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Gandhi was a lot more complex than many movies or History books make him out to be,
Gandhi was a lot more complex than many movies or History books make him out to be. He did a good thing. He was a flawed individual, with severe blind spots, and some questionable behaviors. That's not to dishonor the man but to honor the real one, not the caricature or myth that many pretend.
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~ Aristotle Sabouni
Created: 2019-04-14 

I sort of focus here on the lesser known aspects, which isn't "fair". But the truths about his accomplishments are hackneyed tropes that people already know, so going over them would be redundant and wasteful. So I tend to cover the rest.

  • Ghandi did things the west would consider pervy. [1]
    • He liked to sleep naked with little girls (teens or pre-teens), and he liked to get his nude massages by them. These "experiments" were for him to test his own chastity. How many parents would let their daughters have a sleep-over under that pretense? He also was a bit sex-obsessed and talked about sex often.
    • Part of his reason for being chaste, was self regret. While in his youth (teens), he'd left his dying fathers bedside to have sex with his wife, so wasn't there when his father passed, and this guilt seems to have manifest at anger towards sexual proclivities. But not so much so, that he stopped having sex for another generation (at age 38), and he took his vow of brahmacharya (chastity and poverty).
    • Then at his Ashram, wives and husbands weren't allowed to sleep together... but they were allowed to sleep with him.
    • There's fuzziness on whether he failed the challenges he put to himself (like having them do stripteases for him, before sleeping with him)
    • He complained often of his "involuntary discharges", since he considered semen the source of his power. (I always considered it more a source of nut-ache).
    • I don't know of his purity, or that it even matters. A man is more than who he ejaculates inside of... or in his case, next to. But a 77 year old with a penchant for sleeping naked with 18 year olds, paints a bit of a picture. Whether that's of a pious guy testing himself, a hypocrite that had two sets of rules (one for himself, and one for everyone else in his Ashram), or a pervy guy that was addicted to titillation, is up to the reader to decide for themselves. But you don't exactly have a full picture of the man, if you don't know his penchant for these unusual behaviors.
  • He refused to let British doctors inject penicillin in his wife saying that he did not want an alien intrusion in her body.... causing her to die. But he allowed alien intrusion into his body; the appendectomy that saved his life.
  • He had a prejudice against black Africans and said some crass/racist things about them (and their inferiority) when he was in Africa. We don't know if he was still a racist when he died, because he had at least learn to shut up about it. (But he didn't seem like the kind of person that grew or changed his mind).
  • His first hunger strike was to protest British authorities' giving equal rights to the untouchables, so he was a classist.
  • His non-violent philosophy went so far as to say that Jews should lay down their arms during the Holocaust and shame the Nazi's for killing them.
  • He participated in covering up the murder of an American engineer
  • HIs political ideals of Swaraj were absurdly impractical, and if he hadn't of been assassinated, and his ideas had been followed, there would still be war in India.

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The other side
This is a Toastmasters Speech I did on "the road to understanding", and thinking about the “other side” of Gandhi, MLK and Tankman. Who are the real heroes? Life and people are more complex than we are usually taught. And we owe it to everyone (and ourselves) not to just be shallow cheerleaders of caricatures and idols.


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