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A clueless special-needs girl (Scoldilocks) tantrums over things she doesn't understand and activists pretend she matters.
A clueless special-needs girl (Scoldilocks) tantrums over things she doesn't understand. FakeNews/leftist activists treat it like her opinions matter. It's child abuse. Greta is this clueless, nasty little teen (Lisa Simpson crossed with Bane) that has been ruthlessly exploited and programmed by the far left (and her Parents) to think the world is ending.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-09-23 

A clueless girl (Scoldilocks) tantrums over things she doesn't understand and the FakeNews/left activists and their media treat it like it's a significant event. It's child abuse. Greta Thunberg is this clueless, nasty little teen (Lisa Simpson Crossed with Bane [1] that has been ruthlessly exploited and programmed by the far left (and her Parents), to the point of raging over things that aren't science and she has no fucking clue about. She's the voice/image of the radical "Global Climate Strike" crowd, so the media/far-left is using her like the Cartel (Human Traffickers) use any other teenage girl. Twitter is blocking people (Avi Yemini) for challenging her dogma with the facts. Her school and parents failed her into become like any cult victim / zealot. But her nasty little eco-fascism theology proves that there's still plenty of evil in the world, as demonstrated by those that set this mini-fanatic on us, and expect us to take her seriously.

Her background[edit | edit source]

  • Greta suffers from Asperger’s, a neurological condition.
  • She was exposed to environmental alarmism propaganda from age 8 (via her Parents).
  • By the time she was eleven years old, she was so affected by climate alarmism that she became depressed, stopped eating and speaking and was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and selective mutism. Likely brought on by her early exposure to such radical propaganda.
  • She sailed over here in an eco-friendly yacht as a publicity stunt... and it will take a few flights to ferry over the crew to sail it back, not to mention her flight home. So to the left, 3 flights and 2 sailboat trips is better than 1 flight, if it's for the right cause. If she really cared about the environment (or believed what she was saying) she could have spoken via Video Conference or only flown once. So like most of the eco-left, even she doesn't care enough to walk the walk... only to talk the talk (tell others what THEY should do).

She thinks[edit | edit source]

  1. "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words" - false. She lives in one of the richest countries, and her parents are so bored that they took up the hobby of programming their kid to be a scared weaponized child of the corn. Her irrational fears about the climate show her ignorance, not reality: a few inches of sea rise, or maybe a degree of warming is a climate yawner.
  2. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction,” - false. Often repeated by the left, but life is thriving on this planet (not dying), some species are just succeeding more than others. That's not what mass extinction event means. We know CO2 and warming is plant food that increases Flora and Fauna in the past. We have no reason to believe the physics have changes and this time would be any different.
  3. "all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you. People are suffering. People are dying." - false. What's happened is those who are against human advancement (growth and wealth): the Watermelon left, are trying to reduce the wealth and money (economic growth) and drive us back into the utopia of tribal civilization where average life expectancy was 30. They are economic and freedom luddites, railing against the advancement of civilization. People are suffering less now than in any time in history, because of the fossil fuels and capitalism that the eco-left despises.There is no suffering or dying due to Climate Change, quite the opposite: the death rates have reduced from environmental catastrophes and will continue that trend if the eco-terrorists don't get their way. But those on her side, want there to be more dying, by driving us backwards. But this poor child is too programmed by her cult to recognize it.
  4. We will not let you get away with this, right now is where we draw the line.” - false. Polls are trending against Climate Change Alarmism. Even her own country of Sweden, the majority think her view is extreme. And what's a 16 year mental defect going to do? Hold her breath? Lecture us some more? As Kyle Smith of National Review put it, she's 9 years shy of being responsible enough to drive a car, let alone drive the world's economy. This will get the media attention from the extremists, and then pass like a fart one a city sidewalk: in a few days, no one will remember the stench.
  5. Admits the point is Marxism, not the Climate - she accidentally said the quiet part out loud. Not that many of us didn't know that. But she admits in her latest books and as a 19 year old snowflake, that, “Normal was the system which gave us the climate crisis, a system of colonialism, imperialism, oppression, genocide, of racist, oppressive extractionism. We can’t trust the elites produced by this system to confront its flaws — that’s why only the overthrow of the whole capitalist system will suffice. She was the Watermelon (Environmentalism as a cover for Marxism) all along.[2]

More[edit | edit source]

  • 2019 Greta Man of the Year - It doesn't matter if you believe in the cause or not. Greta's fundamental beliefs that the world is ending disagrees with science. So picking her is not just symbolism over substance, it's picking comforting disinformation over the truth. This epitomizes Time; pick a clueless little nitwit teen, programmed by the far left, over all the other world events/leaders.
  • 2019.12.12 Trump Cyberbullies Greta - The far left (like CNN) is outraged that Trump is "Cyberbullying" Greta, by pointing out that a spoiled little school ditcher has "anger management" issues, and she should probably just relax and watch a movie, after she calls for Politicians to be put against the wall. (And shot?)
  • 2019.12.15 The Greta Train - Greta lies. In this case it was her tweet about sitting on the floor of an overcrowded Diesel Train, “Traveling on overcrowded trains through Germany. And I’m finally on my way home.” She was in first class most of the way, snarfing junk food. Her fans yell about her superior victimhood status (that she's a special needs child), so you can criticize her lying.
  • 2020.01.03 Russian Prank of Maxine and Greta - Maxine Waters was pranked by Russian trolls with a fake call to Greta Thunberg about how the Fake Climate Activist had dirt on President Trump. Anyone with a triple digit IQ would have seen through advocating for the protection of the fictitious "Chon-Go-Chango" islands, and went on to imply all sorts of nefarious things Trump said to Scoldilocks. Not Mad Maxine.
  • 2020.01.08 End of Brady - While discussing the final demise of Tom Brady and the Patriots, Scott Stossel (The Atlantic National Editor) said, "He’s like Thor, or Superman, or Greta Thunberg—when everything looks lost, he arrives to save the day." So Brady is a whiney misinfomred little special-needs child being exploiting by far left handlers (like Thunberg)? Rather insulting.
  • Greta's Daddy - Greta's Dad claimed that Greta was depressed and unhappy until she found a cause, and she drives them. Of course someone that's using her as a false front for their own activism would say. And it is her Dad does the editing/updates for FB for her, and an Indian guy does her Twitter and Instagram. Feels like she's not the puppet master.
  • Memes/People/Greta - Memes about the poster child of the leftism: exploiting a special needs child to promote marxism (wrapped in JunkScience). When the left learns tricks that works for them, like fake science, racism, exploitation of children, they keep going back to them.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Her tantrums are a failure of her parenting. Her beliefs are a failure of education. And her passion and self righteousness is a failure to teach moderation. She's a fanatic, and those stories usually end poorly. The best case is that they eventually grow out of it, and realize how much of their lives were wasted/robbed from them. The worst case is they self-destruct as they continue their intellectual death spiral into breakdowns over not getting their way, and become a soapbox preacher or the next Ted Kaczynski. Which begs the questions:

  1. When did tantrums by immature children become news?
  2. What kind of sick fucks of Parents (or society) celebrates this kind of child abuse?
  3. What kind of fools can't see through this exploitation, or celebrate it?

This is kiddie porn for the Enviro-extremists. And we should not celebrate or sensationalize it.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Greta Thunberg
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To world leaders: 'How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood'
BBC Scotland
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Greta Skit


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