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This is a list of a few people who are Socialists.
This is a list of a few people who are Socialists. You can look for commonality or not (that's human nature).
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-03-02 

Here's a few examples of people who advocate for Socialism. I respect the honest ones, or at least honest about their beliefs -- though there are virtually no honest Socialists that can admit the failures of it in the past, or things like the National Socialists or Soviet Marxist were Socialists too. But alas, most socialists have to lie about their beliefs, either to themselves or others. A little Socialism is like just a little rape.

  • Saul Alinsky - Far, far left fanatic/mentor of the DNC. Post-modern Marxist believe the ends justified the means. Believed that undermining/subverting the established is good. Ala Sixteen Candles, Saul is king of dipshits (I judge him and his followers by each other). With him, all paths lead to tearing down what we have, and rebuilding after the resulting revolution.
  • Che Guevara - Che was anti Press, anti-justice (against law and order), murderous, theiving, racist, intolerant, pro-Nuclear war, he didn't care about anything but power -- and the power of Marxism to rule others. Which is why the Press and far-left (also full of Marxists) has treated him so gently over the years. But he was a disgusting human being.
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates - A black supremacist/racist polemic who blames all white people and the white race for everything bad that happened in America. It is all because of the white patriarchy oppressing the black man. Since he's a racist bigot, he's won many awards and accolades for his juvenile, poorly sourced, and erroneous writing and thoughts.
  • Kim Jong-un - Either Kim is nuts, or he's manipulating the west with nuke/missile tests: either way, you need to stand up to him. Trump did and the left was outraged, but Kim backed down. So Trump was able to get more by doing the opposite of leftist appeasement for the last few decades. So what did we learn? I know, the left can't learn.
  • Keith Lamont Scott - Cops came to a known drug area to arrest on a warrant, but found Scott there brandishing an illegally possessed weapon. He ignored directions to drop it, exited a vehicle and was shot by a black cop. Race baiters said it was racism.
  • Michael Moore - Micheal Moore, the idiot savant without any latent talent. He's like Joseph Goebbels without the success, charm or professional integrity. Climate Radicalism is among the things he loves, but he doesn't live by the rules he wants others to. And Climate is really just an means to Elitism/Socialism/Statism as the ends. Famous for using dirty tricks in his Fake Documentaries.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - A limousine socialist who won by promising recesses will be longer, and all the toys and candy will be free. The media played her as a founding a grass roots movements, but it's astroturf (Fake Grassroots). She was bought and paid for by Justice Democrats and they interviewed her as their Manchurian candidate.
  • John Oliver - John Oliver is Jon Stewards perpetually outraged British Socialist successor. It's their schtick: look at everything in the world as if you're channelling Mao, Marx, or Michael Moore... with a little more wit, and as much dishonesty. They're funny, if you don't think too deeply. But if you do, they're Patch Adams telling crippled jokes to amputees at Walter Reed hospital.
  • George Orwell - George Orwell, brilliant socialist author of books such as 1984 and Animal Farm, that warned of the decline of civilization through Socialism, Collectivism, and Group-Think. And explained all their fallacies through allegories that the left doesn't think is a warning, but as an instruction manual.
  • Sean Penn - Pretty good actor, pretty dumb activists: consistently wrong on every cause. Famous for played himself in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Hugo Chavez fanboy, interviewed El Chapo, never met a latin despot he didn't like (like the Dennis Rodman of Latin America).
  • Bernie Sanders - A two-faced, hypocritical, crazy-uncle Socialist, whose only accomplishments in life was winning an election by loser hippies that wanted free stuff.
  • Elizabeth Warren - Hypocritical Senator with a lifetime of frauds, flakes, flip-flops, and double-speak. With Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Michelle Obama, Sandra Fluke, and so on, the one thing the Democrat Party needs is another loud-mouthed, abrasive, and lying Women without a clue on economics.


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This is the root for finding info on people

Power relations between individuals or groups, such as the distribution of resources or status.

We need to agree on what terms mean. This used to be easy, before SJW's/Marxists started Orwelling our language.

Socialism has been the most tried, and most failed government system, next to it's older brother (Tyranny).

Communism is just Revolutionary or Radical Socialism. They are flavors of the same thing.

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