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Once considered the paragon of a fair Journalism, history shows how partisan and biased he was all along.
Once considered the paragon of a fair Journalism (at least to the gullible or left), history has shown how partisan and biased he was all along. Also sexual aggressor (according to MeToo).
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
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Tom Brokaw • [4 items]

  • Brokaw MeToo - Brokaw denies the accusations by 3 women of unwanted sexual advances (one in 1968, two in the 1990s). Far-left activists that claimed "believe all women" when it was against conservatives, defend Tom, saying he never harassed them. While Journalist Megyn Kelly pointed out, "you don't know what you don't know".
  • Richard Jewell - A security guard who discovered a backpack containing three pipe bombs and alerted police and helped evacuate the area before the bomb exploded lives with Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Then the media (Tom Brokaw) reported that he was a person of interest, which was later debunked.
  • Muslim Ban - After a series of Terrorist attacks, Trump put a pause on immigration from terrorist countries until we could get better vetting. This was based on recommendations made during the Obama administration. And it wasn't an attack on the religion, it was an attack on the countries that wouldn't help us vet who was coming in. But FakeNews outlets spun it.
  • Tom Brokaw/Hispanics and Conservatives - Brokaw on Meet the Press barbed Republicans with a lie, '[they] don't want brown grandbabies'. And then slurred hispanics with, "Hispanics should work harder at assimilation". When confronted on the former, he ignored his own lie... but confronted on the latter, he apologized for telling the truth. Full Brokaw.


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This is the root for finding info on people

Disproportionate weight for or against a person, place, idea or thing, usually ignoring evidence against.

Hollywood was created in 1886 by H. J. Whitley, based on a Chinese-American's broken English reply that he was Hauling Wood.

List all the articles that have work to be done on them.

Which is the most biased news? Hard to tell. But here's some of NBC's lowlights.

Fake Newsmen
Fake Newsmen are nothing new. Some claim to be commedians, or commentators, many pretend to be serious Journalists.

The problem isn't Democrats criticizing Republican incivility, it's that they don't hold their side to the same standard.

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