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Twitter Troll and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company, co-founded Zip2, Neuralink, PayPal and OpenAI.
Musk is an autistic boundary-pushing visionary. A world of followers isn't much of a world, so we need some limit testers. The man is accomplished: he grossly overstated what he could achieve and when... but then also way over-delivered on what anyone believed was possible. So even when I grouse, the world is better for a few loudmouths willing to challenge the status quo.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni

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Elon Musk/Companies • [4 items]

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An online paying service started by Elon Musk and sold to Ebay. Became woke, and started attacking customers for wrongthink.
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Tesla is such a series of contradictions, a company that shouldn't have been able to succeed, but has. They've missed every delivery date, and still exceeded expectations. The Davey that beat the goliaths and force-fed innovation to companies 100x their size, and made consumers rethink what they wanted in a car.
The Boring Company
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Elon Musks Company to reduce the cost of tunnels to help with urban congestion.
It's not that Twitter lacks intellectual diversity (and is 99.7%+ Democrats, based on political donations), or that they censor conservative truths that are too hard for them to debate. It's that they lied about it, and pretended there was no shadow campaign or bias. Hopefully Elon Musks acquisition will help with that.

Elon Musk • [10 items]

  • Carpe Donktum - A twitter troll (Carpe Donktum) summed up the leftist outrage mob by imagining responses to Trump tweeting the picture of a horse.
  1. Elon Musk: I redesigned the horse and it is way cooler than that.
  2. Everyone in Unison: Throw a ball at it
  3. Elon Musk: uhhh naw
  • Elon Musk on COVID - Musk promised ventilators in response to COVID and delivered them (biPAP's). He was rightly against the moronic Shelter-in-Place. And he fought Alameda on keeping his plant open, leading him to move HQ from California.
  • Elon Musk/Elon Musks Jet - Jack Sweeney created a twitter account (Elon Musk's Jet) that reports where Elon's Jet (and Elon) is, in realtime. Which is becoming a bit of a security concern for Elon -- as some kooks want to hurt/kidnap Billionaires. $5K to take it down is too cheap. But $50K makes it too profitable to extort Elon. The problem is public information.
  • Elon Musk/Nicole Brin affair - 💩 Rumor: Musk banged Sergey Brin's wife Nicole, that's why they got a divorce, and Musk and Sergey are at odds. Only Musk denies it, Sergey and Musk were at a party recently and seemed fine, and there was no good confirmation by anyone involved, or reason to think any of the gossip is true.
  • Elon Musk/Overcome - If I was to sum up any experts success, it is overcoming adversity (or barriers), and getting up, and doing it again. But Elon Musk seems to take that to some next level shit.
  • Elon Musk/Visionary - Tesla is a business first. There were lots of things Elon could have done to drive EV's faster and wider, but it would have cost him and his company money/profits. I don't think it's bad that he thinks about his employees, investors, customers and himself/control, and puts those first. But he's an entrepreneur before being a philanthropist.
  • Elongate - Elon made 3 1/2 rule changes to Twitter: (1) No Swastika's (Kanye) (2) No Pedophiles (3) Don't Doxx people's real-time location (security threats). Journo's mass tested #3 and were 7 day suspended, and discovered the 1/2 change -- that the rules applied to them too. This caused outrage amongst the ignorant, hypocrites, and partisans. So CNN, WaPo, FakeNews was horrified.
  • Getting Hammered - Paul hires a crazy male prostitute, gets in a drunk hammer fight, the police are called; Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and the MSM blames Republicans. That's far more reasonable than the story the media/far-left is giving.
  • Musk on COVID - Elon Musk is rarely silent -- and COVID and the Shutdown are no exceptions. Ventilators (offered help, and gave it, but Newsome was a douche). Shelter-in-Place - the Press hyped that Musk admitting it was stupid and unconstitutional. He fought California and left over their stupid policies. In other words, he did all the right things.
  • Twitter/Elon buys Twitter - Elon offered to buy twitter above fair price and fix it (bring back free speech). The left went into hysterics. Billionaire's shouldn't acquire media organizations (ignore Powell-Jobs controlling NYT, or Bezos's WaPo, Bloomberg, Buffett. This time it's different, because Elon values free speech and both sides getting heard.


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Tesla is one of the most fascinating car companies and success stories in History.

An online paying service started by Elon Musk and sold to Ebay. Became woke, and started attacking customers for wrongthink.

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