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This is an article about just a few of the times that Hillary has got greedy.
This is an article about just a few of the times that Hillary has got greedy. I'm sure there's a few thousand more examples (if not more) that I, or the public will never know about.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-07-01 

Let's consider the magnanimity of the Clinton's, and the debate over whether they've ever done anything that might appear "Greedy" or self-interested. They went into public office as paupers, and are leaving their lifetime of dedication to the little man worth hundreds of millions of dollars: Greed • [8 items]

  • Hillary Clinton/Cattlegate: Futures Trading Miracle (1978) - First time Cattle Futures trader Hillary, make a 9,987% returns with perfect trades, (done for her, by a scummy lawyer), then she never trades again. She claims she learned how on the Wall Street Journal, which doesn't talk about cattle futures. Democrats and Fake Fact Checkers claim nothing sounds fishy.
  • Hillary Clinton/Lootergate (2001) - After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated $190,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork that she had taken. The Clintons water carriers in the media fake "Fact Checked" this and tried to exonerate the Clintons by word parsing or misleading the public on what happened.
  • Hillary Clinton/Lootergate (2012) - Lootergate 2 was proving Hillary didn't learn from Lootergate 2001. After leaving the state Department in 2012, FBI documents claim Clinton took furniture from State Dept. Again. Classless and slow to learn. This was milder than the first time she got caught stealing from the public. But it's worse as she didn't learn from the first time.
  • Hillary Clinton/Travelgate (1993) - Clinton friend Harry Thompson create a new company, and when the WhiteHouse Travel office rightly rebuffed the newcomer, Hillary ignored conflict of interest laws, got involved, gave him a tits $500K no-bid contract. Oh, and used the IRS to harass their enemies/complainers/whistleblowers. The Fake Fact Checkers stayed away from this whole fiasco.
  • Hillary Clinton: Chinagate (1996) - The Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996 allegedly took bribes from Chinese banks and their government (to help their dwindling poll numbers), and they sold seats on department trade missions to China, then "willfully impeded" the investigation according to the FBI Director and other agents who later testified before Congress.
  • Hillary Clinton: Clinton Foundation - There was so much sliminess around the Clinton Foundation, conflicts of interest, and campaign contribution improprieties, and "pay to play", it's many scandals in one. They say you can judge a person by the company they keep, well what does this say about the Clintons? Her followers character is defined by ranting about Trump's tax returns, while ignoring this.
  • Hillary Clinton: Giftgate (2001) - Clinton took many illegal gifts and government property, violating ethics and legal norms; dresses, and purses and jewelry that she (or Chelsea) was gifted while First Lady. That's before they created the Clinton Foundation to allow more illegal and unethical funding.
  • Hillary Clinton: Lincolngate (1996) - Then there was the the Lincoln Bedroom in the Whitehouse was being rented to high donors/contributors like it was AirBNB. While technically not illegal, it was certainly unsavory and showed a pattern in lack of decorum and tact that no other administration had had the gall to do before. No respect for the office, public property, ethics.


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Hillary Clinton
Hillary's scandals that the media ignored or diluted, but defined her, them and her supporters. They were OK with all of this.

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