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Corrupt, whoring, lying, man perv, whose smarmy charm proved Democrats will vote for any pretty face.
Corrupt, whoring, lying, man perv, whose smarmy charm got him elected to the White House, proving Democrats will vote for any pretty face. Got in on lies, his Presidency was headed for disaster when he lost the first mid-terms, and Newts Contract with America was so popular, and he didn't fight Republicans on anything, and that turned up the economy and got him a second term.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2017-11-23 

There's an argument to be made that Hillary isn't responsible for her husband, and to a point that's true. But who you hang around with, are attracted to (and attract), let alone marry and stay married to, also says something about you. So you can't completely separate the Clintons. And while Bill Clinton has had books written about his corruption and bad behavior, certainly things like Bill's dozen or so adventures on pedophile island (riding the Lolita express with Jeffrey Epstein), or Mena scandal, all seem like fair game. Hillary either knowingly looks the other way, or is a blind idiot that shouldn't be in charge of a seating chart. It is hard to argue that she's competent yet unaware, or aware and a moral person. Bill Clinton • [5 items]

  • 1996 Bill Clinton quid pro quo - Bill tried to quid pro quo deal with Russian President Boris Yeltsin by sending a memo that he would give Yeltsin "positive" U.S. policies toward Russia, *if* Yeltsin's cleared up the poultry dispute... since 40% of chicken comes from Arkansas (and would help him with donors and the election).
  • Bill Clinton and Welfare - Bill Clinton fought against Welfare reform (including means testing, and time limits). Leftist sources predicted blight and ruination for all the poor souls dependent on welfare. Instead, many got off, and things got better. So Obama did his best to reverse the gains and increase the dependency class.
  • Bill Clinton visits Jr. High - Bill Clinton is visiting a school and asks if anyone can give him an example of a "tragedy"....
  • Make America Great Again - Donald Trump's campaign slogan (MAGA) had an immediate brand recognition and a strong signal to reverse Obama's slide toward progressive pseudo-socialism, and to free up markets and people. It was also used by Reagan, Bill and Hillary Clinton both used it, but it's only racist when Trump uses it, because the Dems tell us to.
  • North Korea - Eisenhower screwed up Korea, others made it worse. And Eisenhower was screwed because FDR/Truman helped the communists get China, which setup the Korean War. Democrats do more harm than Republicans through appeasement. It's a tough situation for any President -- but paying their extortion and kicking the can down the road seems to have the worst outcomes.

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His impeachment was the first legitimate one as he'd lied directly to Americans faces and perjured himself, and disgraced the office. But Democrats blocked it on partisan grounds.


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Democratic National Committee
Historically on the wrong side of almost every issue, while lectured the public on their moral superiority.

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Saying Hillary and Ethics in the same sentence is an oxymoron, heavy on the moron.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary's scandals that the media ignored or diluted, but defined her, them and her supporters. They were OK with all of this.

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