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Hillary's scandals that the media ignored or diluted, but defined her, them and her supporters. They were OK with all of this.
A brief summary of Hillary's scandals. This isn't meant as a balanced piece to show what good she's accomplished as a politicians or person (that would be a much shorter list), the intent is just to show the pattern of scandals that her detractors recognized and that her proponents ignored or diluted, but defined her, them and her supporters
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2016-01-02 
Left Right
Hillary was a noble lawyer, accomplished Woman who advocated for Women her whole life, that everyone is charmed by, but the vast right-wing conspiracy keeps inventing conspiracies about her to try to make her look bad. She is the crookedest person to ever get the Presidential nomination. She was kicked off watergate, attacked a rape victim or all the Women her husband molested, had a dozen scandals of her own making like cattlegate, whitewater, troopergate, IRS abuse, filegate, giftgate, lootergate, vandalism, pardongate, chinagate, Clinton Foundation, emailgate, Benghazi, and many that had worked with her admitted she was a repeated liar and not a nice person to work for. Until she won as Jr. Senator of NY (for being married to Bill Clinton), she had few good accomplishments on her Resume.

There's so many "fun" facts about Hillary, that I put each topic area into it's own tab, otherwise the article becomes unbearably long.

Ethics[edit source]

           Main article: Hillary Clinton/Ethics
To her and her campaign, this is what "Going high, while the other side goes low" looks like. Their campaigns ran dirty, nasty, and made the issue "the other side". She has a long history of starting rumors, slurring her opponents, and attacking anyone who has evidence or accusations of her wrongdoing. And that's a lot of people. Either much of the world has been out to get them for no reason (the "vast right-wing conspiracy"), or the Clinton's were really nasty people: Hillary Ethics • [14 items]

Gaslighting[edit source]

           Main article: Hillary Clinton/Gaslighting
To her and her campaign, this is what "Going high, while the other side goes low" looks like. Their campaigns ran dirty, nasty, and made the issue "the other side". She has a long history of starting rumors, slurring her opponents, and attacking anyone who has evidence or accusations of her wrongdoing. And that's a lot of people. Either much of the world has been out to get them for no reason (the "vast right-wing conspiracy"), or the Clintons were really nasty people:

Gaslighting • [12 items]

  • Hillary Clinton/Attacked a 12 year old rape victim - As public defender in a rape case, she destroyed a 12-year old victim, a giggled about it later.
  • Birth of Birthers - Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy to undermine Obama in the primary. It stuck.
  • Hillary Clinton/Divulges Nuclear Response Times - Slipped on one of the highest security issues and publicly blabbed the exact Nuclear Response Time.
  • Hillary Clinton/Go-Awaygate - Hillary Clinton claims, "No one told a man who lost an election to shut up".
  • Hillary Clinton/What Happened? - Hillary's book was a spiteful, divisive, finger-pointing-fest. It was everyone else's fault but her.
  • Hillary Clinton: Bimbo squad - Hillary is a hero to Women's liberation, unless you were one of her Husbands rape or assault victims...
  • Inciting Violence - The left tries to cover up their bad actions, by blaming the other side for it, first. Inciting violence exemplifies this.
  • Paying thugs to assault people - Undercover video showed Democrats admitting they were paying protestors to disrupt, assault or provoke Trump supporters.
  • Protest funding - Follow the money; where was the funding coming from for various "grass roots" leftist protests against Trump?
  • Quotes/Hillary - Hillary quotes that accidentally showed what kind of person she is.
  • Russian Hackers - There's scant evidence that the Russians were behind DNC (Podesta) email hacks, and certainly not the leak to Wikileaks.
  • Some People - Ilhan Omar said, "Some people did something", to avoid admitting Islamic Terrorists took down the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Greed[edit source]

           Main article: Hillary Clinton/Greed
Let's consider the magnanimity of the Clinton's, and the debate over whether they've ever done anything that might appear "Greedy" or self-interested. They went into public office as paupers, and are leaving their lifetime of dedication to the little man worth hundreds of millions of dollars:

Greed • [8 items]

Issues[edit source]

           Main article: Hillary Clinton/Issues
This is an article about just a few of the "Issues" that Hillary has gotten into. Really, these are just the issues that aren't in one of the other topic areas Ethics, Greed, or Gaslighting. It's like the 7 deadly sins or something. I'm sure there's a few dozen or more examples that I, or the public will never know about:
  • Hillary Clinton: 2nd Amendment - Hillary dedicated her life to trying to take other people's freedoms and property (taxes). Guns are no different.
  • Hillary Clinton: Benghazi - Benghazi: (1) incompetence (bad security) (2) lied to the public "video" (3) blocked aid (4) obstruction of justice (5) collusion (6) Emailgate (7) helping Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize Libya... "what difference does it make?" if you get people killed, don't help them while they're under fire, and then lie and obstruct? Fixing that is a difference worth making.
  • Hillary Clinton: Body-count - This is not to claim a giant conspiracy by the Clintons, or that I buy in that they (or their allies) are having people "whacked" like a mafiaso movie. Heck, if I believed that, I probably wouldn't dedicate time to listing all of the Clinton's scandals, as I'm not suicidal. Sometimes a cigar is just a coincidence. But that's a lot of coincidence...
  • Hillary Clinton: Healthcare Reform debacle (1993) - When Bill Clinton was president he gave his wife some make-work projects to help with, to consistently disastrous results. The first was "Hillarycare". There's debate whether she was just doing Bill's bidding (and offering him cover), or she was the great negotiator she pretended, but it was a disaster. Secret deals, bad design, it fell flat.
  • Hillary Clinton: It takes a village - In 1996 She "wrote" and published "It Takes a Village" a kids book / primer on socialism and her leftist ideology -- the only reason it sold was as payola to the Clinton's. Even the kids book was really written by Ghost Writer Barbara Feinman, and Hillary's denial caused a rift there as well. Pissing off those who worked with her: a pattern she repeated many times.
  • Hillary Clinton: Secretary of state (2009-2013) - She screwed up everything she touched: Reset Button, Nuclear Deterrents, Boko Haram, Benghazi. She was in a short time to do so much damage.
  • Memes/People/Clintons - The Clinton Crime Family and memes around them. A lawyer, a rapist and two crooks enter a bar... or pass the bar, then go on to become President and 1st Lady.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]


I don't care if people like her, or want to vote for/against her. But I do care whether people will tell the truth about her or not. Whether you agree with the accusations or not, Hillary has had scandal after scandal, usually being well on the wrong side of ethical -- but often with enough plausible deniability, that she's escaped conviction. If your version of ethical is dirty but not convicted, you can be fine with that: just don't complain about what the other side has gotten away with. If you have a problem with sliminess on the other side, then find: just make sure you're equally outraged (or at least understand others outrage) over Hillary's worse behavior. Pick any one standard for both sides, and we're fine.

Her ex-friends and ex-confidants (or ex-staff), all tell similar stories of a nasty, lying, hot tempered and power hungry person. As a politician, she's flip-flopped on just about every major position -- or at least publicly. She been secretive (deleting federal emails off illegal private email servers, avoiding Press), paranoid (vast right wing conspiracy), who has abused the power of her office many times. She's pro-war (spoke for war in Iraq both under Bill and GWB, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lybia) and pro-corporatism as long as there was some conflict of interest that benefited her. Against gay marriage. Constantly has ethical problems (lobbying, whitewater, campaign finance, special interests, K Street associations, etc). Her biggest accomplishment as Senator was, helped co-write a part of NCLB (No Child Left Behind). Then turned on Bush after supporting it, and blamed the Republicans for passing it and claimed it was an unfunded mandate. And as a secretary of state, she left a swath of destruction and incompetence behind her, and still struggles to answer the question what good her tenure did.

To believe her supporters -- you have to believe that everyone really is out to get her. All the people that were her confidants and left were jealous and made up stories, that there was a vast right wing conspiracy by her and the Press that seemed to reluctant to investigate them (until the stories were broke wide open by another event), that all the people who call her a liar are liars, that the hoards of people that went to prison around her were taking advantage of her trusting nature, and that she didn't know anything about any of them, but that she isn't gullible or a bad judge of character, and that everything she failed to execute well on (Nixon Investigation, Secretary of State, Wife, First Lady, Philanthropist, Author, Legislator, ISP, Real Estate Investor) were all the failings of someone else. And feel sorry for her, because her one true calling (Cattle Futures Investor) was something that she only did that one time in her life, and Bill and her political lifestyle preventer her from doing her one true calling.

To believe her detractors -- you have to believe that while there's probably some political motivations in some of the releases, that she and her husband more are less are what everyone who spoke out about them, said they were. Scummy, two faced, politicians -- with Bill interested in notching his bedpost like a rabid beaver, while Hillary was interested in power to be queen-bitch over all the minions of earth.

So I wouldn't mind there being a Woman President. I'd just want one with a better record, and someone the world would take more seriously than Cruella Rodham de Vil crossed with Felonious Gru. But as her loyal fans always say about her wrongdoings or incompetence, “what difference does it make?”


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Hillary Clinton
Hillary's scandals that the media ignored or diluted, but defined her, them and her supporters. They were OK with all of this.

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