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If Democrats ideas are so good, why do they never work? Ever.
If Democrats ideas are so good, why do they never work? Ever. I mean they can do a little good in the short term, then they entropy and the long term costs and unintended consequences come due -- and they are disasters. Why aren't Democrat run states (where Republicans get no say) utopias, instead of dystopias? California, New York, D.C. they are shit shows.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2024-02-14 

If Democrats had a history of success, or of creating programs that worked, why wouldn't I be a Democrat? I know I'm not an evil person, and I can learn from history and look at facts. But because I can, I can't find a single Democrat created program that worked as intended (usually out of the gate, but none after a decade or so).

or 40 years I've asked Democrats to offer me one... and none has.

Some will come up with program X or Y or Z, then we start looking at it, and comparing it to alternatives, and they are fucking disasters, and even when they help a few, they do it at huge costs and didn't do what was promised.


  • Social Security It was promised to pay for itself, to NOT be a retirement plan, to give you back what you put in (and not be a spocial program, to never be subject to income tax, and to help people out. But for 95% of Americans, if they'd put the same money in a mutual fund, they would have 4x the money on retirement, and be able to leave the rest to their kids -- so they are far worse off than just teaching them to save the same amount.
  • Obamacare It was promised to pay for itself (not one red cent -- not it's $2T/decade), to NOT take away your doctors/plans (lie of the year), to reduce the cost of healthcare (they over doubled since then), to cover everyone (we have the same number of uninsured as when it was passed), and so on. Some people are gaming the system and saving a ton, most are paying more than they would have for worse coverage. It did cover pre-existing conditions -- but Republicans had agreed to pass a separate bill with that, long before ACA passed, Democrats would only pass it if it was coupled to a boondoggle omnibus disaster. So if it's so great, why doesn't it work?

Either you can learn from your mistakes, or you're a Democrat.

Obamacare Example[edit | edit source]

I'm 60 and retiring, and one of the biggest reasons I didn't do it sooner was healthcare.

Now that I'm really looking into it, it's worse (and better) than I knoew.

A Millionaire Friend of mine gets Obamacare for $8/month -- while for me, it would be $2,000/month. Why? I still have a high income.


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