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The left and right both have some conspiracy theories, and there are some conspiracy facts.
The left and right both have some conspiracy theories. Interestingly, the ones the left projects on the right, often came from the left and have a bigger belief or following amongst the left than the right. And conspiracy theories often get a bad rap; many are just conspiracy facts.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2021-03-07 
💭 That's just a Conspiracy Theory!

Here's a game of question and answer that I play:

(1) Q: What’s a conspiracy?
 A: Multiple people working together on something clandestine (to keep the truth from the public) to get something they want.

Q: Were there multiple people involved?
 A: Yes
Q: Were they working on something secretly, and keeping it from the public?
 A: Yes
Q: Was it to further an agenda (like enriching themselves, or hiding something they didn't want known)? Or did they fail to do what they promised?
 A: Yes

Now go back to #1… Does that meet all the criteria? Doesn't that make it a conspiracy fact, and not just a theory?

Fake Conspiracies[edit source]

           Main article: Fake Conspiracies
  • OK Hand Gesture 👌 - In 2017 the 4Chan/QAnon crowd tried to dupe the leftist media that the 👌 gesture stood for white power. The rubes bit and propagated the message everywhere. Then there was gesture watching and pearl clutching every time Trump or anyone white or conservative used the OK symbol. The left found proof of hate everywhere, when they were being mocked for seeing race everyhwere.
(⬅️ Left) - Trump colluded with Russia, the Steele pee-pee dossier was real, Trump was a Russian asset, Trump committed felony obstruction to hide his collusion, Russian Money Laundering, Russian Bounties on U.S. Soldiers. The Dems and their press were wrong on this for 2 years, in 47 different ways.
  • Brett Kavanaugh (⬅️ Left) - Who paid Brett Kavanaugh's debts? His Gang rape.
  • Why did Justice Kennedy resign?
  • J6 (⬅️ Left) - Capitol riot was planned by RNC/Trump, or Republicans/Capitol police collaborated, or Trump was in control of it.
  • QAnon (↔️ Both) - The left loves to associate QAnon/4Chan with the right, which isn't quite true -- they are anti-left (generally), but they are definitely not establishment right or mainstream. More CNN watchers are familiar with QAnon or various 4Chan conspiracies than Fox News watchers. But I have met a few righties or lefties that believe a few of their theories. But then I've met far more lefties that believe fake conspiracies by them to mock the left, like the OK Hand Gesture 👌 really means White Power.
  • Immigration Camps (⬅️ Left) - Detention centers are concentration camps, Trump was going to create many and round immigrants up, Immigrants were forced to drink out of toilets, children in cages (that were really from Obama), Baby crying from being taken from Mom.
  • Antifa Conspiracy Theory (⬅️ Left) - basically, that because both RT and Alt-Right reported on Antifa violence, that it all a conspiracy to "Skew the narrative" and that they are "mostly peaceful".
  • Birth of Birthers (↔️ Both) - the Hilary invented (sensationalized) idea that Obama wasn't born in America. It did eventually spread to the right... but it got their from the left. It was started (magnified) by the Hillary campaign to sabotage Obama in the primary, many Democrats refuse to believe that truth. But only a few Democrats bought into the idea. The right bought in more widely that he wasn't from here, because he acted like it and there was evidence (like letters from his editor) saying so, and he wouldn't release evidence to clear it up for the longest time.
  • Trump so many hoaxes/conspiracies: Very Fine People Hoax, he owns stock in Hydroxychloroquine, he said that vets who died were suckers and losers, and so on
  • CPAC stage is a Nazi Dog Whistle.
  • Anti-Science Party The right is the anti science party... except for all these. Many of these examples are things that left believes that are wrong, hoaxes, and some require grand conspiracies for them to be wrong.
  • 2016 election was stolen by Russians (⬅️ Left) - .
  • Stacey Abrams actually won the race for Governor of Georgia (⬅️ Left) - .
  • 2020 there was no cheating/election fraud (⬅️ Left) - the right was all collaborating to make up the evidence so they could subvert an election.
2016 DNC was hacked
(⬅️ Left) - (it was a leak—a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data-storage device).

Real Conspiracies[edit source]

           Main article: Real Conspiracies
  • Government/Lies - When people wonder why you don't trust the U.S government, I wonder why they are so ignorant on multitude of times the U.S. government (or it's actors) has gotten caught in a lot of lies/conspiracies. They have agencies/departments dedicated to it. That doesn't mean everything is a lie. But strict scrutiny and skepticism of politically convenient statements is prudent.
  • Russiagate (Republican) - Hillary paid for the Steele pee-pee dossier, it was spread falsely. The FBI used this fake excuse to spy on the Trump campaign for the Obama admin, and created the fraudulent Russiagate investigation knowing it was a fraud all along. There were many that knew of the fraud, and worked together to perpetuate it.
  • Climate The idea of selling the rubes that the planet is going to end, if we don't give them Marxism to fix it, or 97% consensus hoax, etc. -- these are vast conspiracies to dupe the gullible. That's not to say there's nothing truthful in there. It's that as it is sold, and what most people believe, is demonstrably false. And it requires a conspiracy of left wing advocates, and paid experts, collaborating to mislead the public -- because fear sells agendas.


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Power relations between individuals or groups, such as the distribution of resources or status.

The Left Lies
When the truth disagrees with your agenda, you can grow (change) or lie. The left usually chooses the latter.

This is a list of the alternate history that the left uses to twist perception and thus twist reality.

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