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A trans-activist in Canada (previously known as Jonathan Yaniv) was trying to force women to wax his genitalia.
A trans-activist in Canada (previously known as Jonathan Yaniv) was trying to force women to wax his genitalia. Since one refused (they didn't offer Manzilians), he filed a complaint with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal citing gender identity discrimination, demanding financial restitution.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-07-23 

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • The defendants pointed out safety concerns since testicles are different than women's bikini lines, but they couldn't afford the $20,000 it would take to fight the case, so it forced them to close their businesses, and JY celebrated the hostile act as a victory.
  • It came out that s/he did that to 15 other estheticians
  • Is a proud bigot that joined a women's gym to avoid dirty immigrants, and didn't care how uncomfortable she made the others
  • S/he sent inappropriate tweets to early teenage girls, such as "show me your used tampon".
  • Then he went on to harass people on twitter, and when they responded he cried trans-bigotry and got them banned: Meghan Murphy and Lindsay Shepherd -- while s/he gets to keep her account in gleeful bigotry.
  • Yaniv was raided by the RCMP over concerns about being a predator posing as a trans person, as well as illegal weapons and running afoul of speech laws (with an anti-immigration rant). It couldn't happen to a nicer activist predator, that still qualifies for a blue-checked twitter account.
  • S/he later lost a lawsuit against an esthetician showing that Canada might be nuts, but they're not fucking nuts.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Yaniv • [2 items]

  • Jessica taser attack - During an interview, fanatical pedophile and trans-activist Jessica Yaniv pulled out a taser and demonstrated that it worked, which is a crime in Canada, and she was charged. A reporter asked her, "would she be pleading guilty", and Jessica lost her shit and assaulted the reporter.
  • Yaniv's OBGYN - New Hysterics with Jessica Yaniv (Trans-activist) involved being turned away at an OBGYN because they don't serve trans patients, and s/he cried discrimination. They're a girl part doctor. And worse is if they're partly in transition, that makes things a different specialty. What was Jessica looking for, a poop smear?

Jessica Yaniv • [2 items]

  • Lindsay Shepherd - Canadian free speech activist Twitter-banned for showing Jessica Yaniv) made false human rights complaints. KY... er JY accused Lindsay of having a loose vagina (from having a baby) while "she" (JY) still had a tight "pussy" (despite only having an anus). JY kept her account, LS lost hers for fighting back.
  • Meghan Murphy - Journalist Meghan Murphy got Twitter-banned because a trans-activist (Jessica Yaniv) got her to admit that "men aren't women", and that was enough for it to be trans-harassment, and poof. Jessica has sketchy behavior with bad lawsuits, sexually explicit tweets to pre-teens, doesn't seem to concern they Twitter Speech-Nazi's.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Obviously, I'm not a fan of fanatics and haters. I believe in respecting trans preferred pronouns (as long as they are he or she). But I don't believe in criminalizing mislabelling them. Being an asshole isn't a crime, or many of the trans people would be outlawed (like Jessica). And s/he deserves the freedom to be an asshole, as long as s/he's not hiding behind the shield that because she's a Trans-asshole, that no one gets to be an asshole back. That's bullshit. She gets to be a raging fanatic, and others get to call her on it. That's how freedom is supposed to work. Not some classes are protected whereas others get to be victimized without consequence.


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