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Robert Mueller is leading the witch hunt into non-existen Trump Russian collusion.
Robert Mueller is leading the witch hunt into non-existen Trump Russian collusion. He and others have implied as much... but Mueller will be seen as a failure if his investigation doesn't find anything, so they've been picking off people around Trump for things completely unrelated to his charter (Russian Collusion or Obstruction of Justice with regards to Russian Collusion).
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2018-04-13 

Trump Investigation

This section needs to be completed. For now, it is a placeholder for a lot of things to come. So far, I'm not impressed of who was on the team, anything they've found, what has leaked, and so on. But I'll wait for the final report before judging Mueller (or Trump) based on the evidence presented.

Mueller and Cohen[edit | edit source]

Special Council Robert Mueller found evidence of Trump's lawyer (Michael Cohen's) wrongdoing completely unrelated to his investigation into Russian election meddling, collusion or obstruction. But if you pull at enough threads, some are likely to unravel -- so he handed off that evidence to proper authorities, who obtained search warrants and conducted the raids at Cohen's home, office, and hotel room. (Systematically attacking anyone close to Trump seems to be the Democrats Schtick).

Since Mueller can't find evidence of his charter (Russian Collusion or Obstruction of Justice), he needs to justify his existence, so it doesn't appear to be a failure. Which is why anyone close to the President who is guilty of littering or jaywalking is getting charged by Mueller or his SS.


Don't get me wrong, this may not bode well for Trump if Cohen did pay $130,000 hush money to Stormy Daniels (and Trump knew about it). But it's easy to believe that Trump is rich enough that he doesn't know what all his fixers spend money on (some stopping legitimate complaints, many against nuisance ones). However, the problem is that any evidence there is fruit from the tainted tree. There was no authority for Mueller to go on a fishing expedition about Stormy. Even if the Russians and Stormy gave Mueller evidence of crimes on a Silver Platter, this was still completely outside the scope of his investigation... and it only proves the anti-Mueller people's point that it's more a witch-hunt than an investigation. So even if Trump was guilty as hell as conspiring to commit campaign fraud, the amount of taint/bias/overreach in the Mueller investigation won't convince ANYONE (who isn't already a never-trumper) that this was justice.

So that means that if Trump was impeached for paying off a hooker long before he was President, we would become an ungovernable banana republic. (This same standard would be applied in the future to all Democrats and their far worse historical behavior). And on the other side, it's probably harder to justify an inquisition into Stormy Daniels affair, now that Mueller got involved (because this was well outside the scope of the investigation). Like most things the DNC does this is short term good for them, and long term destructive to them and the nation.

For a special investigation to work, and have any teeth, they need to be above reproach. Mueller is the antithesis of a competent, non-partisan, focused investigation into Russian collusion. He's an Obama era crony, desperate to find something to distract from the fact that his very reason for existence, was a fake paid-for dossier created as opposition disinformation, invented by the Clinton Campaign. How do you ever take that back and inject credibility into the Mueller investigation?

My hope is that this is so fucked up, that it destroys the special investigation process in the future, since it failed so miserably. There's no way for Mueller to win, because of the incompetence and bias already displayed.

Mueller[edit | edit source]


Questions for Mueller:

  • Mr. Mueller isn't it true that you took US Uranium to Russia for Hillary Clinton?
  • Isn't it true you assisted Clinton in the sale of 20% of US uranium?
  • Mr. Mueller did you receive any monies or position appointments due to helping secretary Clinton?
  • Robert Mueller, Rosenstein appointed you, and his wife is on the Clinton Foundation payroll as a attorney, do you think that's a conflict of interest?
  • Robert Mueller do you think that a fake paid-for Dossier as the false accusation/foundation for FISA warrants against Trump Administration, during an election, meets the qualitative requirements to violate someone's 4th and 5th amendment rights?
  • What does a prostitute or porn star have to do with proving Russian Collusion, Obstruction or election tampering?
  • Did you work for a company called IronBridge who worked as consultants to Saudi and Russian state nuclear agencies and fail to report the work?
  • Is is true that you're a Democrat and longtime friend of Clinton and Comey? Why isn't this a conflict of interest?

Conclusion[edit | edit source]


If you read Andrew McCarthy columns, he seems to believe that most of what Mueller is doing at this point is attempting to protect the FBI and the DOJ and desperately trying to find some "there" there, so their actions toward Trump were not them getting played as pawns by the DNC. Good luck with that.

Sadly for all of us, Mueller's fishing expeditions, off charter persecutions, and embarrassing revelations about violation of process and utter buffoonery (at DOJ, Obama Administration, FBI and the media)... all this has proven is that this was the deep state collaborating with the Clinton campaign to undermine our electoral process. Thus I suspect this will go down as a sham wrapped in a fraud, bungled by incompetent partisan Democrats.

It is going to be hard to un-rape lady justice and wipe her memory of this affair, even after she's gone home and had a long hot shower.


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