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Black Girl shot in crossfire, when her boyfriend started a gunfight with cops while issuing a legit search warrant for crimes she would have been convicted on.
After her current Boyfriend opened fire on cops issuing a legitimate search warrant, Breonna was killed in the crossfire. If she hadn't, she should have been convicted on mulitple counts of aiding her prior boyfriend's many drug crimes (including a body found in her trunk). No evidence of racism has ever been presented.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2016-07-05 

On March 13th, in Louisville, Kentucky Breonna Taylor (26) was shot in the crossfire, when her boyfriend shot at cops issuing a search warrant for her criminal activity. Breonna's ex-boyfriend (Jamarcus Glover) was wanted for dealing drugs and Breonna was a suspect in the case (Breonna had been handling the money, had bailed Jamarcus out of Jail, multiple times, was named in that warrant, and had been witnessed running packages to the place of dealing). Had she survived, she might have been indicted, and the cops had justification to investigate her. All evidence is that she would have been killed in the same situation had she been white, asian or latino -- so BLM, DNC, Hollywood and the media sensationalized the "racial injustice", and pretended this drug dealer was a pillar of the black community. They own the violence based on duping the gullible or inciting the evil.

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Breonna Taylor - an innocent black woman paramedic (EMT) was shot 8-10 times and killed in her bed during an abusive no-knock warrant, where the cops kicked down her door of the wrong house, and her boyfriend was surprised and pulled a gun, and the reckless cops fired 20 shots and killed this pillar of the black community for no good reason. Breonna's ex-boyfriend was a drug dealer, and she had been involved with his illegal activities (delivering, bailing him out, they found a body in the trunk of her car, holding/laundering $8K of drug money for him). Police knocked, announced and entered, and her new boyfriend (Kenneth Walker) opened fire injuring one cop, then the cops returned fire. Breonna was in the hallway (not the bedroom) and was likely intervening when she was hit 5 times.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Breonna's ex-boyfriend was a drug dealer, and she had been involved with his illegal activities (including being surveilled delivering packages, bailing him out, they had previously found a body in the trunk of her car, and according to him, she was holding $8K of drug money for him.
  • Police intentionally de-escalated a no-knock warrant they had gotten to a normal knock and enter warrant. They knocked, announced and entered, and her new boyfriend (Kenneth Walker) opened fire injuring one cop. That's when the cops started shooting back and Breonna (who was in the hallway, not the bedroom) was hit 5 times.
  • Walker, lied about the incident (first said it was Breonna that fired the gun), then in defense of his crimes he exaggerated what had happened to distract from his negligence.
  • BLM, DNC and the far left media all went along to inflame civil unrest in the name of "justice for for drug-dealing Breonna". As if burning down buildings and assassinating cops is what she would have wanted.
  • The media failed to expose that Breonna was wanted in association with Jamarcus's crimes (as his banker/money launderer/drug runner) and was far from the innocent pillar of the black community she was portrayed as.
  • We know that Breonna would have likely been indicted on drug charges -- like laundering or supporting Jamarcus's illegal enterprises. And that the media's failure to expose that unflattering aspect of what was going on is either malfeasance or malice.
  • BLM, the DNC, and the media got the information wrong, and sensationalized facts to make this about race and inflame the ignorant black community and activists into rioting, and trying to assassinate cops for the injustice of self defense.
  • A grand jury (with POC's) exonerated the cops from anything like murder or intentional malice because the evidence was that no crimes had been committed. (One was charged for bullets that went wild: e.g. for being a bad shot and endangering others, but not for shooting back). When cops are shot at, and one is hit first, returning fire is a completely reasonable response.
    • There might be policy questions that we should resolve -- but the outrage by the far left over the injustice of police self-defense (not being charged) is moronic, even if there are valid questions or complaints about the exact processes.
  • We know that there's no policy that says it's OK to shoot black women, but not whites, asians or latino's for doing the same things. So there's no evidence this is about race, just an attitude that makes some think they're entitled to special privilege because of their color, and to not get shot while making bad choices.
  • the media and DNC and BLM terrorists all misrepresented the facts. Whether this was ignorance or malice doesn't matter: people died because of their irresponsibility. That makes them MORE culpable of deaths than the cops. So where's the outrage at them?

If people are outraged because of the police policies that lead to an innocent death, that's fine. As long as they are equally (or more) outraged at the repeated irresponsibility of the DNC, BLM, the leftist media and Hollywood that has lead to far more deaths during the riots.

If they aren't, then they're just hypocrites that can/should be ignored.

Occam's Razor[edit | edit source]

What is more likely (the simpler answer)?

  • (A) a bunh of jump white cops shot a black girl in her bed, for the high crime of sleeping while black
  1. (B) a mistake was made because a trigger happy boyfriend irresponsibly started a gun fight (then lied about what happened), while the cops were issuing a legitimate drug warrant, and Breonna got caught in the crossfire

I don't assume cops are always right, but Occam's Razor: the simplest explanation is most likely true.

Who is more responsible for the actions?

  1. The cops for obtain a legal warrant and acting on it, at a known bad guy (and his accomplice) residence, and they announce themselves, get shot at, and return fire?
  2. A woman for having a drug dealer as an ex-boyfriend, facilitating his crimes, having and a trigger happy current boyfriend that shoot at cops after they announce themselves, and she was shot at least partly for bad life choices she made?

We can/should debate the merits of:

  • no-knock warrants (though that isn't what happened).
  • whether this warrant was executed well

But what there's no evidence was anything unusual happened because she was black. Thus the "no justice" bullshit, as if this was unique to blacks, is just retarded/dishonest.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Breonna’s death might be tragedy of a wasted life. But the majority of the responsibility for it, belongs on her bad choices.

All I see is a girl winning the Darwin award for picking dumb boyfriends and participating in his crimes. She might not have deserved getting shot, but the cops didn't deserve the negative attention they got for shooting back. Nor did the cops shot in attempted assassinations for just being cops when outraged Democrats decides their lack of information justified retaliation. Nor did the property owners, and others deserve the riots and violence that came out of BLM and the DNC for their intentional sensationalization (and misinformation) around this incident.

Either you:

  • (A) deny all the facts in the case
  • (B) or you accept that the race baiters, Democrats and their media, exploited the communities ignorance and willingness to overreact before the facts, all to get clicks, views or votes -- and they are the enemy of law an order, as are the rioters.

Anyone reasonable can conclude that if a White, Latino or Asian was killed for doing the same thing, with the same evidence against them, the only difference is those communities wouldn't have blamed it on race and burned down their own neighborhoods in protest.

So Breonna case demonstrates racism... of the rioters, BLM, the DNC, Hollywood and the media, and the black community.

If the community has such good examples of systemic racism, how come they are always using piss-poor examples of it like this one?

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