Ozark (2017)

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Breaking Bad, from a money-laundering family PoV.
If you liked being irked by the characters in Breaking Bad, you'll probably love Ozark. It feels like the pitch was, let's make Breaking Bad from a money-laundering family PoV. Some poor Educated Blue Staters (Chicagoans) have to deal with the backwater hick deplorable in the Ozarks. But the story arc is interesting, and it's well written enough that it hooked me, even if it never gets over looking down its nose at rural folk.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-02-08 

The Premise is that a guy gets caught up in Money Laundering for a Mexican Drug Cartel, and moves his family to the Ozarks as a way to launder the cash, to escape imminent death at the hands of his higher-ups.

I've watched the series for the story arc, and it's interesting and enjoyable enough, as the writing is pretty good and you kind of never know which way the story will turn. It gets good ratings from Rotten Tomatoes (86/90). They aren't afraid to kill off important characters. It's a bit violent in parts. But you'll probably like it if you like the kind of series where you dislike most of the characters and their actions. Breaking Bad, Dexter, and a few other series had the same idea of twisting the bad guys into not-so-bad guys coping with a situation that happened to them. And the whole drama is that they're always just a little ways away from getting offed for failure to make a payment, deal, or promise that is forced on them. While still kind of working against each other, in a dysfunctional family sort of way.

Season 1 is fresh, by Season 4, it's starting to feel a little more following a script for the episodes -- but the arc is still interesting enough.

It's very cynical and left-leaning in that people are just pawns of systems bigger than them. The government is big, corrupt and inept, people keep making bad choices, but they want you to bond and empathize with them. Can't you feel for the drug dealer that's disposing of bodies, because he means well? They kind of have to do that, to keep you interested in the storyline... but they often hit leftist tropes. The uneducated locals are kinda dumb and violent. These poor city folks are having to deal with deplorable. And so on. Yet it was still interesting enough to keep me watching through four seasons. But by the end, I'm kind of rooting for them all to get their comeuppance. Especially Claire.


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