Ancient Apocalypse (2022)

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An interesting Historical Pseudo Documentary that feels like one of the Ancient Mysteries type shows.
An interesting Historical Pseudo Documentary that feels like one of the Ancient Mysteries type shows. People call it Pseudoarchaeology because he's combining evidence with speculation in ways that "the establishment" doesn't like. (Unless they do it). Interesting as entertainment, and fun hypothesis... weaker as pure science.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-11-14 

Basically, Graham Hancock speculates how many ancient cultures have origin stories of their civilization that overlap, and by cherry-picking, he ties them together.

Narrative[edit | edit source]

  • The idea is that a comment impact around the end of the last ice-age (13,000 years ago), caused dramatic climate change - the dramatic shifts in climate are fact. The cause? People are unsure.
  • Many cultures have ideas of wise men/demigods/giants, giving them "civilization" possible mysteries of cultivation and other things. And many ancient civilizations built large megastructures dedicated to astronomy/astrology possibly around that time
  • Then the series is dedicated to showing evidence that backs up the theory that there was one super-civilization (Atlantis origin) that scattered and gave knowledge to tribes all over the globe that got them to build Ziggurat/Temples/Pyramids/Mounds around the same time.

Science or Fantasy[edit | edit source]

All science is a hypothesis, then evidence to prove it. Or worse, we create math constructs and then build assumptions around those models. Both large cases of confirmation bias.

Graham goes a little further out there and stretches a bit more. What if the Pyramids/temples weren't built when we think they were, but we keep looking underneath them, and find that they were started earlier, and renovated/refurbished 100's (thousands) of years later? What if the flood events were caused by the melt from the last ice age? What if the people or Gods that gave information the world over, were the same sea-fairing people? What if Quetzalcoatl and Noah, and some of the Egytpian Gods had the same origin?

That doesn't make them wrong, we just don't (and probably won't ever) have enough evidence to prove them right.

Again, I feel like he's stretching. But no more so than the junk science of believing that a couple of flawed models have the entire Climate worked out, and it's all man/CO2's fault. So fun, entertaining, light hearted speculation -- that's better researched and has more evidence than many things the far left will claim is "settled"... but still too weak to believe as definitive.


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