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El Paso shooter is being portrayed as a far-right terrorist, he's a left leaning socialists that dislikes conservatism.
El Paso shooter is being portrayed as a far-right terrorist, he's a left leaning socialists that dislikes conservatism.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-08-03 

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Because the media wanted to bury it, I wanted to read the manifesto of Patrick Crusius (El Paso Walmart Shooter )... The guy is another left leaning anti-Conservative nationalist. The far-left likes to pretend that all racists and nationalists are "right wing" thus he has to be right wing, even if he's not conservative, a Trump supporter, doesn't vote Republican, and so on. (Called a begging the question fallacy).

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If the Manifesto's supported the idea that the shooters were right wing, the left/media would not let the opportunity go to waste, and would publish it. That they censored it, proves the opposite.

Great Replacement Theory (GRT) ℹ️ - Brenton Tarrant (Christchurch), Payton_Grendon (Buffalo) and Patrick Crusius (El Paso) were all followers of a gay French Marxist activist named Renaud Camus and his Great Replacement Theory. Anders Breivik's (Norway Attacks) and manifesto is same ideology as Renaud Camus, and is often referenced as inspirational by the others.

The idea that globalist multiculturalism is allowing native displacement (via immigration and overpopulation) by less desirable elements/cultures (e.g. the French people and culture are being replaced by anti-West North African Muslims). Furthermore that such replacement and overpopulation will ruin the native cultures, quality of life, and the planet.

This is just a combination of Left-Wing Paul_R._Ehrlich's Population Bomb, left-wing environmentalist defeatism (Gaylord Nelson's Earth Day), mixed with Margaret Sanger's left-wing racist Negro Project later renamed Planned Parenthood. A pinch of anti-globalist leftism, a dollop of leftist environmental defeatism, and a dash of "do something" progressive ehuthenasia/post-birth abortion becomes Greta Thunberg with a gun and a cause.

The left tries to spin this progressive enviornmental nationalism as "right wing", by pretending left wingers can't be nationalists, but Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez, Castro, Saddam Hussein, Korea's Kim's, and all the others seem to disagree.

The adherents claim they don't hate Muslims, Immigrants, Blacks, etc., they just need to convince them to stay away and allow the cultures to remain distinct. The realities that immigration is happening, causing friction, and is both bragged and lied about by the left/media/globalists, seems to empower the rage/backlash against the immigrants. And the more the left tries to censor (supress the manifesto's), the more appealing those manifestos seem to those who find them.

El Paso2019-08-03
Victims: 46 (23 / 23)
Tools: Assault Weapon
Patrick Crusius (21) - Great Replacement Manifesto and his quotes throughout let you know that he's authoritarian left, disliked the right, and attacked Latinos for the environment. He picked a Gun Free Zone, and targeted Latinos so he could do more carnage and get more exposure. Cause: Green Nationalism (GRT)
Motive: ⬅️ Left
🚫 Gun Free Zone

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • The FBI was aware of his manifeso, but they hadn't figured out who he was in time.
  • While this guy is against Immigrants taking over Texas, this is along the lines of other left leaning racists: Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hilter, George Bernard Shaw, Woodrow Wilson. And thinks that minorities are out-breeding those of European decent, and in a crusade to "Replace" them. So he is trying to defend his country from southern invasions, and sympathized with Native Americans that didn't react until it was too late.
  • He was not a Trump supporter and said his dislike of immigrants predates Trump, and has nothing in his Manifesto (titled "The Inconvenient Truth"), that praises the Republicans or Trump or the right. As he states in his little 4 page jpg or png that he supports the other "Great Replacement Theory" documents, which are definitely left leaning (in U.S. parlance).
  • He is anti-Corporate, and anti-Immigrant. He's anti-Republican in that Republicans are often pro-Corporate, but also more anti-Democrat, because at least some Republicans are anti-Immigration.
  • Part of why he is anti-immigration is because he is pro Universal Healthcare, and UBI (Universal Basic Income), very socialist leaning systems. But he's for automation as it means less need for low skilled immigrants.
  • He talks about Dr. Suess's Lorax (and watersheds), and is pro-environmentalis, anti-Consumerist, and anti-Population (because we consume too much). This is all part of the earlier "Great Replacement Theory" documents.
  • His frustration is with inaction and he is a champion of progressive action ("Forward", "Change you can believe in", "Build Back Better"). And he rationalizes private mass murder as acceptable because the government does it in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Again, all very leftist takes on the world.
  • He's pro-nationalist, and ironically discusses that trying to send non-white Americans back would be horrific, and if they are Americanized, he has little problem with them. What he'd like to do is divide America into states by race/culture, and let them each exist in their own and have self-determination. He targeted an area where he wouldn't kill "Americans", and said that idea is abhorent to him.
  • He explains it is "not cowardly" to pick low hanging fruit; aka a gun free zone like a Walmart, to kill people. Because hardened targets will get less effect. And this is a suicide by cop note. He doesn't expect to come out alive.


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