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The problem isn't Democrats criticizing Republican incivility, it's that they don't hold their side to the same standard.
Democrats criticizing a few outlier Republicans for incivility isn't a problem, it's that they ignore their sides far more, far worse, and far higher ranked polemics at the same time. Then throw in their hate/violence organizations like SPLC, MediMatters, BLM, Antifa. Donald Trump was a reaction and just following the example they set. Not admitting that is the problem.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2017-05-26 

I have no problems with Democrats who complain about the rude right polemics, what I have a problem with is hypocrisy by those who ignore that their side has many more, far worse in behavior.

Polemics/Democrats/Politicians • [17 items]

  • Stacey Abrams - Caustic Democrat from Georgia, erotic novelist, abbrasive racist/polemic, never conceded her election loss.
  • Cory Booker - Booker is a serial liar, showboat and was a media favorite for 2020 Presidential Candidate. But he went down in flames.
  • Donna Brazile - Ex-CNN vile DNC operative, that rigged the 2016 election by leaking debate questions to Hillary, then lied about it.
  • Robert Byrd - The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth ~ Robert Byrd
  • James Clapper - Obama crony, serial liar (and perjurer), Russia conspiracy theorist, former Director of National Intelligence.
  • Hillary Clinton - Hillary's scandals that the media ignored or diluted, but defined her, them and her supporters. They were OK with all of this.
  • Diane Feinstein - Friend and advocate for Jim Jones, gun hypocrite, career incompetent.
  • Kamala Harris - Who is Kamala Harris? A vile, anti-constitutional Attorney General, that became a vile Senator.
  • Ted Kennedy - Corrupt politician, alcoholic womanizer, murdered a Woman (manslaughter) and walked away, only to be re-elected.
  • John Kerry - John Kerry is so incompetent, this will have to grow into a huge article chronicling all of his various fuck-ups and lies.
  • Madeleine Albright - Marie Jana Korbelová is a vicious, small minded and fundamentally dishonest person.
  • Robert Mueller - Robert Mueller is leading the witch hunt into non-existen Trump Russian collusion.
  • Ralph Northam - The Democrat Governor of Virginia; known for blackface, infanticide, and dividing us on race. Got replaced.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - The manchurian candidate of the progressive left. Put in as a googly eyed puppet of the far left.
  • Robert Reich - Robert Reich the 3rd (or the 3rd Reich), seems to be a German with Napoleon Syndrome, and picks the wrong side of every issue.
  • Bernie Sanders - A two-faced, hypocritical, crazy-uncle Socialist that preys on hippies who want free stuff.
  • Maxine Waters - Mad Max(ine) is one of the dumbest, nastiest, foul, racist, divisive, opportunist and most corrupt voices in Congress.

Polemics/Democrats/Media • [10 items]

  • Jim Acosta - Grandstanding douchebag making himself into the story through obscene antics, while being wrong in everything.
  • Samantha Bee - Samantha Bee is a non-funny Comedian, nasty partisan polemic, with lousy ratings.
  • Tom Brokaw - Once considered the paragon of a fair Journalism, history shows how partisan and biased he was all along.
  • Stephen Colbert - A polemic pundit hiding behind the label of "comedian" is just a bigot without balls.
  • Robert De Niro - A repeat High School flunk-out, multiple divorcé, famous for playing make believe (acting) as low-IQ'd tough guys.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio - High School dropout made millions in superficial hollywood pretending to be people more important.
  • Weijia Jiang - CBS FakeJournalist (the female Jim Acosta) tries to make every story about her.
  • Michael Moore - Socialst, Radical, Anti-American, propagandists, famous for using dirty tricks in his Fake Documentaries.
  • John Oliver - John Oliver is Jon Stewards perpetually outraged British Socialist successor.
  • Sean Penn - Pretty good actor, pretty dumb activists: consistently wrong on every cause.

Polemics/Democrats • [8 items]

  • Saul Alinsky - Far, far left fanatic/mentor of the DNC. Post-modern Marxist believe the ends justified the means.
  • Anthony Fauci - NIH Director (Politician) with a history of sensationalism and flip-flops that undermine his messages.
  • Garikai Chengu - Completely biased activists, who is a misrepresenting polemicist that deals in half truths.
  • George Ciccariello-Maher - Far left (radical) Drexel University Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies.
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates - A black supremacist/racist polemic who blames all white people and the white race for everything he doesn't like.
  • John Cook - Fake Climate Scientists and creator of the propaganda site: Skeptical Science.
  • Paul R. Ehrlich - Winner of many accolades for being wrong, authoring the discredited Population Bomb, popularizing the Global Cooling scare.
  • Shaun King - Another race huckster and virulent opportunist, known for his use of social media to promote "social justice".


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Democrats have no problems with THEIR mudslingers, and throwers of hostile rhetoric. But pearl clutch over the other side.

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Historically on the wrong side of almost every issue, while lectured the public on their moral superiority.

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