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American late-night talk show, that briefly became a cult icon for the pot-head and far left crowd.
American late-night talk show, that briefly became a cult icon for the pothead and far-left crowd. This is kind of a misnomer, since its ratings never competed well with other Late Shows. But for Comedy Central? It was still higher than much of the rest of the drivel. Stewart never claimed it was news, but his audience sure thought it was.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-09-30 

While ratings once peaked at 2.5M viewers, it is most often at the bottom of the Late Night shows with a few hundred thousand viewers.

  • Samantha Bee - Samantha Bee is a non-funny Comedian, nasty partisan polemic, with lousy ratings. She also used sexist and derogatory speech that would have gotten any conservative fired (and did scare away some of her advertisers): but hyper-partisans on her network have protected her from the consequences of her incompetence, in ways they never would have if they had a competent and conservative talent.
  • Stephen Colbert - Stephen Colbert has a quote that goes, "Isn't an agnostic just an atheist without balls?". I'd retort that isn't a polemic pundit hiding behind the label of "comedian", just a bigot without balls? Colbert is famous for parlaying a mocking character on The Daily Show, into a low rating show called the Colbert Report, then to take over the Late Show from Letterman.
  • Trevor Noah - The least intelligent or funny of The Daily Show hosts. And that's a pretty low bar. Since the ratings had descended the more work each host got, he continued the decline, and for 7 years took the ratings from low to lower, and the skits from humorless to droll propaganda. Until he graciously left (was exited) in 2022.


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