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SJWs: When you are not able to refute the arguments, bully people into silence. Social Justice is injustice.
The left believes we need government oppression to protect us from being the freest, wealthiest, and least discriminatory countries in the world. Since they are not able to refute the arguments against this, they try to bully others into silence. That's what an Social Justice Warriors are: people willing to oppress opposing views in the name of diversity.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-01-31 
Politically: The left believes that instead of Justice (equality of opportunity), we need "Social Justice" (government force, in inequity) to make the world more "fair" and to make up for past inequalities. Handicap the smart, fleet, or rich, to try to force equality of outcome. Thus they wrongly see those that disagree as advocates for injustice/inequality. They miss that replacing an economic meritocracy, with a political or victimhood based one, didn't fix anything, it just changed who the winners/losers were.
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We are in an age of unprecedented injustice: racism, sexism, transphobia, oppression are everywhere! As demonstrated by college rape culture, the war on women, rampant police abuse of minorities, poverty and various inequalities that we need the SJW’s to guide government to force us to be better. Without them, the minorities would be oppressed, and we'd collapse into a corporate racist slave state. While there is injustice, we are one of (if not the) freest, wealthiest, and least discriminatory countries in the world, with the most opportunities for people (even minorities that come from countries where they were the majority), and our government and laws are a reflection of that, not the cause of it. Government is the wrong tool to fix injustice (in most cases), but a great tool to create it. And the left is addicted to change, not balance, so they're often on the wrong side of issues (in degrees). Acknowledging any of those truths would end the far left as a movement, and replace them with mature moderates: so they must live in an alternate reality where the exception is the norm, and the norm is the exception -- and demand it of everyone else.
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Of course there is real inequality and injustice in the world, and even in our nation. But by and large, we're in the top handful of countries in the world as far as tolerance and diversity, in every dimension. The far left is trying to change that, by demanding a hedgemony of thought and culture around leftism and continuous progress towards authoritarianism for your own good.

The progressive left is addicted "progress" (change), not balance, or knowing when to stop/slow/moderate. So no matter what progress is made, they have to ignore it, exaggerate the wrongs and the potential for government to fix society with a few laws and a little more intolerance towards that with which they disagree -- until they get to the point where their views are a caricature of reality, and a delusion.

They believe that only they are virtuous, and those who disagree (in any degree), are not. And thus are enemies of them and goodness. Here's a list of silly or abusive things the Social Justice Warriors (Snowflakes) demand:

  • Amazon, Confederacy and Antifa - Bezos doesn't seem to mind selling hate on Amazon. Well, left wing hate. They blocked history and the confederate flag as "too controversial" (a historical event that happened) -- but antifa stuff was sold well after they proved themselves to be a domestic terrorist organization.
  • Baizuo - Definition: Baizuo - Hypocritical ignorant and arrogant westerner liberals who think they are saviors and pretend to care about issues, but only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. The Chinese word for Cuck, Snowflake, Social Justice Warriors, Limousine Liberal, Libtards.
  • Berkeley - You are what you do, and when you assault people because you don't like what they think or say, your actions are intolerant. Berkeley stands for riots and antifa attacks on free speech. When actions and deed conflict, trust the deed.
  • Black Lives Matter - The truth is the KKK has a history of less violence and influence than the BLM since BLM was founded. BLM tries to make martyrs of Black Felons, undermine our criminal justice and advance criminality, instability, and racial division. The ultimate goal is destablization of democracy, so more Marxist redistribution (injustice) can be advanced.
  • Brady Campaign to prevent Gun Violence - Another FakeNews organization that exists to invent false numbers to dupe the gullible rubes. A cursory look at their numbers, and they fall apart. They invent, distort or cook numbers to invent correlations that don't exist, because their know media/politicians/voters that support them, won't care, and will cite them anyways.
  • Cultural Appropriation - The moronic idea (invented by Social Justice Warriors, Snowflakes and other Marxists), that if one culture/tribe learns from another, that they're wrong and being insensitive by doing that. Those screaming for it to stop, and actually arguing against tolerance and evolution: they're cultural luddites that deserve to be mocked.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods - How to shoot yourself in the dick? Be a Sporting Goods store named Dick's, alienate a large swath of your customer base and suppliers who are hunters and gun owners, by replacing the Constitution with your hypocritical corporate ethics. Then lose $150M or 1.7% of annual revenue as a consequence (first year alone).
  • Facebook - I want a social network that gives me control of what I see and share. Zuckerberg thinks ruthlessly stumbling on to lucky timing is the same thing as being really smart, and the world would be a better place if he ran it. Dunning-Kruger gets inflated by narcism and being surrounded by yes-men. Then he got political, and made him an enemy of Democracy.
  • - Annenberg's is another far-left front posing as a non-partisan fact checker. They take money from Facebook, then spin stories/facts left, giving Facebook cover for censoring "disinformation" aka uncomfortable truths they don't like. History shows that was partisan fraud for a long time back.
  • Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence - The GLCTPGV is part of the far-left disinformation campaign to dupe the gullible rubes. They either know nothing about the topic of guns, or are flamingly dishonest, sometimes both. This article explains how.
  • Google - In 1995, two 20-something Ph.D. students from Stanford were looking for something to do their dissertations on, and decided that they should focus on a Web crawler. They found funding, a revenue stream based on advertising, and became a Unicorn (a multi-billion dollar company). Their saga from College Dormitory Culture to anti-American Corporate hate-Cult began.
  • Guilty until proven innocent - A lot of ignorant racists claim that "People of Color" don't get the privilege of “innocent until proven guilty”. Well, if you put on your big girl panties, you'll learn that applies to all Americans, and people the world over.
  • Incel - Incel is short for IN-voluntary CEL-ibate, and it was created by a Woman a couple decades ago, to try to offer solace to the lost and lonely soles -- it gained notoriety after a mentally disturbed ex-Candian Military person (Alek Minassian) killed 10 people in Canada by driving a van down a busy street in Toronto, and self identified as incel.
  • Intuit - Intuit makes the bad choice to punish companies for selling products they don't like (Guns). It cost them customers and reputation. It is certainly in a private companies purview to choose their customers -- but there's a responsible or douchey way to do it. And it's also within the customers purview to choose the companies they do business with. So the lash gets the backlash.
  • MIT - MIT: Communism for Kids publisher. Seriously.
  • Eric McCormack - Will, of Will and Grace TV show (who culturally appropriate his role away from a Gay actor) became a vocal conservative hater that said he didn't want intellectual diversity on his show (No Conservatives). Also that anyone that donates to conservatives should be outted/doxxed and harassed. Basically, he wants to bring back Hollywood blacklists.
  • The Muppets - Once iconic, innocent puppets, saying silly/naive things, that were cute and adorable... then the creator died, Disney SJW'd them, ratings tanked. Now they are annoying little shits that annoy me everywhere. They should be fun, innocent, and preachy douchebags isn't fun.
  • NYT/Editorial on Cancel Culture - The left claims that Cancel Culture doesn't exist (far-right conspiracy theory). The far-left New York Times admitted that it exists, but wrote a whataboutism piece stupidly claiming it exists on the right too. And the Cancel Mob came at the NYT demanding the editorial board be cancelled, for daring to admit they exist!
  • Nextdoor - Thought geo-local, no-anonymity, and dictatorial moderation would make a different type of Social Media platform. And it might, if it wasn't run by leftist asshats from SF. As it is, just a bunch of wokescolds censoring and irritating people in most markets. The false civility and double standards of leftist PC thought-police who couldn't make it at Twitter.
  • Nike - Nike decided to go all corporate slacktivism with a variety of efforts that don't seem to work out well for them. I certainly don't disagree with their right to hold a stupid opinion, but while we should all have free speech (and expression), we shouldn't have freedom from the consequences of those stupid opinions.
  • Occupy Democrats - They exist to take things out of context, lie, distort, and feel that any means to their ends is justified (of furthering the power of government over the people). At least based on their actions. If you can't look at anything they post, and find at least 10 things wrong with it, then you're not qualified (critical thinker) to have an adult discussion on any topic.
  • PBS - PBS news has two solutions to every problem: (1) "government failed to solve this, or made it worse: the solution is more government", or (2) "I know, let's pass a law/regulation/tax to fix it". When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. And when you're subsidized by the Government, you're going to promote more Government.
  • Paris Climate Accord - Trump withdrew from Obama's non-binding / unconstitutional treaty. Since we were exceeding it's requirements, but nobody else was complying. And the economy and technology don't repond to political treaties, they respond to advancment. Trump agreed to consider future ones, if there's a better deal. O'Biden put is back in it anyways; fuck the economy.
  • Sean Penn - Pretty good actor, pretty dumb activists: consistently wrong on every cause. Famous for played himself in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Hugo Chavez fanboy, interviewed El Chapo, never met a latin despot he didn't like (like the Dennis Rodman of Latin America).
  • SPLC - The Southern Poverty Law Center is a far left site created to fear-monger for money. Their platform is used to attack anyone on the right, and by their own standards, they would qualify as a hate-group... if they applied their standards to themselves.
  • Linda Sarsour - The face behind the Pussy-Hat protests who supports women... but also the subjigation of them to Sharia Law and honor killings, supports the Saudi Legal system while whining about American Legal System, supports terrorists and sympathizers, attacks female genital mutilation survivors, but think Trump is the problem for Women's rights.
  • Slacktivism - Woke Corporate Slacktivism is when corporations put leftist agendas above maximizing shareholder value and their customers needs. It fails more than it works, because most people recognize that they're insincere, and they can never be woke enough to appease the ideologues. So their "allies" will turn on them, after they alienated everyone else.
  • Snopes - Snopes was created by California couple Barbara and David Mikkelson to covert alt.folklore.urban newsgroup into a website. Despite a cabal of liberal editors, most of Snopes isn't that bad... but mostly fair is synonymous with unfair, and it is far from the paragon of objectivity some pretend. Virtually all errors or biases lean left, thus all sources that rely on them lean the same way.
  • Snowflakes - This is anti-PC, anti-Woke, and anti-Karen articles... what is and isn't an ism (Racism, Sexism, Gender'ism, and so on). And how the left uses intersectional bullshit, vandalism, or general douchebaggery, to suppress free speech in America. The clueful know that oppressing people's freedom of expression makes them resentful and causes more societal friction than it helps, but no one has accused the far-left snowflakes of being overly clueful.
  • Twitter - It's not that Twitter lacks intellectual diversity (and is 99.7%+ Democrats, based on political donations), or that they censor conservative truths that are too hard for them to debate. It's that they lied about it, and pretended there was no shadow campaign or bias. Hopefully Elon Musks acquisition will help with that.


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  • Baizuo - Chinese slur "Baizuo"(白左)(2015) literally means "White lefty", with undertones of "privileged","stupid", "extreme".
  • Cuck - Cuck is short for cuckold, but the meaning is overloaded. Weak lefties who watches his wife have sex with others.
  • Politically Correct - Politically correct means factually incorrect: dishonesty in language that appeases the far left.
  • Social Justice Warriors - SJWs: When you are not able to refute the arguments, bully people into silence. Social Justice is injustice.

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We need to agree on what terms mean. This used to be easy, before SJW's/Marxists started Orwelling our language.

The Left Lies
When the truth disagrees with your agenda, you can grow (change) or lie. The left usually chooses the latter.

Extreme bias that goes beyond honest mistake and becomes lies, frauds or fakes (wilful ignorance).

List all the articles that have work to be done on them.

Racism is more than a nasty comment, it is the belief that one race is superior to another.

There is inequality, but we're in the top handful of countries in the world as far as tolerance and diversity

There are many "ideologies" or belief systems. Here are a few.

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