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People Other... People articles that don't fit into other categories.
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Fake Newsmen
Fake Newsmen are nothing new; posers who are partisan polemics pretending to be Journalists, comedians, commentators, or commentators. Real Journalists used to be trained to try to give both sides of a story and trust their readers, or at least maintain the facade of unbiased reporting. Modern ones censor, omit, or actively skew. That's not a newsman, that's a polemic.
Bill Nye
Bill Nye is not a scientist, he's a TV personality (actor). Dolf Lundgren had more background in science. I don't mind that as a Kids Show host. I have a problem when he gets preachy on topics he doesn't understand, and gullible media pretends that his opinion matters.
Democrats criticizing a few outlier Republicans for incivility isn't a problem, it's that they ignore their sides far more, far worse, and far higher ranked polemics at the same time. Then throw in their hate/violence organizations like SPLC, MediMatters, BLM, Antifa. Donald Trump was a reaction and just following the example they set. Not admitting that is the problem.


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