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Articles about the USA, a country with a rich history that many people know far less about than they think they do.
Articles about the USA, an Exceptional country with a rich and diverse history, places and cultures that many people know far less about than they think they do. Many Canadians, Europeans and other Marxists, think America is just a super-power, big because we were lucky. But they miss what made American Greatness what it is, and don't understand what exceptionalism means.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni

American Exceptionalism[edit source]

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The uneducated, miseducated, or indoctrinated refuse to understand or admit what makes America Exceptional, but these include the following:

  1. The first country to give the world a people's Constitution on the principles that Humans have God given rights, and they temporarily give powers to Government, and not the other way around.
  2. America created the Bill of Rights. Unlike Parliamentary systems that loan privileges to people (and can be taken away), free speech is not subject to thought police, the right of privacy, self defense, not to self incriminate, is not a priviledge. Decentralized government is necessary for cultural and geographic diversity, over one-size-fits all centralism.
  3. America has both been the most powerful economically and the least imperialistic relative to that power imblanace.
  4. America is a country that fought wars to free other people from tyranny (including the only country to have a Civil War to free a minority): Europe from the Nazi's, prevented the USSR from taking over Europe (Cold War), freed the Iraqi's from a tyrant, stopped the enslavement of Korea and slowed the enslavement of South East Asia from the communists.
  5. The most philanthropic, and one of the most open to trade, even when it didn't benefit us.
  6. America had the most entrepreneurial freedoms
  7. At one point the lowest taxes and regulations
  8. America pays more in healthcare in order to subsidize the world's medical innovation (over half is done by the U.S., more because of our free market).
  9. America gave the world more than any other country in economics, culture, science and technology: from the Internet to microprocessors, going to the moon, Smart Phones, Search, Social Media, various drugs and medical innovations, the airplane, and so on.

Far from perfect, but just better than most of it's contemporaries at any given point in time. No other 5 countries combined have done as many innovations, because our economic and personal freedoms, our capitalism, and our willingness to invest in making the world a better place. That's not just jingoism, that's recognizing an outsized impact to humanity for it's population, geography, resources. It was the fertile soil of freedom/opportunity and optimism that allowed a undeveloped land to become the most powerful country in the world in under two centuries, despite the others having a multi-thousand year headstart.

History[edit | edit source]

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About[edit | edit source]

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When you compare the U.S. to the world in Crime/Murder rates, the data is quite different than what the left will tell you. And the more you know, the more you will recognize that the left doesn't want to save lives or make us safer, they want to lie to get thier agenda, and the U.S. crime/murder rates is just another tool for them to mislead people on.

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The land of intolerance, hypocrisy, and progressivism... but I repeat myself. This article lists some examples of the intolerance, incompetence, and progressivism that have come to exemplify the Golden State. NOTE: While the Golden State once referred to the color of the dried grass hills so common in California, it now refers to the vagrant urine-covered streets of San Francisco or L.A.
While on his Honeymoon, H. J. Whitley was founding a town from acrage he bought from the E.C. Hurd ranch. When a local Chinese immigrant in a wagon was asked what he was doing, he replied "I holly-wood"... meaning 'hauling wood.' And Whitley decided to name his new town Hollywood.
San Jose
San Jose is the heart of woke bigotry, wrapped in a complete lack of self-awareness, wallowing in a State run by the worst of the same. Shame, while many great refugees have fled, there are still many good people left behind. Hopefully the last of them will take the American Flag with them when they leave.


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