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Vox owned clone of the New Yorker, with even lower quality and more bias.
Vox owned clone of the New Yorker, with even lower quality and more bias. But they are fun to use as example of how stupid some "Journo's" or New Yorkers are, that believe this tripe. They were one of the pioneers of the New Journalism, which is truthspeak for they replacing objectivity and journalistic standards with biased, opinionated, far left drivel.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-07-23 

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  • 2017 Republicans funded the Dossier - FakeNews repeated leftist agitprop that the Republicans funded the PeePee Dossier, thus it must be true. It was Hillary all along. Yet the media kept repeating the lie, or slow-rolling or burying the corrections. No social media punished anyone for repeating the disinformation that it was Republican-funded.
  • Cagegate - Does America abuse illegal immigrants? (Kids in cages, etc). Obviously, not enough, or there would be far fewer illegal immigrants. They're far more looped into the risks than the average Joe. The facts are this is rare, temporary, and has been done forever (Obama, Clinton administrations), it is part of being a refugee anywhere in the world.
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement - ICE is hated by the far left, and gets regular stories attacking them or their supporters as evil racists/nationalists/white supremacists, for protecting our nation from destruction. You can't have a nation without borders. And the facts are that the number of people that want to come to the U.S. exceeds our ability to absorb them.
  • NY Mag on Vice - NY Mag sort of sums up the basics as, "Shane Smith’s plan for Vice was that, by the time the suckers caught on, he’d never be stuck owning the company he co-founded." So they don't like each other. While they lie about everything else, they will tell the truth about each other. The left hates that.


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