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Felon was brandishing an illegally possessed gun, and was shot by a black cop.
Cops came to a known drug area to arrest on a warrant, but found Scott there brandishing an illegally possessed weapon. He ignored directions to drop it, exited a vehicle and was shot by a black cop. Race baiters said it was racism.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2016-09-20 
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Keith Lamont Scott - another poor black man was innocently walking around when approached by cops and shot for no good reason. A felon was brandishing an illegal weapon in a bad part of town and refused to comply with directions, and was shot by a black cop. It was investigated, and he was exonerated in the clean shoot.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Cops were in a bad part of town (known drug deals) to arrest someone else on a warrant
  • Cops run into Keith Lamont Scott, brandishing an illegal gun in his car, he gets out and refuses to drop the gun and is shot by a black officer
  • BLM and Race Baiters like Robert Riech claim that this was another unjustified shooting -- but an investigated exonerated it as a completely legitimate shoot.
    • Reich questioned whether being in a bad part of town, looking disoriented, brandishing a gun, hanging out in a car (getting in and out of the car), wasn't suspicious -- and thus cops had no reason to go over and check things out in the first place. So that was the racism, in MiniMarx's mind.
  • Keith ignored 10 officers ordering him out of the car, or to put down the weapon, 14 different times.
  • His wife lied: she claimed, "he only has a book": he had a gun. Later she claimed he had a right to carry, but that doesn't extend to criminals or the mentally impaired, and not brandishing. He was doing all of those.
    • Keith had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and was on mood and behavior altering drugs

Occam's Razor[edit | edit source]

What's more reasonable:

  • (A) That a racist black cop finally got the opportunity to shoot another black guy for no good reason
  • (B) That a crazy guy in a car with a gun, was a threat, and a cop did his job by protecing the community from a dangerous armed guy.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

If Keith had a reasonable response, that's the end of the contact. But he ignored the cop, got back in the car holding a gun, and 10 other officers come to the scene and say "out of the car, and drop the gun", at least 14 times.

If you follow directions, your odds of survival are orders of magnitude higher than if you come out of the car holding said weapon, and refuse to follow directions.

We have a pretty good idea that a black officer isn't going to just shoot another guy for being black, if said guy doesn't appear to be a threat. And whether a mistake was made or not, a guy acting weird, in a sketchy part of town, while brandishing a weapon and not following direction, and getting shot by a black cop, is not the BLM supporters trope of cops hunting and shooting innocent people for being black.


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