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An Elle advice columnist wrote a book claiming President Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman's lingerie dressing room.
An Elle advice columnist (E. Jean Carroll) wrote a book, which included non-credible tale of how in the mid 90's, President Trump raped her in a high end department store (Bergdorf Goodman) lingerie dressing room. However, all evidence (including her atttitude and lack of outrage) seems to belie her claims. She was awared $88M by a far left Jury.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-06-24 


  • (a) she's a non-credible witness with a history of false allegations of rape (including a babysitter’s boyfriend, a dentist, a camp counselor, an unnamed college date, an unnamed boss, and CBS chief executive Les Moonves - none were convicted).
  • (b) she claims he didn't rape her, just penetrated her without consent
  • (c) she's got an absurd story full of incongruities
  • (d) she'd fantasized about the same thing, in the same place, in print, a few years before the incident -- and it directly mirrors a Law and Order Episode (she was a fan of the show, but claims not to have seen that episode)
  • (e) suspicious timing and ulterior motives (the announcement timed with her book release and Presidential run)
  • (f) she didn't know the year, and moved it multiple times (1994, 1995, 1996)
  • (g) she claims to have evidence (a soiled dress) but doesn't want an investigation or to press charges -- she never allowed it into evidence -- and the dress (blazer) wasn't made until after the event happened.
  • (h) Bergdorf Goodman claims they have no video evidence supporting her claims.

This whole things smells funkier than the summer dumpster behind the fish market.

  • (1) Since there was zero evidence of it happening (or of them even having met), and with the backing of multiple Democrat donors, they sponsored an E. Jean criminal charges against Trump.
  • (2) Since the statute of limitations had long run out, DNC activists and Carroll first worked with the local governemnt to create a law that gave a 6 month exception to the statute of limitations for rape allegation (just to get Trump).
  • (3) Then they put in a far left (Democrat appointed) Judge, who refused to allow Trump most avenues to defend himself.
  • (4) Without any evidnece, she won a conviction (and $5M).
  • (5) Then Democrat sponsors backed a civil lawsuit for defamation for his denials, with an even more biased DNC appointed NYC judge, who wouldn't allow Trump to present any evidence to defend himself, and told the Jury to use the conviction as proof of guilt, and award damages.
  • (6) So they fined him an additional $83M for denying that something never happened, just because it never happened and she had no evidence it had. Oh, and E. Jean Carroll had no real damages/losses since all of Trump's denials had helped this relatively unknown "author" with the sale of her book.
  • (7) The leftist media censored and spun the story, to make Trump look guilty and not offering any of the counter-balances in their stories. (All while they did the reverse censorship on the far more credible claims by Tara Reade against Joe Biden, where there was witnesses, more plausibility and a consistent timeline).

So the Democrats took a victory lap for the perversion of justice. Anyone mildly informed on the case is horrified by the double standards of justice. If far left Judges in far left states can do that to a President, what could or would they do to you, if you get in their way? No informed American can feel good about this case of lynching.

Credibility : She's a horrible witness. She has in puff-piece interviews where the Democrats (posing as journalists) are trying to spoon feed her answers and she still blows it and talks about things like rape is sexy and about it being a fantasy... and denies that the penetration was rape (meaning she was willing?), and goes on to make ludicrous excuses for why she wouldn't press charges or it wasn't rape.

Logic Holes :

  • In a popular department store, known for attentive service, they have a billionaire client that they're ignoring, and she goes into a dressing room with him to try on see-through lingerie, and is surprised when he magically gets her clothes off and penetrates her for a few minutes before she realizes what's happening? Then she fights him off, and passes by many store employees without complaint?
  • A couple years before the alleged event she joked about sex and Bergdorf Goodman's in an advice column (and later wrote about it in her book). A reader was having trouble achieving orgasm through sexual intercourse and was asking how to improve the situation, and Jean replied that the Woman should try on-top because it "works better for women than the fourth floor of Bergdorf’s". [1]

Timing: she hides the story for 30 years until he's President and she's launching her new book. There were many times when other women were coming forward (for political reasons) and she didn't pile on then, or for 30 year prior.


  • I'm not sure if Bergdorf Goodman keeps all video, or only video of celebrities and their top clientele: but they said they didn't have any video supporting her claims and seemed to imply they would. I expect they keep logs on their billionaire clients like Las Vegas tracks and comps their whales (high stakes gamblers). If a crime was committed in such a monitored place, you'd think there's be evidence.
  • Trump claimed he had no idea who she is, and she's not his type. Which seems likely that he does't follow Elle's advice column, and she's a bit of a nobody. And Trump does appear to have a type, and she does appear not to be like his other partners.
  • She has a photo is where Trump and her are in proximity at a party. He retorted, “Standing with a coat in a line — give me a break — with my back to the camera”. I'm sure there a thousands of photos of him with people he doesn't know -- and in this case he's talking to someone else, and she's practically behind him.[2]


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