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To the left, everything is viewed through a political lens. Their bias emanates like 1,000 suns.
The left sees everything through their partisan lens, so politicizes everything. They widely dominate movie reviews/critics. I list a few dozen examples of how out of touch they are with audiences, and how extreme.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2021-11-28 

If you want to see leftist bias in media, you just have to look at all the examples of how far off from their reviewers are from their viewers. I use the spread as a predictor of whether I'll like a film. Big spread with audience over critics? I'm going to like it. But big spread with critics over audience? I'll usually side with audience.

Box Office Bombs[edit source]

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Another way to measure success is not just with audience approval, but with market appeal: how well did it do at the box office. There's often critical praise, and even niche audience that sees it and reviews it still loves it, but the fact is it's so bad that nobody outside a small niche wants to see it. (People vote with their wallet and time, and never watch the stinker).

Praising Propaganda[edit source]

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You could rationally, write off a few of these as coincidence. But that we have so many examples of them fawning over error-ridden garbage that just happens to fit a far left world view, seems to hint at a bias.

Throwing Shade[edit source]

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You could rationally, write of a few of these as coincidence. But that we have so many examples of reviewers being biased left in reviews, in their activism, and just detesting anything that's "Good" but doesn't align with their leftist agenda. And there's virtually none the other way. That shows a trend.

Top Box Office[edit source]

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Movies succeed, and get cult followings for all sorts of reasons. I don't know that you could ever claim that Rocky Horror Picture show was a great film. But it was fun, funny, and got a cult following -- and ended up making lots of money for it's silliness, fun, music, or some other reasons. But I do like counter-culture stuff, and things that discredit a narrative. So the movies that critics hated, or that were unexpected surprises, are quite enjoyable to me.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

I've learned over the decades that:

  • if it gives the far left critics a wedgie? That means it's probably entertaining and historically accurate.
  • If the critics love it, and give it an academy award, and it's presenting any real life person or event, then it's probably highly fictionalized tripe that will irritate the crap out of me.

Of course this hasn't persuaded anyone: those that like their alternate realities, don't want anything that red-pills them. I've even had some that tried to argue with me that it was conservatives or independents that are too biased, and that's what skews these numbers the way they do. The problem is, that the goal is to entertain the audience (the most people), not just the critics.


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