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The left was outraged that Tucker Carlson did journalism and Interviewed Vladamir Putin, during the Russo-Ukranian war.
The leftist media was outraged that Tucker Carlson Interviewed Vladamir Putin, during the Russo-Ukranian war. But in the real world, this is called Journalism. Then they were hypocritically outraged because Tucker was far more aggressive than they were on Zelensky. The outrage is just that they don't control the narrative.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2024-02-11 

There are a few separate issues: (1) Tucker did Journalism (2) The Media/Left was outraged that he did Journalism (3) The left is mad that some truths got out that violated the fraud/spin they were perpetuating.

The Interview (Journalism)[edit | edit source]

I watched the Tucker/Putin Interview, and what I walk away with is:

(1) Putin is far smarter, and a better communicator that Joe Biden. The guy comes across pretty sharp, reserved, and crafty with his words. He's going to spin things his way -- but he's more careful about "lying" than Joe or Barack ever was.

(2) His view of Russo-Ukrainian history is far more nuanced and intelligent than all the Democrats combined. Of course it is spun from a completely Russian PoV. But assuming he (or his people) believe most of this stuff, it gives the war a much more understandable context. It's only half the story. Ask a Ukrainian nationalists and they will tell the same story from a position of their repeated attempts to be independent from their Russian overlords. So don't take his version as the only version of that history. But he does a good job of laying out his cause.

(3) Putin was dead on, on his assessment of the U.S. being dumb using the dollar as an economic weapon. It undermined the petrodollar, boosted the Yuan, and taught the world not to trust our currency and created a secondary market that hastens our downfall… and total trade for Russia? Didn't really change, just who they traded with. Commodities are fungible, and once oil/gas/etc. is on the market, it's on the market, whether he traded with the U.S. or China. So extremely dumb move by Biden and the EU. It stung Russia a little in the short term and showed displeasure -- but long term, just boosted China (and a trade economy for countries like Russia, North Korea and Iran, etc).....

(NOTE: I'm not saying that we shouldn't have sanctioned them with weapons or dual use items -- but using the dollar to lock them out, means no one in the world can trust that the U.S. won't use the dollar against them too. Thus, they all have to build in contingencies and alliances that undermine our interests).

(4) he was correct that the west pressured Ukraine not to have a brokered peace. That may be the right thing to do, but we are increasing the duration of the war to try to hurt Russia, not for some noble reason. He would negotiate for Donbas. (Again, Ukraine probably shouldn't surrender to it. But lets not kid ourselves that we aren’t the ones helping to keep the war going.

(5) he had a lot of grievances with the u.s. breaking deals over the years. He’s not wrong, but Russia broke as many as as they could as well. So hes right that they US isnt the angels they play… but hes totally smipping on all the deals they broke.

(6) Tucker brought up a journalist hostage. Something CBS or CNN wouldnt have the balls to do. Putin did good deflecting, and Tucker pressed. Tucker got nothing, but it was a good showing to try.

So 2+ house of an Interview is a long time. But Putin got his side of the story out.

It didn't change much for me. Mexico has a claim to California (and I think it would be less corrupt if we just let them have it). Still, it doesn't mean that there's a valid complaint.

Putin spent a lot of time on NeoNazi's... he uses the term sort of wrong -- basically, to him, it's not that they celebrate Hitler directly any more... but they are nationalists that want to separate from Russia (and that made them politically aligned with the NeoNazi's). And the de-nazification he talks of it, is like trying to say the U.S. should get rid of Marxist sympathizers. True -- but there's no practical way to do it. So it's not a smoke screen alone -- but it's not a practical goal, or something someone can stop. (Even if the U.S. and others do fund Ukrainian Nationalism, because it hurts Russia). So there was more clarity on what he meant with de-nazification and what he's asking for... even if it's an absurd request.

So it was a useful interview, even if the format required that Tucker be a little gentle on some topics... but it deserves a foreign specialist to dissect it, and refute Putin's PoV at some point in the future, to balance it out.

Tucker did a little post interview blurb and mentioned Russia and Putin feel like they can ignore the west because the west denegrated them, broke deals with them, and chooses to undermine them. This is important… you can't treat Russia with contempt at every opportunity, then whine when they do it back. (Or pretend that you don't own any of that).

I'm not saying we should trust Russia in deals: they broke deals too (more and more blatantly). But it cuts both ways. And Tucker's point that some think we should take out Putin, collapse Russia, and make Ukraine more powerful (and more corrupt) than any other country in Europe… and that this will bring stability to the region/globe? That's fucking ludicrous. Or that giving up Crimea is a sincere term for peace/ceasefire? We are turning this area into another Israeli forever war zone. Why?

None of this makes Putin right. But it certainly shows that the media narratives are inane, overly simplistic, and appeal most to idiots and Democrats. I don’t know of any easy solutions, but I can recognize that some of the proposed ones could make things a lot worse. Like throwing trillions at a forever war, or backing Putin into a corner where his best alternative is to pop a nuke.

The Outrage[edit | edit source]

FakeNews lost their shit that after they tried to control the disinformation narrative, Tucker did what they wouldn't, and let the other side speak. [1]

How DARE he, try to get both sides pit and trust the viewers to make up their own minds?

The dumb in this. Remember the basics like:

  1. They are criticizing the "right wing" -- but right wing typically meant pro-war and expansionist. Tucker and the right wing on this, is why are we paying to expand a European conflict, and if we're paying, why aren't we demanding more accountability with the money? The left is actually the war mongers in this.
  2. They are criticizing the very act of Journalism, then pretending he's not a journalist -- when he's asking harder hitting questions than they ever did of the other side. (Oh, and they Interviewed and were fawning all over Putin, while Hilary did the reset button and Mitt Romney was warning against their expansionist tendencies -- and the Press was criticizing him for it).
  3. Oh, and Hillary, misuses “useful idiots”, which was coined for left wing idiots (like her), that furthered marxist agendas like gun control, high taxes and regulations, or came to them with a reset button, or supported censorship. Not someone that furthered American values like free speech.


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Fake News
While the term goes back 100 years, the history is summed up well by Sharyl Attkisson.

Russia, our friendly comrades that hate us for our power, freedom, and annoying ability to stick our noses in all kinds of shit.

Poorest country in Europe, but has oil resources, exploited by Joe Biden crime family and target of Putin.

Tucker Carlson
Carlson is a political TV/Talkshow commentator, that giggles and asks hard questions. The left HATES him.

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