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A leftist trope is that no Democrat female would lie about rape, but Republican ones can be ignored. Facts say otherwise.
A leftist trope is that no Democrat female would lie about rape, but Republican ones can be ignored. Facts show that many women lie about rape (sexual harassment). Younger, more activist, attention seekers, in other words those more likely to vote Democrat, are much more likely to lie. "Believe all women" without skepticism is as dumb as believing that men never lie.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-06-07 
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We have a rape culture, with 1 in 5 women raped in college, then the system rapes the victim again! Women deserve to always be believed: they never lie, or have political agendas. Men deserve to have their lives ruined without evidence. Two drunk people having sex, means the man is guilty, since neither was sober enough to consent. One rape is too many, but the actual number of all sexual assaults in the general population (or rape in college) is about 0.14% (or 1/150th as large as claimed). About 2-10% of all rapes are later classified as false accusations (5x the norm for false crimes). The media loves to sensationalize these salacious stories, and colleges have a guilty-until-proven-innocent attitude, as evidenced Duke Lacrosse and other cases. And you get what you incentivize: and right now, Women are rewarded with intersectional victimhood status for making these claims (true or not).

Facts[edit | edit source]

🗒️ Note:
The inverse is true too. 90-98% of sexual harassment claims are true. So while you should be skeptical as there's a 1:10 chance (or even 1:50 chance) that the claim is false. But you should balance it with a 90%+ chance that something in there is true.
  • The left likes to spread lies (myths) and then use as an excuse for more government or oppression of the white male patriarchy. Like their fantastical claims that we have a "rape culture", that sexual assault is everywhere (especially on campus) with exaggerated claims, and that Women never use their sexuality to get ahead, have regrets and/or lie about being sexually assaulted or raped.
  • Facts show that fake sexual accusations happens between 2-10% of the time(from multiple studies), which is actually about 5x more common than other crimes that are faked .
  • The reason is pretty obvious, it's an easy crime to claim, and a hard crime to disprove, and it garners more attention and sympathy. You get what you incentivize, and this has great pity rewards. This is magnified in high profile cases.

Examples[edit | edit source]

FakeRape • [16 items]

  • Anita Hill - After Democrats politicized the Supreme Nominee process with Bork, they got Anita to make false claims on Clearance Thomas.
  • Christine Cromer - Christine Cromer falsely accused two State Police troopers of rape.
  • Cyber Stalking Mom - Mom created 369 Instagram accounts to harass her ex-business partner and competitors.
  • Democrats don't believe women - What do these Women have in common? They accused Democrats, and so Democrats and their media did not believe them.
  • Duke Lacrosse - 💩Three men at Duke were falsely accused of rape, while the media led Lynch-mob called for their heads. All false.
  • E. Jean Carroll Rape - An Elle advice columnist wrote a book claiming President Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman's lingerie dressing room.
  • Christine Blasey Ford - A far-left activist that made unsubstantiated sexual charges against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Julie Swetnick Rape Train - Julie Swetnick accused Kavanaugh of participating in "rape train parties" that nobody else could corroberate.
  • Munro-Leighton - One of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Fake Rape accusers admitted it was a political hoax, after the damage had been done.
  • Rape Culture - The left invented fictions like 1 in 5 women are raped in college, so they can play White Knights.
  • Sexual Assault by Alabama Cop - A teenage girl in Opelika, Alabama claimed a police impersonator pulled her over and groped her. Fake.
  • Tawana Brawley - 15yo girl (and Mom), fakes a Race/Rape Hoax to get attention and cash in.
  • Taxi Driver Rape - a British woman claimed she was raped by a taxi driver, 2 years later, Laura was found guilty of making a false accusation.
  • Trump's sexual assaults - The Women claiming Trump sexually assaulted them is not very credible.
  • UVA Rape on Campus - 💩 Rolling Stone published "A Rape on Campus" that was later completely debunked, and they lost a lawsuit over.
  • Uber Driver Rape - Uber Driver charged with sexually assaulting a female passenger. It was dropped when the DNA evidence proved she lied.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

The point of this is not to claim that sexual harassment, assault or rape never happens. Of course it does, and we should take it seriously. But to take it seriously, you have to be honest about the real problems and complexities. Yes, society often unfairly discounts Women as being over-dramatic, "asking for it", and making shit up... because infrequently they do. But BOTH are wrong: ignoring/discouting real claims, and not accepting that there are fake claims (and starting witch hunts without evidence).

The same way there are different kinds of rape. Violent forced sex versus drunk sex regrets, and conflating the two, doesn't empower the latter it weakens the former. If a guy and a girl get drunk and have sex, and he was as impaired as she was, we shouldn't assume him guilty and that her regrets/claims can ruin his life. You never hear the "feminists" claiming that she should be charged with rape for taking advantage of him while he was impaired: and that's what sexual parity/fairness would actually look like. Both sides made stupid decisions, but only one side wins stupid prizes? That's not what real Social Justice would look like: but the SJW's aren't out for social justice, they're out to invert power bases. I don't want to see injustice served to either side, to make up for anything.


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  • Rape is not OK (1980) - While hunting a guy was struggling with woman towards rape, when me and my gun changed his mind.

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