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Nancy Pelosi's beard is a multi-millionaire drunkard, rumored to be gay, with a series of embarrassing coincidences.
Nancy Pelosi's beard is a multi-millionaire drunkard, rumored to be gay, with a series of embarrassing coincidences. He makes money on immaculate trades, right before something passes in the House. And nobody is supposed to be suspicious of wrongdoing. He gets arrested and off easy for repeat offenses like DWI, and has hammer fights in his underwear at 2:00am.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2022-10-30 
  • Drunk Driving (running into things Gets in trouble for being 3x over the limit, crashing his car while drunk, and the charges are softer than a jaywalker -- and likely only happened because of intense public scrutiny.

Getting Hammered[edit source]

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  • According to early reports, Paul Pelosi (infamous drunk driving, inside trader, and Nancy Pelosi's wife), had a 2:30am underwear hammer fight with some loon named David DePape, under extremely weird circumstances. (After recently being arrested for a drunken crash in Nappa, with an unknown young male in the car with him).
  • The right had a raised eyebrow, but was mostly letting it go with only passing curiousity, and willing to write it off as California's free range homeless crazies and lack of incarcerations.
  • The left, never wanting to let an opportunity (to divide us) go to waste, and in an October Surprise election dirty trick, tried to pin a left-wing crazy person in San Francisco on evil right wing Republicans, with an implausible story, and FakeWebsites to back it up.
  • That caused the Streisand_effect and instead of distracting from Paul and Nancy's weird kinks, it focused far more attention on the evil hypocrisy of the left and their media, and the questions around this issue.
    • When the left finger-points at the right, it's usually to prestidigitate/flim-flam/distract from something untoward they're doing. So they tried to spin it from being about Paul's weird circumstance, to MAGA/J6, Republicans are violent threats, Elon Musks tweets, and to avoid answering any of the prime questions about what the fuck just happened and why. Which just brought more attention back on the events, and the weird coverups and bad narratives they were telling. Underwear, who broke the windows, who had the hammer, the guys right wing bonafides, all collapsed under the slightest scrutiny.

Facts[edit | edit source]

Weird circumstances
  • this was the home of the 3rd in line to the President, multiple cameras, continued survielance, and an insane homeless person strolls in; later clarified, the Capitol Police weren't doing their jobs and watching the cameras because Pelosi wasn't there.
  • early reports that one or both may have been in their underwear; later retracted (it was Paul that was in sleeping clothes)
  • they both had hammers; later corrected (when the cops showed up David and Paul each had one hand on the same hammer, then David snatched it, and brained Paul while the cops did nothing)
  • it was 2:31am, how did David get into a highly secured home without being let in? There was a broken back window, but alarms and glass breaking didn't convince Paul to go into a safe room or try to get away?
  • there's still a contradiction as the cops were out there to do a health check versus the phone call to the cops by Paul (where he never states there's a problem). He went into a bathroom with a cell phone, but didn't lock the door and instead came out?
  • there's a story that the cops broke the window as part of the health check, and another story that a 3rd party let the cops in. Later corrected, Paul answered the front door (contradicting the report).
  • David and Paul were talking like they knew each other. The transcripts show the cops thought it was a "friend" because Paul Pelosi referred to David as such.
  • One cop that mentioned David asked where Nancy was and the media distorted that into he was chanting "Where's Nancy" and that's a known J6 riot chant (it didn't happen, and it was not a riot chant).
  • Paul Pelosi did not immediately try to leave the house or signal distress when the cops arrived. (Which probably contributed to why they thought David was a "friend"). When asked, he said everything is good. And records show he had been in the house with David for at least 30 minutes before the police arrived.
Some of the questions bring up more questions:
  • David DePape
    • DePape is Canadian living in a Berkeley hippie collective (as the neighbors described it) with BLM posters, marijuana symbols, and pride rainbows.
    • He was a Hemp ‘Jewelry Maker’, 42 year old professional student, Castro Nudist supporter (known for parading around naked while wearing bejeweled cock rings).[1]
    • He raised 3 children with Gypsy Taub (Russian-Born Activist) “the homeless youth director at Jerry Garcia Family Healing Clinic." (Currently imprisoned for her own issues).
    • Gypsy Taub claims they were both progressive and far lefties. But that David had serious mental issues.
    • David didn't have a menifesto (FakeNews), but he posted in various forums about all sorts of topics, including some conspiracy stuff; J6 fraud, 9/11 was an inside job, Ukraine was for the war money, anti media, and made some Anti-Jewish rants (usually left leaning is BDS and anti-Jewish bankers/cabal).
Streisand effect
The story might have fizzled out with only passing curiousity... but FakeNews mainstream media CNN, NYT, LAT got their marching orders from the DNC, and to make it about Republicans. So like they did with Russiagate, Lab Leak Theory, Hunter Biden's laptop, they blamed conservatives with made up tropes about how this was all Republicans fault, so that Biden and Hillary and other Democrats could quote "credible" News sources to malign the right. Their attempts to pretend that David DePape was a right wing Trump supporter, using a known J6 anti-Pelosi chant, and that this was motivated by politics -- only got the spotlight that all that was a lie.
While many Democrats are too lazy and gullible to bother with research (and buy media narratives), the informed will do research and don't just "buy" narratives they're told without question. So citizen Journalism started showing up all sorts of inconsistencies in the media narrative. This guy was not your average MAGA Republican, nor are his beliefs are anywhere near the average Republican. And if you're going to blame violence of crazies on provocative words -- then Democrats come out looking worse (to the informed).
Sock Puppetry
To add "credibility" to the DNC/MSM story that he was a far-right guy, there were two websites that were attributed to David DePape... they appeared out of nowhere on Friday with hundreds of posts on conspiracies that the left/ignorant associate with the right -- LAT, Fox, and other reported on it... then once they served their purpose(?), they disappeared the next day... and no corrections of the false narrative. Nothing suspicious there.
Taking them down seems to be something the far-left does a lot with various mass shooters manifestos. They claim it is to avoid attracting other crazies -- but that's also exactly what they'd say and do if they didn't want you to confirm that they were lying, or that the posts were fake. Assuming they don't want to be Dan Rathered (aka Memogate/Killian documents). The other manifestos I got ahold of, showed that the media narratives were almost complete bullshit.
  • Nancy Pelosi's silence Nasty Nancy has NEVER missed an opportunity to attack Republicans and politicize everything. Yet, she's not attacking on this. They have multiple video cameras around the home, cops have chest cams, releasing the video would destroy the other sides conspiracies about the Paul's sexcapades... if they false. Yet, we're supposed to believe she's not going in for the kill because she such a softy?[2]
Biden the Uniter
Without the facts, or a clue, Biden followed in Obama's footsteps of repeating a far left media narrative (from FakeNews CNN) without checking on the facts, and divided us between the Democrats and the informed.
The claim was that (a) the attacker was right wing conspiracy loon (b) that he was chanting “Where’s Nancy!?" (c) that this is a J6/Republican thing. All of those are false, and would take 5 minutes with Google to refute. Then he went on to rant like Grandpa Alzheimers about how this was all the Republicans fault for beleiving COVID is a hoax, or the election was unfair. All lies.
Crooked Hillary
Hillary (known for dirty politics and spreading lies (like the paid-for Russiagate hoax), started ranting based on unconfirmed cherry picking of leftist tropes, to blame Republicans for the violence and divide us to pander for gullible votes -- based on no credible evidence of her claims (that Republicans caused/encouraged this), and lots against.
Twitter: Hillary Clinton "It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow."
  • Gun control and life lessons If only Paul had rudimentary training and a gun, this would have ended far differently. So I'm not saying, "he deserved it". Nobody deserves being assaulted in their homes. But if he was a more responsible citizen, that cared for his family enough to get some training and the tools of defense, he wouldn't have ended in the Hospital. So what did we learn? [3]
Elon Musk
Infamous Troll and new Twitter Owner (Cheif Twit), Elon Musk, retorted back to Hillary, "there is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye"?... and he linked a Santa Monica Observer story[4], that pointed out this guy wasn't right wing, was crazy, and with the information we had, was more likely a male prostitute than a right wing soldier. The obvious point being NOT that the Observer story is true, but that you should probably shut-up until we know more.
It's pretty obvious, in context, that Elon is not saying "this story is true", he's clearly saying, "Shouldn't you shut up until the facts are in?" Hillary's calling for violence/retaliation against republicans (while pretending to denounce violence), is so nakedly hypocritical, that the only Democrats can't see it. But Democrat mouthpieces are either too stupid to get the nuance, or too polemic to be honest about it. So they spun it into what they wanted it to be, knowing their base is widely incapable of research, or they wouldn't be good Democrats.
Santa Monica Observer, observed the obvious
What is most plausible? That a Republican Assassin got into the 3rd in line for the Presidencies home, in the middle of the night, past multiple dogs and top level security, to get in a underwear hammer fight... or that this was a domestic dispute, as the Police initially reported.
🗒️ Note:
I think the strongest circumstantial evidence is in the question you can ask most straight men. Q: "If you had a choice to have sex with Nancy Pelosi, or become gay, which would you choose?"... I think many would have to pause to think about it a while. That pause? That's a hint why reasonable people might think Paul Pelosi was seeking the affection of other men.
Is the Observer story true? Dunno... but it certainly sounded more plausible and had more circumstantial evidence than the Democrat/MSM narrative that it was a politically motivated Republican attack.

The media later claimed that the story was debunked -- but how?
  • They aren't saying what is false in the article (because nothign material was). It was mostly opinion and speculation (so it's weaksauce and circumstantial).
  • The MSM/Leftist just attacks the source; the site once reposted the conspiracy theory that, "Hillary Clinton died during the 2016 campaign and was replaced by a lookalike"... or stuff like that. But doesn't link it, so that we can confirm whether they were mocking the theory, repeating it, or supporting it. But even if it was completely true that the editorial board wrote in support of that, that doesn't disprove this article, or say what's wrong in THIS article, it just says that they are almost as dumb/gullible as the outlets that posted the Russian Hoax and the Pee Pee Dossier for 3 years, or that censored the folks with evidence that COVID was lab created, or that it really was Hunter Bidens laptop.
  • If being a sloppy site that has posted FakeNews disqualifies you, then that precludes NYT and CNN from being credible.
  • The facts that I can verify in the opinion piece are loosely true, like the Castro Nudists wearing cockrings in public. (Battles over that, far predates this article, and nobody disputes that David supported them).
  • So we don't know that he was a gay prostitute... we just know that's more likely than the leftist/MSM narrative. So by their standards, the Gay Prostitute is proven.
Now it's about Elon!
Elon pulled the tweet, mostly because the Observer wasn't credible source, and thus was a distraction to his point that Hillary should hold her tongue until we know more. Some snowflakes in the media are claiming Elon's tweet to the gay prostitute story was anti-LGBT. Others like the NYT just attacked Elon for not being left wing enough. Of course the literate recognize he wasn't attacking gays, he was attacking Hillary for ranting based on unconfirmed cherry picking of leftist tropes, without waiting to get the facts. But if you can't argue the merits of the point, you change the topic and/or attack the source.
Atackers Son attacks narrative!
David DePape's son says his father wasn't political (thus it wasn't politically motivated), he was vehemently against the 2 party system and was a Progressive, anti-War/Peace activist, and member of the Green Party.


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