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Twitter Bias.
Twitter Bias.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-12-12 

  • 2019.06.11 YouTube Censors Project Veritas - Project Veritas created a video that showed who/how Pinterest was censoring (a Christian group) as "Pornography" for (a) showing facts about abortion (b) how others were mislabelling folks as Neo-Nazi's/White Supremacists. YouTube and Twitter censored the video (or posting about it) claiming it was doxing. Multiple real journalists cried foul.
  • Andrew Tate - Ex Kickboxer and Social Influencer gets cancelled by many social media platforms for the high crime of wrong-think.
  • Andy Ngo twitter-blocked for posting facts - Chelsea Clinton highlighted the deaths of more than 150 trans people who “have been murdered in the U.S.” since 2013. Andy Ngo tweeted back the facts: “The US is one of the safest countries for trans people. The murder rate of trans victims is actually lower than that for cis population. Also, who is behind the murders? Mostly black men.” And Twitter blocked Andy.
  • Banning anti-Hillary tweets (2017) - Twitter was intentionally censoring anti-Hillary tweets they found uncomfortably true during the election (2016). Not just personal attacks, but filtering reality, while misrepresenting their mission and terms of use. This violates Campaign Contributions/election law as well.
  • Carpe Donktum - A twitter troll (Carpe Donktum) summed up the leftist outrage mob by imagining responses to Trump tweeting the picture of a horse.
  • Meghan Murphy - Journalist Meghan Murphy got Twitter-banned because a trans-activist (Jessica Yaniv) got her to admit that "men aren't women", and that was enough for it to be trans-harassment, and poof. Jessica has sketchy behavior with bad lawsuits, sexually explicit tweets to pre-teens, doesn't seem to concern they Twitter Speech-Nazi's.
  • Mother Teresa quote twitter blocked as a hate speech - Mother Teresa, "Abortion is profoundly anti-women. Three quarters of its victims are women: half the babies and all the mothers." That was blocked by Twitter as hate speech. Seriously. When asked by Ted Cruz, they refused to admit so, but said the context mattered. How is one saints opinion hate speech? Imagine all the biblical or Koranic quotes that need to be purged!
  • SPLC dropped by Twitter (2019) - Twitter has quietly dumped the Southern Poverty Law Center from its “Trust and Safety Council”, which would mean more if they had never been on it in the first place. Still, baby steps.
  • Shadow Banning - Some chickenshit institutions (like Twitter) don't have the balls to come out and explain their policies outright. (Probably because they don't want to be held to objective standards). So they "Shadow Ban" folks -- which is basically silently blocking customers (preventing others from seeing them), and not living up to their expected terms of use.
  • Twitter Suspends James O’Keefe - Twitter locked/suspended Project Veritas's Jame O'Keefe, for the high crime of reporting the truth about Democrat Bernie Sanders campaign staffers. James caught WaPo in FakeNews, claiming Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissgerber (two campaign staffers calling for violent revolutionary acts) were "volunteers" when they were paid campaign staffers.
  • Twitter bans Erick Erickson for Elizabeth Warren Joke - Conservative radio host and blogger Erick Erickson got banned for "hateful conduct", for the following joke: “Elizabeth Warren set to introduce the Wrecking American Prosperity Under Marxism, or WAMPUM Act, wherein she gives everything away for free.” (A Wampum is a traditional Native American jewelry bead made from shells).
  • Twitter blocks Senate Majority Leader - To show that Twitter has lost their fucking minds, they locked/suspended the Senate Majority leader (Mitch McConnell's) account for hate speech. Why? Because he showed a video of leftist protestors swearing and threatening him and his family (calling for his beheading).
  • Twitter-ban for mocking Maxine (2018) - Maxine, the perpetual liar and insulter, accused someone of being a Russian Bot, and they retorted that she was a retarded, corrupt, and has a bad wig... and they blocked the rebutter for 7 days. The lie of calling someone a Russian asset isn't an insult, but pointing out the truth that they wear a bad wig/weave is.
  • Twitter/Banned tweets - After Elon bought Twitter, Sara Gonzales decided to run a stream of previously bannable tweets. For some reason, Twitter Management decided not to ban her for something, they would have eliminated her for the day before. Not because of what she said, but because now there was going to be accountability for what they did.
  • Slack Twitter had an internal Slack channel unironically called “Fauci Fan Club”[1]


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Twitter is an enemy of free speech and tolerance.

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