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Jacqueline Novak's off-Broadway, one-woman show about giving head (blowjobs) was made into a Netflix special.
Jacqueline Novak's off-Broadway, one-woman show about a self-important narcissist with strut of Drama Club Diva lecturing you on why oral sex was enlightening and empowering to her (despite not being that good at it). Overly long post-modernist drivel that Hipster reviewers loved. More mildly amusing if you can get past her hyper speaker style.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2024-01-28 

I often watch comedians just because I like their wry observations or twist of words. So I watched Jacqueline Novak's "Get on your knees" Netflix Comedy Special... it's listed as a comedy show, but it's not really what it is at all. Basically, it was a one-Woman off-broadway show about how a girl learned to give blowjobs, and uses that a metaphor for life (or a vehicle to bombard you with every college philosopher and poets view of the world)... it's anything but erotic or titillating.

Like other one-man-shows, it's more like a pompous self-important narcissist lecturing you on why they (and their views) matter more than you. This one adds in a lot of philosophy, and some poetry and done in the style of a hyperactive teenager girl with questionable enunciation that's learned to keep speaking on the inhale so that there's no actual break in the 90 minutes, and the words come faster than Will Smiths slaps on unsuspecting comedians.

You might think that means I don't like it, her, or her style. But it actually kind of works. She has the little self-important strut of Drama Club Diva's you knew in High School, mixed with some pretty amusing observations and metaphors coming at you faster than an Aaron Sorkin argument. So while it could have been edited down to 30 minutes and gotten as many laughs, there were little nuggets in it, and wry observations that made it not horrible... and you understand that it was an off broadway play, meant to target self-important theater goers looking for something post-modernistic off-the-beaten path and Millennial-Approved to feel hip and young. The New Yorker and WaPo both loved it in the way that only pretentious self-important hipster reviewers can... but I don't think that makes it bad (even if it's not as good as they think).

So while it's not as profound or funny as it takes itself, I feel like most people will get a few giggles here and there, and glean some enjoyment if they can understand her and keep up with the rhythm of her speech. And while she's rarely laugh out loud funny, she's got a pretty good wit, and has refined the show enough to be worth the time invested.


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