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A list of TV Show Reviews.
This is a collection of TV shows/series that I've Reviewed over the years.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni

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1883 (TV Series)
Watchable wagon-train series, good characters/story, crappy history.

A Discovery of Witches
If you like shows about Witches, Vampires and Demons and thought that would make a good romance novel: this is the series for you.

All in the family
This was a loved TV show, that had a "lovable bigot"... but it was really failed propaganda.

Ancient Apocalypse (2022)
An interesting Historical Pseudo Documentary that feels like one of the Ancient Mysteries type shows.

Baking Impossible (2021)
This show answers the never asked question, "What if we combine cakes with robotics and make autonomous confectionary?"

Black Mirror
Dark near-future anthology on the consequences of Technology.

Bosch (TV)
A modern-retro detective crime drama: one of our favories.

This show generated more outrage than it deserved. Not great, but it was not a poster film for kiddie porn.

Daredevil (TV)
I wasn't a fan of the idea and it felt like Blind Justice clone. But I liked the series.

AppleTV+ show that stank. 19th century period piece teen dramedy (using modern vernacular), suitable for The CW.

Dirty Money
Netflix produced a 20/20 style documentary series called Dirty Money, that spins left.

Get on your knees
Jacqueline Novak's off-Broadway, one-woman show about giving head (blowjobs) was made into a Netflix special.

House of Cards
House of Cards is the Breaking Bad of Politics. I grew to hate all the characters on both. But liked the arc enough to finish.

Lost in Space (2018)
Remake of 1960's campy TV series. Updated, better, but still campy. Liked the big story arc, didn't like episode arcs.

Man in the High Castle
"what if the Nazi's and Japs won WWII" is interesting, the series addresses it, in a weird parallel universes way.

The Muppets
Once fun, now preachy little douchebag sockpuppets for activist leftism.

Orange is the New Black
Orange is the New Black ran for 7 seasons (Netflix first blockbuster), while loved by reviewers and viewer, I was more mixed.

Ozark (2017)
Breaking Bad, from a money-laundering family PoV.

Pepsi, Where's my Jet? (2022)
An amusing Documentary on a promotion by Pepsi, and the resulting lawsuit.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Golden Globes (2020)
Ricky Gervais did a monologue that told Hollywood elites how the rest of the world sees them. It was brilliant.

Roosevelt's: An Intimate History
Ken Burns disappoints with a progressive puff-piece, written, directed and shown by the left, for the far left.

Star Trek: Discovery
Half the crew is LGBT and the warp drive is powered by magic mushrooms.

The Boys (TV)
American a very dark, gory, anti-Corporate, cynical take on Superheroes, on Amazon Prime. But has its moments.

The Daily Show
American late-night talk show, that briefly became a cult icon for the pot-head and far left crowd.

The Expanse (2015)
Good hard core Sci Fi brought to a TV Series, where Earth, Mars, and the Belt fight out their divergent interests.

The Morning Show
So I got Apple TV+ for free and I decided to watch this. Season 1 was better than I expected, Season 2 sucked.

The Newsroom
Leftists promote "The Newsroom" by saying the opening monologue "is the greatest 5 minutes in Television".

The Ranch
Netflix, "let's put the cast of 'That 70's Show' on a Colorado Ranch, and make fun of red-states".

The View
The View was a talk show with 3 or 4 female shrill Liberals that gang-bang the one token conservative.

Upload (2020)
2033 humans are able to "upload" themselves into a VR afterlife of their choosing, and others can visit them. Cute, not great.

Volkswagen emissions scandal
The first episode was how they stumbled on the truth after 7 years, but not why VW did it.

Walking Dead
Walking Dead Grumble Thread. Look I can suspend disbelief enough to watch a show about the Zombie apocalypse.

Westworld (TV)
Placeholder for Westworld TV series. It never could hook me enough to watch it past an episode or two.


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