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Project Veritas (James O'Keefe) uses undercover video to expose abusive or illegal behaviors.
Project Veritas (created by James O'Keefe) uses undercover video to expose abusive or illegal behaviors. Because they expose abuse of leftist organizations, they are unfairly censored/attacked by far left Social Media outlets or media organizations who have no interest in exposing their sides bad or criminal behavior.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-06-13 


  • 2017.02.24 Shut-out over facts - CNN whines (after getting shut out of a Press event after running the Fake Dossier) claiming retaliation, only the dossier was fake (not fact), they weren shut out because they lied and refused to correct it (not Dossier), and they were caught admitting on tape that they were intentionally lying (spinning) because they wanted to undermine Trump.
  • 2019.06.11 YouTube Censors Project Veritas - Project Veritas created a video that showed who/how Pinterest was censoring (a Christian group) as "Pornography" for (a) showing facts about abortion (b) how others were mislabelling folks as Neo-Nazi's/White Supremacists. YouTube and Twitter censored the video (or posting about it) claiming it was doxing. Multiple real journalists cried foul.
  • 2020 Minnesota - Minnesota has Liban Mohamed (King Liban) bragged that he has hundreds of mail-in ballots in his car for illegally helping the DNC. This is in a swing state where some areas (Hennepin county) had >90% turnout, and went extremely heavily (70%+) for Biden. The state went from 1.5M votes for Obama and 1.3M votes for Hillary in 2016 to 1.7M for Biden in 2020.
  • ABC Tanked Epstein Story - Project Veritas caught Amy Robach admitting on hot-mic. that she had Epstein story 3 years ago, with interviews and witnesses, but higher ups tanked it because it make the Clinton and Royals look bad. ABC claims it didn't "meet their standards" yet far lesser corroborated stories against Trump certainly did.
  • CNN Tapes - Project Veritas caught CNN skewing their news to fit the far-left DNC narrative. O'Keefe mentioned they he had been secretly taping their calls for months (during the pre-election coverage) and was going to release those tapes. CNN freaked, threatened to suit, hung up, and was outraged that someone exposed them.
  • Paying thugs to assault people - Project Veritas undercover video, Wikileaks, and others all caught prominent Democrat operatives (Robert Creamer, Scott Foval) admitting that the DNC and Hillary Campaign was paying protestors to disrupt, and thugs to assault or provoke assault with Trump supporters are Trump rally's/events.
  • Project Veritas exposes Bernie Sanders campaign - Project Veritas undercover video caught Bernie operatives Kyle Jurek (Iowa Field Organizer) and Daniel Taylor, Martin Weissgerber, Mason Baird and Daniel Taylor (South Carolina Field Organizers) saying vile things about throwing their opposition in gulags (or put to death), calls for violence, and explaining that Bernie really is a far left Marxist that will demand communism once in office, but they need to lay low during the election process. The media has all but suppressed that information because it shows what a fanatic one of the top candidate for the DNC is, or at least his campaign staffers are. Can you imagine them suppressing the news if any Trump campaign staffer was a KKK member or calling for violent overthrow of the other side? Yeah, me neither.
  • Twitter Suspends James O’Keefe - Twitter locked/suspended Project Veritas's Jame O'Keefe, for the high crime of reporting the truth about Democrat Bernie Sanders campaign staffers. James caught WaPo in FakeNews, claiming Kyle Jurek and Martin Weissgerber (two campaign staffers calling for violent revolutionary acts) were "volunteers" when they were paid campaign staffers.
  • Zachary Vorhies - Google engineer (Zachary Vorhies) gave Project Veritas and the public thousands of pages of documentation on how Google was intentionally manipulating their search to bias the information people see and manipulate elections: very Edward Snowden. Blacklists, blocklists, memos, emails, and guidelines. This proves their execs are either ignorant or lied to congress.


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