right. He chose assault weapon over more effective bombs because he'd get more press/reward. He picked a Gun Free Zone in a gun control state so he could do more carnage. And targeted blacks because the media would magnify his attention/exposure. Cause: Green Nationalism/GRT
Motive: ⬅️ Left
🚫 Gun Free Zone
🕊️ Gun Control State

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • While this guy definitely comes off as racist, it's actually kinda anti-globalist leftist leaning racism. Again it feels more like something Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hilter, George Bernard Shaw, Woodrow Wilson, or other leftists progressives complained about: that minorities are out-breeding those of European decent, and in a crusade to "replace" them. (He calls them "replacers"). There's nothing conservative, religious, or very little American Jingoistic about it. He's a progressive authoritarian national socialists, not a fiscal or social conservative.
    • The reason the far left calls this far right, is because of a begging the question fallacy. They assume all racists are right wing, therefor since he's racist, he must be right wing. Ignore the facts that through history, most racism came from progressive/left wing movements. And that most of his actual motivations sound a bit more left than right. And this fits right in with identity politics. So he's sort of the White version of a Malcolm X, or Black Panther. Which doesn't make him any better than the others. But while he's radical, I'm not sure he's right wing radical.
  • At least some of it was a revenge killing. He had painted "Virginia Sorenson" on his gun, as she was one of the many white people killed in a recent racially motivated Waukesha Christmas parade attack, done by a black man (Darrell Edward Brooks Jr). While the media suppressed the racial angle on that, they are sensationalizing this one. Which is fine, it does appear to be racial retaliation. But they are suppressing this whole revenge-killing aspect of it, because it doesn't fit the narrative. I have a problem with the half-truth nature of that.
  • This shows the ineffectiveness of gun control since here was a kid with all the warning signs, he'd threatened and been investigated for threatening a mass murder in High School. And he still got equipment illegally and brought it into his state. The failure here wasn't a lack of gun control laws (he wasn't allowed to have that equipment according to the law. The failure was once against on the enforcement side. To eliminate the threats, you have to hold the threats / people accountable when you have the opportunities, not wait for them to kill, then blame the tool they use.
    • The kid not only was investigated for mass shooting threats a year earlier, he was casing the place the day before the event. [1]
  • Monetarily he's anti-Crypto, pro-Silver, and against the Fed and fiat currencies.
  • He spends many pages laying out his plans and equipement. Of 180 pages, page 57-157 (101 pages) was dedicated to equipement choices.

Gun Control[edit | edit source]

This shows the ineffectiveness of gun control because of the following:

  • Here was a kid with all the warning signs, he'd threatened and been investigated for threatening a mass murder in High School. And he still got equipment illegally and brought it into his state. The failure here wasn't a lack of gun control laws (he wasn't allowed to have that equipment according to the law. The failure was once against on the enforcement side. To eliminate the threats, you have to hold the threats / people accountable when you have the opportunities, not wait for them to kill, then blame the tool they use.
  • He states in his manifesto, he chose a gun because of the added media exposure it would get (which would further his agenda). E.g. the medias anti-gun narrative is actually a pro-mass shooter narrative as they are trolling for sociopaths when they sensationalize these events. Especially when they lie about the motives, and anyone with motivation that searches it out can see through their lies/bias.
  • He also states in his manifesto, that because of the gun-control in New York, he was safer doing a mass shooting and knowing that others couldn't shoot back. He knows this wouldn't have worked as well in Texas.

What motivated him[edit | edit source]

He stated he was:

  • Left wing. "mild-moderate authoritarian left". And not following anyone. To quote him, "CONSERVATISM IS DEAD, THANK GOD." - that was a section heading where he went into the well intentioned ineffectivenes of leftism.
  • Socialist Leaning. With strong communist influences in his mid teens. He blames the immigrants and the capitalists for ruining the nation -- but he couldn't target all the capitalists as easy as immigrants.
  • He was an environmentalist, "Green nationalism is the only true nationalism" was another section heading. And he was anti-NGOs.
  • He attacked right wing Libertarianism (extreme Conservatism) by saying it was created/fostered by Jews like Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Ludwig Von Mises, etc.
  • Not religious. Not Christian. And certainly not demonstrating Christian grace/tolerance.
  • He is fascist (a left-wing authoritarian National Socialist, that believed racism should be used to advance marxist ideology).
  • Is a racist/white supremacist.
  • Is an anti-semite (hates Jews).
  • Not a member of any Neo Nazi group.
  • He is not anti-LGB, but thinks T is a mental illness that should be addressed as such.
  • He barbed the baby boomers as old (conservative), he was more progressive and about action and this generation/youth. Like a good leftist.
  • He was not radicalized by movies, video games, literature, but by the truths of Brenton Tarrants manifesto, and the lies of the media (or he implies that).
  • He is attacking blacks because he couldn't attack all immigrants/replacers, so he picked one group. (The one that's been attacking whites, and the media sides with, and will get him the most attention).

Left Wing Eugenics[edit | edit source]

Left Wing Eugenics, using science to rationalize a bigotry. This was the whole Wilson, Sanger, Hellen Keller, George Bernard Shaw, etc., branch of progressive leftist:

  • He had a lot of racial breakdown data (on blacks), e.g. IQ, crime, population, prison population.
  • He did a similar thing with Jews. Though it was more about the cabal controlling the media and government and entertainment. He dedicated a lot more to anti-Semitism than to anti-Black racism.

Where's the right wing?[edit | edit source]

What did he have in there that would hint he might be "right wing" or conservative?

  • He was against porn and drugs (drug dealers).
  • He was anti-Woke, anti-BLM, Anti-Soros and Anti-Multicultural (immigration). Including protectionism/populism, which was traditionally left leaning before Trump.
  • He was pro-Military, Police and 2A. (We used to call that American).

Compared to the mountains of evidence of his far left credentials, his far-right ones are pretty sparse. Yet the dishonest media puts "Far-right" in almost every headline or subheading. Even though he aligned with the left in America, they want you to think he's not one of them, despite having far more ideologically in common with them than the average Pro-Church, Pro-Traditionalism, Libertarian leaning, ultra-MAGA conservative.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Payton was a racist, nationalist, anti-globalist, anti-Libertarian and anti-Woke. But he was also a left leaning atheist, environmentalist with Marxist/Fascist leanings, strong anti-capitalism. The fact are that his left wing population bomb and environmental fears for the future, combine with his left-wing Planned Parenthood/Margaret Sangers Eugenic fears (of brown babies outbreeding white babies)... and you get this breed of left wing eco-fascist terrorism (his words).

There was nothing subtabtially conservative (aka right wing) about him.

His racism seems to be more of the left-wing/progressive kind, and he supported the ideology of Brenton Tarrant, Patrick Crusius and others -- he names them and says in their ilk he's a left leaning eco-fascist national socialist. That's not right wing, by U.S. definitions -- the Libertarianism, Christian Conservatives, Baby Boomers? Those are more so and he mocked/attacked those.

The thing that gives kids like this power, is the media tries to sensationalize them (which draws attention to the crime), then bury the story of "The Great Replacement", or lie about what it is and why it is, and thus when other angry kids get ahold of it, and can see the obvious truth in some of their points, and the obvious lies in the media, they do the progressive thing, and want to be the change that all their teachers told them they should be. (Just in more destructive ways).

They then assume if there was truth in their complaints, there's truth in their solutions (violence) -- and that's the problem. There can be truth in the complaints, without the solution being valid. But they are empowered when they find the truths the media is trying to bury from them. Then it's not a big leap to think the people lying to you are the problem. (The fact that the media happens to have a large contingent of secular Jews who are pro-globalist/open-borders, seems to be what defines this movement as being the antidote for).

Whether they intent to or not, the left's unwilling to talk about this stuff honestly, makes it worse and empowers the loons.


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